Liberals more open to lobbying

Lobbyists say that while there are double the number of communications reports as there were last year, they are not doing twice the amount of work.

Communication reports filed with Canada’s federal lobbyists registry are running at more than twice the level they were at this time last year, even though there’s little change in the number of registered lobbyists and a less significant increase in registrations. Lobbyists say the boost in registrations is mostly due to the new Liberal government, which is more willing to engage with hired guns.

The registry shows there were 2,022 communication reports filed for April, the most recent month for which these totals are available. That’s more than double the 1,003 that were filed a year earlier.

Among consultant lobbyists, communication reports were up 142.5 per cent, on a year-to-year basis, to 611, up 107 per cent to 445 among in-house corporate lobbyists, and up 80.2 per cent to 966 among in-house lobbyists for not-for-profit organizations.

As for the number of registered active lobbyists as of April 30, this figure was down slightly at 5,150 compared to 5,180 a year before.

The headcount among registered consultant lobbyists was up 6.7 per cent to 857, though corporate in-house lobbyists were reduced by 4.7 per cent to 1,627, and organizational in-house lobbyists were 0.1 per cent fewer at 2,666.


Lobbyists’ communications up by more than 100 per cent over last year, Liberals more open to lobbying |