B.C. 150 Historical Map


A great little interactive map of BC showing a great deal of the history of BC on it's 150th anniversary.
I hadn't realized just how nice the left coast was. It's very far away though. Out here on the worn out coast things are pretty gloomy all our mountains are worn out the trees are all gone the young ones have emigrated to that oil field and we are governed by an idiot conservative premier who loves Adolph Harper. And the fish are all gone. We have Wal-Marts though and they are very busy sucking up the loose change. I expect we will be cut off from the mainland and allowed to drift into the south Atlantic to melt quietly.
Have no fear, BC has it's share of problems. While our salmon stocks are not endangered yet, they are in serious trouble from lack of habitat. Our rainforests have been clearcut all over Vancouver Island and up and down the coast. There are more abandoned, open pit, toxic minesites than you can shake a stick at. BUT.....our mountains are still the most spectacular in the world...

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