Are people just getting dumber by the day or will we learn that this was an inside job with the Treasurer as an accomplice?

I'm not involved with minor hockey but for what reason would there be a request for $145,000.00 IMMEDIATELY? If I was the Treasurer and I was getting this kind of request, I would talk to someone and ask if it seems legit........

In early January, the McKnight Hockey Association’s treasurer got an urgent email request for a transfer of funds that she thought was approved by the board.

The treasurer got the impression from the email that the president and vice president of the association had verified the transaction, so the funds were released through a wire transfer that didn’t need signing authority.

“Our treasurer believed she was answering emails and communicating between myself and the president of the association….asking her to wire some money,” said Srecko Zizakovic, vice president of the McKnight Hockey Association. “So I was quite shocked to hear that I had somehow authorized the release of almost $145,000. I almost had a heart attack on the spot.”

The organization said there was enough information passed back-and-forth in the email chain between the treasurer and email scammers, that it masked the actual email addresses of the president and vice president of McKnight.

Similar cases suggest it’s a scam called “spoofing,” were the criminals create email messages with a forged sender address – which misleads the victim about the real origin of the message.

A warning to Calgary hockey groups after nearly $100K stolen in email scam | Globalnews.ca