LILLEY: Trudeau plays politics with terrorism

LILLEY: Trudeau plays politics with terrorism
Brian Lilley
April 14, 2019
April 14, 2019 3:25 PM EDT
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau stands after having a scarf placed on him and being presented with a gift after speaking at the Khalsa Diwan Society Sikh Temple before marching in the Vaisakhi parade, in Vancouver on Saturday April 13, 2019 (The Canadian Press)
For Justin Trudeau, the problems of terrorism and extremism in Canada appear to be nothing more than partisan political issues.
I don’t make that claim lightly, nor do I make it without some kind of proof. In fact, I make this claim based on Trudeau’s actions of the last week.
Trudeau spent most of last week trying to link his Conservative opponents to white supremacist extremism. It’s a ploy he’s been using since the heinous shooting in Christchurch, New Zealand, last month.
Meanwhile, he pushed through a removal of any reference to Sikh extremism from an intelligence report just before he visited one of the largest Sikh temples in Canada on Saturday.
What else should we make of this?
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau bows his head before speaking at the Khalsa Diwan Society Sikh Temple before marching in the Vaisakhi parade, in Vancouver on Saturday April 13, 2019. (The Canadian Press)
There is no evidence that Andrew Scheer the federal Conservative leader supports white supremacy let alone those that would use violence to push the idea for political reasons. Scheer has even denounced the ideology to Trudeau’s face in the House of Commons.
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He did so last week as Trudeau again raised the issue and falsely claimed that Scheer supported the idea and stood with those that did.
“Those are typical Liberal smear tactics. They know that I have always 100% denounced white supremacy and racism and anyone who promotes those hateful ideologies,” Scheer said after Trudeau raised the issue to deflect from a question about the SNC-Lavalin scandal.
Yet, there was Trudeau on Friday night linking Scheer to white nationalists in a speech to supporters in Mississauga. He tried to link Scheer, a man I’ve known for 15 years and without a racists bone in his body, to Ontario Premier Doug Ford and then link them both to racism.
Ford won seats across the Toronto area with huge support among the city’s many diverse communities. Many of his top staffers, long serving staffers, are visible minorities.
But to Trudeau, linking these two men to white nationalism, white supremacy, without proof is fine because it helps him politically.
Then there is the removal of Sikh extremism from the 2018 Public Report on the Terrorism Threat to Canada, issued by Public Safety Canada, after consultation with the various intelligence agencies of the federal government.
Originally it listed in order, Shia extremism, Right-Wing extremism, Sikh extremism, Sunni extremism, and Canadian extremist travellers.
Now the reference to Sikh extremists is gone and is replaced by, “Extremists who Support Violent Means to Establish an Independent State Within India.”
On the website of Public Safety Canada is a statement about the removal of Sikh extremism, which says, “The Government’s communication of threats must be clear, concise, and cannot be perceived as maligning any groups.”
Funny that.
Shia Muslims are a group representing as many as 200 million Muslims around the world.
Sunni Muslims are another group and they representing more than 1 billion people.
So much for that statement.
Did I mention that the change was made just before Trudeau visited a major Sikh temple?
Here’s another oddity to deal with.
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When Trudeau’s minister for foreign affairs appeared before a Senate committee, she emphasized the importance of calling out violent groups by naming them.
“I absolutely believe we need to name that threat, we need to be aware of it, and we need to work hard to find ways to protect our societies and our people from it,” Chrystia Freeland said.
So let’s get this straight, we need to be scared of white supremacy and name it, yet when it comes to the group responsible for the deadliest terrorist attack in Canadian history, the Air India bombing, we should drop any reference to that group over political pressure?
Justin Trudeau came to power promising “sunny ways.” Now he warns darkly that his opponents are racist and that violence lurks around every conservative corner while turning a blind eye to a history of violence committed in this country.
Turns out his sunny ways were as fake as his feminism.
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For an idiot who has such a problem with omnibus bills and the "politics of division', he sure likes employing omnibus bills and initiating the very politics of division he cries crocodile tears about.
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Does anyone know what a red turban symbolizes? Why was Trudeau taking selfies with a red turbaned individual ?
I thought it was Scheer who had the affinity for terrorists.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

I thought it was Scheer who had the affinity for terrorists.

Nah, that's just Groper engaging in the politics of division he claims to hate so much and you buying it fully for a dollar. Besides we've seen how much the left LOVES terrorists. Chretien "rescuing" Papa Khadr from terrorism charges in Pakistan. And despite being listed as a terror group, the Liberals let members of the LTTE into Canada. Groper inviting a convicted terrorist on his trip to India. Groper welcoming ISIS members with open arms.

