This Iraqi reciter of the Quran chapter 76

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This marvelous soora of the Quran includes the description of the high rank reward in Paradise in Heaven for the devoted pious servants of God.
Such description which I think not similar to any description in any previous book of God like the Torah or the Gospel included in the Bible.

Soora 76
(In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful)

(1. Did not a long period of time pass, concerning man [: before his creation] when he was nothing [of importance, so as ] to be mentioned [by angels]?

2. We have created man from a "scanty [seminal] fluid": sperms, mixed [with the ovum of woman], to try him, and have made him hear and see.

3. We have shown to him the [correct] way; [and have given to him the free choice] whether to be grateful or ungrateful.

4. Surely, We have prepared, for disbelievers, chains and yokes [binding hands to necks] and a blazing fire.)

More valuable explanation of these ayat and the rest of this blessed soora is in the link:
Torch light
The ayat concerning the high rank reward for the pious and charity giving believers:

Quran 76: 5-22

[About the praise of the pious who do charity, His saying – be glorified – was revealed:]

5. The charitable [in the life of the World] shall drink [in Paradise] a cup of wine mixed with the Kafoor [flavor.]

6. [Therein is] a [water-] spring of which the [righteous] servants of God shall drink [and in which they shall bathe], and make it gush out [as they please.]

7. [They who] fulfill their vowing [to God], and fear a day whereof the evil is wide-spreading [involving all disbelievers and the guilty.]

8. And they feed, for the love of [God], the needy, the orphan and the captive.

9. [Saying to them:] "We feed you only for the sake of God [and in His way]; we desire no recompense from you, nor gratitude."

10. "We fear of a day, from our Lord, which will be hard and tough."

11. So God averted them from the evil of that day [by admitting them into the Paradise of Refuge, and they did not remain on earth after their death], and let them have [in Paradise] beautiful scenic views and gladness.

12. And, on account of their perseverance, [God] recompensed them with a Garden [in which they dwelt] and silk [garments which they wore.]

13. Reclining in the [Garden] upon couches; they shall neither see therein sun [or heat] nor moon [or piercing coldness.]

14. [The trees giving] the shade thereof being close above them, and [the tree branches thereof, bearing] the fruit bow down meekly above them.

15. And there shall be passed, round about them, dishes of silver [in which food is put] and goblets [in which water is put; in the World such goblets were] transparent glass goblets.

16. Crystal [as if they were – and as the people of Paradise estimate –] of silver, according to their estimation.

17. And in the [Garden] they shall be given to drink [another] cup [of wine], which was mixed with ginger.

18. Therein is a [water] spring named Salsabiel.

19. And there will wait on [and attend] them immortal youths [who will not grow older.] When you [man] see them, you suppose them some pearls scattered about.

20. When you see [the prosperity of Paradise], you do see there a [perpetual] prosperity and a tremendous possession [which will never be demolished or disappear forever.]

21. There [will] be, on their [ethereal bodies], some green garments of fine silk and thick brocade;
and they [will] be adorned [on their wrists] with bracelets [which issued] from the silver [bracelets, which were in the life of the World];
and their Lord [will] give them to drink a purifying beverage.

22. [And it will be said to them:] "This [prosperity] was [prepared] for you as a recompense [of obeying your Lord’s commands]; and your striving [for God's good pleasure] is accepted and approved.")

The explanation of these ayat and the rest of this great soora is in the link:

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