New Fen Tiger sighting by M11

LORRY driver Dave Parsons is the latest person to spot a big cat as Fen Tiger fever grips the county.

He had set off from his depot at 4.30am and was startled to see what he thinks was a puma crossing just yards in front of him on the A505, east of the M11 junction.

Mr Parsons said: "I thought I was seeing things.

"I thought it was a big dog at first, but I've got a two-year-old golden retriever and it was bigger than that.

"It seemed to be a puma - it definitely wasn't a fox.

"It just ran straight across about 20 feet in front of me and took me totally by surprise. It was black and looked to be going at a good speed across the road.

"It was going from the Whittlesford direction towards Duxford. It disappeared into the Volvo (Construction Equipment) works on Moorfield Road."

The 61-year-old, from Ashley Way, Sawston, was on his way to deliver medical equipment to Kingston-upon-Thames for his employer, Sawston-based Rocialle InHealth, when he saw the cat on Monday morning.

As reported in the News, new sightings of the Fen Tiger have been flooding in since we published a previously secret police dossier on the mythical big cat.

Information obtained from Cambridgeshire police under the Freedom of Information Act revealed 38 big cat sightings across the county.

And it seems early morning lorry drivers have a good chance of spotting the elusive creature.

Fred Rolfe, of Soham Road, Stuntney, told the News he spotted a big cat around 4am in Stuntney Causeway, near Ely.

The 62-year-old lorry driver said: "It was three times bigger than a normal cat, if not more. It was not like anything I have seen before. Now I have seen it, I know they are about."

Mr Parsons may also have been sceptical about the big cat's existence - but not any more.

He said: "I've been driving heavy goods vehicles for 41 years and have never seen anything like this before.

"It makes me think, now that I've actually seen one myself."