What did Scheer do again to make him a terrorist lover? I mean besides your usual lack-wit, make shit up accusations.
Note that this new Trudeau attack occurs after Trudeau brought up Sheer's white natty problem in the House.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hoid View Post

Note that this new Trudeau attack occurs after Trudeau brought up Sheer's white natty problem in the House.

Here is an article illustrating what a mess LIE-berals have made of our immigration system! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Canadian embassy in Jordan asked to help with deportation of online ISIS supporter

By Stewart Bell. Global News.

Published January 4, 2019.

Canada's embassy in Amman has become involved in the attempt to deport a Jordanian citizen who spread Islamic State propaganda online while living in B.C. as a refugee, a hearing heard Thursday.

A liaison officer at the Canadian Embassy has been asked to speak to Jordanian authorities following Othman Ayed Hamdan’s repeated refusals to co-operate with his deportation order.

(And what is wrong with using a snug straight jacket and gag and simply hauling his ass onto a plane????????????)

The request was made by a Canada Border Services Agency removals officer in Vancouver.

“The removals officer is waiting for a response to this request that he made to Jordanian authorities via the CBSA liaison officer in Amman,” a CBSA official Randal Hyland said at the hearing.

This deportation case is the first to target an alleged, online ISIS supporter.

The Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) ordered Hamdan’s deportation in October on the grounds he was a danger to Canada’s security. He was also stripped of his refugee status.

(Oh yes- charity to hate filled refugees is a Cdn LIE-beral heritage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

The government was supposed to deport Hamdan “as soon as possible,” but his Jordanian passport has expired and he has refused to fill out the paperwork required to obtain a new one.

(So what is the problem? Put him onto a Cdn plane and shoot his ass to Jordan! Dump the Isis asshat in the airport and let Amman airport security take care of him!! There IS AMPLE PROOF he is an Jordanian citizen after all!!!!!!!!!!!)

The latest attempt to elicit his co-operation occurred on Dec. 6, when a CBSA removals officer visited Hamdan at the Fraser Regional Correctional Centre, where he is being detained.

After speaking to his lawyer on the phone, Hamdan read a statement to the CBSA officer saying that contacting the Jordanian authorities was “premature and ill-advised.”

(Is it not fascinating how desperately crazy Muslims cling to any hope of remaining in Canada- that land of morally backward western Infidels!! One might think that living in a devout Muslim land is NOT A PICNIC!!!!!)

As a result, the CBSA has asked its liaison officer in Amman to see if the Jordanian government will allow a deportation to take place using an expired Jordanian passport and national identity card.

(And if there is no cooperation from Amman then put the asshat into a rubber boat in international waters and let him drift to shore!!! Our idiot Boy PAYS CDN aid money to Hamas- maybe we should dump the asshat onto them and get some value for our aid!!!!!!!!!)

The CBSA has Hamdan's identity card and two of his expired passports.

Hamdan arrived at the B.C. border from Washington State in 2002, and made a refugee claim based on what the CBSA now calls a fictitious story about converting to Christianity.

In 2014, while living in Fort St. John, B.C., he began posting messages on Facebook that “identified infrastructure in Canada which could be targets for attack,” according to the IRB.

He also “encouraged lone wolves in the West who could not travel abroad to carry out attacks at home,” the IRB said in its ruling, which found Hamdan had promoted the “social media agenda” of ISIS.

While Hamdan was acquitted of terrorism charges, the Refugee Board ruled he was a danger to security and ordered his deportation. Hamdan has appealed the decision to the Federal Court.

In other news: Refugee board orders deportation of ISIS supporter who targeted Ontario bridge

(Gosh- I guess they are talking about one of the goofs who wanted to derail the Via train off Highland Creek Bridge??????????)

Hamdan declined to participate in Thursday's detention hearing after claiming he was a victim of persecution and that the proceedings exacerbated his various disorders.

(OH! Yet ANOTHER MAD ARAB hiding behind his insanity plea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

“As a result of the malicious prosecution that I endured at the hands of the minister and RCMP and Crown representatives, and a criminal matter which I was acquitted of, I have developed a multitude of psychological disorders,” he said.

Hyland asked the IRB to keep Hamdan in detention, citing a recent government report that called “Sunni Islamist extremism” Canada’s top terrorist threat and described how ISIS incited supporters to attack the West.

The 2018 Public Report on the Terrorist Threat to Canada also recalled how the two deadly terrorist attacks that followed in Canada in October 2014 were praised online by ISIS supporters.

“Those supporters include Hamdan,” Hyland said.

The IRB said it would rule on Hamdan’s detention next Wednesday.

(Uh huh.......and maybe along the way we could CUT this guys food ration in half till he starts cooperating?? Oh that would be seen by LIE-berals as inhumane I suppose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(But surely we could cut his tv and dessert privileges??? NO CAKE for you till you sign your passport???????????????)

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