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My son's school recorded a couple of their plays and I'd like to edit and play with them. Cut pieces out and send to my friends etc. The DVD it came on consisted of about seven different files. One of the smaller files is the one that "plays" the video. There are two .IFO files, two .BUP files, and three files labeled Nero showtime files (instead of an extension). It's an .IFO file that runs the movie (This I don't even understand)

What do I do next? Mainly, I'd like to separate them into files to send to my friends. As it is now, I'd have to send the whole DVD and I don't want to do that. Also, most people won't want the whole thing.

Please help!

I'll assume you want to convert the DVD files to .mpg or .avi video. Is that correct?
You can capture the audio and video using a video capture device and the accompanying software. They're available at any reputable computer shop, oh, and FutureShop has them too.

Alternatively, there are software programs that'll let you "rip" the video right off the disk and save it in a compressed video format, (also .avi or .mpg) which you could then send via email. Note that the free versions are becoming increasingly rare due to copyright issues.

At any rate, you'll need some sort of video editing software to cut and edit the files, so if you do purchase a video capture device, usually around $100.00, you'll get the software with it.
Thanks for your help Dubbya.

What are the names of the free versions of this software. I'd lke to play around with those and see before i go and spend money
There are tons of Shareware apps out there, do a google search for "shareware video editing" and you'll find this page:

You can even try the Microsoft "Movie Maker" video software. It's free to download, check it out at

If you purchase a video/audio capture device, some of them come bundled with the software. I bought DVD Express, which came with the device and Ulead video DVD movie software.

I also use Adobe Premiere, but it's not free.

You can also check out CNET reviews for more info and software comparisons.

Good luck.

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