BONOKOSKI: Shocker! Resurfaced editorial slams Justin Trudeau as a groper

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!! WONDERFUL STUFF THERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our idiot Boy Justin is a hypocrite of utterly staggering proportions!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the ONLY REASON Our idiot Boy got elected is because a pile of civil service union Hogs BELIEVED his promises that he would support them and supply fresh heaps of gravy!!!!!!!!!!!!

And the stupid Hogs believed the DRAMA TEACHER!!!!!! The guy CAN act- to bad he knows nothing about handling money or how to maintain trade relations nor how to support our national security in any sensible way!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating all that is wrong with LIE-beral policy and why it will be best for Canada if ALL LIE-beals are swiftly kicked off the political stage- and its best they NOT be replaced by NDPers who happen to be even worse money mangers than LIE-berals!!!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Debt with dishonour.

By Mike Strobel, Toronto Sun. First posted: Thursday, January 19, 2017 07:02 AM EST | Updated: Thursday, January 19, 2017 07:10 AM EST

Better sit down. Pull up a chair at the kitchen table, you and your spouse and the two kids. Keep everyone away from sharp objects. I’ve got a shocking number for you.

A Canadian family of four — yes, you — pays $7,009 a year toward government debt. JUST IN INTEREST. I don’t know what the extra $9 is for. A tip? It’s criminal. Or should be.

Together, we poor Canuck schmucks spent $62.8 billion last year servicing debt racked up by our glorious leaders, or $1,752 for every Tom, Dick and Harriet of us. Did I mention?: IN INTEREST ALONE.

(The key part of the statement is “every Cdn”-that means all the kids too-so that’s $1,752 yearly debt parents pay for each kid they have-BEFORE they feed house or clothe the kids.)

The grim stat was calculated by the Fraser Institute, an independent think-tank, in a study released Thursday. How, you ask, could it be so much? How did we get to this sorry state?

Easy. Federal and combined provincial debts jumped half a trillion dollars between 2007 and last year, to a gob-smacking $1.4 trillion.

(In other words our debt has increased by 40 percent in10 years-so much for controlling govt inflation!)

As an Ontarian, you’ll be proud to know Queen’s Park is the undisputed king of provincial debts. The Wynne government squats on a $318 billion IOU, doubled since 2007. Our share of what the feds owe is $288 billion, for a grand total of $606 billion, or about $43,300 for each man, woman and child. Only Newfoundlanders have it worse.

(Of that 500 billion dollar debt increase since 2007-Ontari-owe LIE-berals can claim well over HALF of it- so much for any claim for LIE-berals to be good money managers!)

Yes, we are governed by drunken sailors. And you felt guilty putting that hamburger on your Visa?

OK, think of it as hamburgers. A Big Mac combo meal is about $9 in Toronto. It will take 67.3 billion combos to pay off our government debts, with relish.

A Toronto cabbie would need to drive 600 billion km, at the current rate of $1.75 per, to do the same. In other words, 64 round trips to Uranus. The planet, silly. And good luck getting Uber to Uranus.

Speaking of holes, if Ms. Wynne and Monsieur Trudeau dig us any deeper, we’ll be paying off in yen or yuan.

Why should we care?

“Because there are immediate consequences,” says Fraser report author Charles Lammam. “(Interest payments) take away resources from education, health, social services or reducing taxes.”

I’ll say. Here’s a gem: Our hapless leaders’ debt payments ($21.3 billion) are nearly what the Wynne crowd collects in HST ($23.8 billion) all year. And you thought the HST paid for silly things like roads, trains and windmills.

“The sad reality is there’s no end in sight,” says Lammam. “No government is taking this seriously. (Ottawa) plans persistent deficits and Ontario has been running them for a very long time.”

How can they get away with it? It is illegal for City Hall to run a deficit — so what makes QP and Parliament Hill so special?

True, cyclists, socialists, tax-and-spend liberals and lobbyists would squeal, but, hell, so do piglets when cut off from the teat.

The racket was earsplitting when Mike Harris (remember him?) outlawed budget deficits — but the contented suckling resumed about five seconds after Dalton McGuinty became premier.

(LIE-berals always squeal with scorn when the Harris name is mentioned and point to increasing debt under the Harris regime. But it was NOT Harris debt–it was LIE-beral CHRETIEN DEBT! Prime minister Jean Chretien had hit his own debt wall and needed to cut costs-and he was fearful of how well Harris and Ontari-owe were doing so Chretien cut Harris off at the knees-drastically cutting back on federal transfer payments and forcing Harris to cut something in HIS budget. Federal payments to Ontari-owe dropped from 57 percent of health care costs down to 17 percent-yes Chretien GUTTED the single largest Cdn health care system and forced Harris to raise debts levels in the short term to cover LIE-beral greed. And Ontari-owe LIE-beral premier McGinty and successor McWynnty want to blame Harris for Ontari-owe debt? HAHAHAHA! HYPOCRITES!)

Back then, I proposed an amendment to the Criminal Code, to wit:

Subsections B and S: “No government shall accrue a debt with more than six zeroes. Penalty: Three zeroes off the salary of each member of said government.”

