Now I hope other people might admit some things that have made them sad over their lives.

So I have never cried since I was 2 and I had my head cracked opened because I hit the wall. Got a nice scar from that.

But I will admit that I shed a few tears when the Canel Hotel bombing of 2003 almost three years ago that claimed the lives of 24 brave U.N workers including the Human Rights Commisioner, and possibly future U.N Secretary General Sergio Vierira De Mello.

Sérgio Vieira de Mello (March 15, 1948 – August 19, 2003) was a Brazilian United Nations (UN) diplomat who worked for the UN for over 34 years, earning respect and praise around the world for his efforts in the humanitarian and political programs of the UN. He was killed in the Canal Hotel Bombing along with other members of his staff, on the afternoon of August 19, 2003.