407 km/h in a production car!

Faster than Formula 1 cars, this car went to the high security testing grounds used by Volkswagon, at top speed the fuel is gone in 15 minutes...
Hunh! Turns out Bugatti isn't a pasta after all...I thought we were talking foood...

Somebody call Juan he loves go-faster cars and the smell of burning rubber...
I probably won't be able to afford one of these. If I owned one, where would I keep it? A car as valuable as this would be sought after by every car thief around. And parking. If someone gave you a door ding, it might cost a fortune to get it fixed........Just kidding....I'd love to have one of these for an hour or so....
I thought you might like it Juan. I can't imagine what land speeds like that would feel like, probably exhilarating to say the least.

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