Converting all my LPs to CDs

I have all these record albums I had collected in the '70s and '80s that I would still like to listen to. I would like to convert them all to CDs since I can take them to the car, listen on CD players etc.

No, I do not want to buy all the CDs over again, since some are rare and can't be found as well, some songs can't be found in Limewire etc.

What would your computer need if I were to record each record to the computer and then burning them to CDs?

I run on Windows XP. I already have a write-able CD drive, Windows Media Player.

Thanks in advance.
First of all, you need a way to bring the audio signal from your LP machine into the computer. That could mean buying a particular kind of sound card... Not the ones used by gamers but the ones used by people who work with audio (recording, music, editing etc.)... There is a very wide variety of "sound cards"... the best being external modules... If you decide to buy one, explain clearly what you want to do so you don't buy a high-quality module you don't really need... All you need is a stereo input going into your computer... The quality of the results will depend on the quality of the A\D converter...(analog to digital)

Depending on how old your LP machine is, you might need some special kind of adaptors in order to transfer the sound... What kind of outputs are on you LP machine?

Once you can bring audio into your computer, you need an audio recording software. Again there is a whole variety of software, some being of very high quality, but kind of pricey... Just make sure you don't buy a software that is too complicated for what you want to do. You need to be able to record in stereo and change that file into an AIFF file or WAV file... Once you have your digital audio files, you simply need a software to burn CDs which is relatively easy to find... Some audio recording softwares will have that included...

Hope this helps a bit...
Living in Toronto, surely you could find someone with the right equipment to do this... It could be more advantageous to have it done by someone who is already equipped... Just make sure that person knows what he/she is doing...You will have to spend some money whatever you do...
Most computers already have a Microphone port. Just get some adapters and plug it in. The only reason why youd need to get a special sound card would be if the quality is worse than what you want.

Theres probably a way to record audio with Windows media player. If not, then theres thousands of free/trial recording software available for download off the internet. Search for them on google!

The easiest and best way (although probably pricey depending on how many LP's you have) would be to take it to a professional.
the standard microphone ports are too low voltage for a decent quality result. I've seen at least one USB gizmo designed specifically to recieve phone and tape inputs (I assume from the auxillary outputs) that I can only assume is exactly what you're looking for.

can't remember what its called but it was only around $70 at Future Shop.
I understand that there are programs that now make this process really easy.

These quick links should help.

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