which one would u be ?

Canadian with a hyphen
if u were to be an animal , which one would u rather be ?

I would love to be a cougar, at least I can learn to climb trees and leap

A giant squid! Mysterious, mythical ... and enough legs to truly multi-task!
A Yorkie (House dog).. Think about it, I'm small and cute and everyone gives me treats and rubs my tummy all day. Plus my life consists of getting up eatting, getting my tummy rubbed, and then playing for awhile and then going for naps whenever I want to. It's like living the life of a king. I wish I were my two yorkies. They've got the life.
I don't know what I would be....

What's fuzzy and small with a bad temper and poor vision? That would be me!
Canadian with a hyphen
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A giant squid! Mysterious, mythical ... and enough legs to truly multi-task!

Cosmo, You're so lucky Moche can't read this or it will be very offended...u prefer some giant squid
jelly fish

i recently visited the vancouver aquarium

and spent a good--- 2 hours hours staring at the jelly fish----

ive not been quite the same
A cat.
A white tiger. Beautiful, but dangerious and very powerful.
A large timber Wolf.
A peregrine Falcon

I've always envied the birds and the Peregrine is the best of the birds. A few years ago I watched one take out a large golden eagle which is a much larger bird that got too close to it's nest.
I'd like to be a she-wolf. A solitary, intelligent, beautiful and dangerous animal.
A skunk. I could get infinite respect, just by making a stink.
A human.
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A large timber Wolf.

You've got a partner here: Vereya
Which one would i be.

I would say I would like to be a canine dog. Man they have the life. They get fed. They have their owners pick up their crap. I think I would be some kind of dog. A cute one of course.