The proposal did not exactly receive universal acclaim in the halls of power.

No wonder. Demanding that politicians police their own abuse of our money is like asking a sex addict to stand watch at the bordello. Or a pig to guard the trough.

(And no wonder LIE-berals did not like the Strobel debt solution! LIE-berals cannot get elected without the civil service behind them- and that support requires LOTS of gravy-and we just don’t have it any more! One has only to look at the build up of civil service Hog demands this spring of 2017: college and university heads want a fifty percent raise immediately! Metrolinx boobs want the same. Clowns at ORNGE and E-health have their hands out for similar gobs of gravy. And all through 2016, we saw a succession of Hog unions offered new contracts with modest raises included-and these contracts have ALL been rejected as inadequate!)

(Now Hogs and LIE-berals are playing poker with our money-Hogs refusing to offer support to LIE-berals unless MUCH MORE gravy is GIVEN NOW and LIE-berals trying to tell union Hogs to cool it-LIE-berals offer assurances that Hogs will get their gravy after the next election. LIE-berals are being forced by public opinion to rein in their mad spending for a while and stop handing out gravy to avoid enraging the entire private sector and thus destroying LIE-beral re-election hopes.)

(LIE-berals want Hogs to shut up and sit down till after LIE-berals are re-elected and then the gravy train can roll on under LIE-beral patronage. Hogs have two problems with this-first-public rage at LIE-berals is such that LIE-berals are quite likely to lose their majority govt and either become a minority or get thrown out and replaced by another party that wont honour LIE-beral back room deals. Hogs are also worried that LIE-berals will not honour those back room deals even if they get re-elected-after all there is a reason we call the `LIE-berals`!)

(The only thing we are assured of is that if LIE-berals win another election, we will endure an unprecedented economic blood bath as LIE-berals seek to pay off all their VAST ARRAY of gravy promises to Hogs!)

mstrobel post media
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Tory MP Compares Trudeau’s Groping Claim Response To Harvey Weinstein


OTTAWA — Conservative MP Michelle Rempel is going after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's feminist credentials following his recent response to an 18-year-old groping allegation that he can't remember such an incident.
"Well I'm sure Harvey Weinstein said that he couldn't recall things either," Rempel told HuffPost Canada in an interview Wednesday, referencing the disgraced Hollywood film mogul who is awaiting trial for first-degree rape and other sexual misconduct charges.
The allegation against Trudeau stems from a Creston Valley Advance editorial published in 2000 that has been re-circulating on social media in recent weeks. It quotes a 28-year-old Trudeau apologizing for being "forward" with a female reporter.

Click the link interesting article with even the NDP weighing in about neither party knowing what feminism is
Trudeau apologized “a day late” to the unnamed journalist, the editorial stated, who was also reporting for the National Post and Vancouver Sun. Trudeau is quoted: “I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national paper I would never have been so forward.”
BONOKOSKI: Memo to Justin Trudeau: She's pregnant, not a petting zoo
Mark Bonokoski
More from Mark Bonokoski
July 5, 2018
July 5, 2018 5:30 PM EDT
In this Aug. 10, 2015 file photo, then-federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau greets pregnant candidate Christine Poirier at an event in Montreal. Ryan Remiorz / THE CANADIAN PRESS
It was Red Green, whose television comedy received 23 Gemini Award nominations over its 15 years, who first advised men that, “if you can’t be handsome, you’d better be handy.”
Our prime minister has half of that down pat.
But he would seem to be handsy, not handy.
In the digital age of tweets and electronic archives, it is nigh impossible for the famous or the celebrity to escape unwanted limelight — such as an 18-year-old editorial in a small B.C. community newspaper where Justin Trudeau, known then for his lineage but not yet for his politics, was accused of groping a young female reporter.
Trudeau addresses groping allegation
GUNTER: Trudeau won’t fess up for grope
LILLEY: Trudeau needs to live up to his own harassment standards
BONOKOSKI: Resurfaced editorial slams Justin Trudeau as a groper
“I’m sorry. If I had known you were reporting for a national newspaper, I would never have been so forward” he apparently told the paper by way of apology for inappropriately “handling” the reporter while she was on assignment. When asked about the incident last month, Trudeau’s office said “He remembers being in Creston for the Avalanche Foundation,” spokesman Matt Pascuzzo told the Sun, “But he doesn’t think he had any negative interactions there.”
After it was reported here, the groping allegations gained steam and the story eventually made its way into the Canadian broadsheets before finding itself making international headlines and on American news networks.
One cannot be a self-described feminist and also be an accused groper — and not remembering “any negative interactions” on a day he claimed to remember well for its good times does not exactly express denial.
Now, something old is news again.
On Thursday, up popped a picture of Justin Trudeau during the 2015 election campaign stop in the Montreal riding of Laurier-Sainte-Marie where he was photographed rubbing the blossoming tummy of his eight-months pregnant candidate, Christine Poirier.
Now, that’s pretty handsy, a little too touchy-feely for many, as well as a little too presumptive.
Most women don’t appreciate having their pregnant bellies patted without permission, but Trudeau apparently had no qualms whatsoever.
But what’s a candidate to do when the polls are still a few weeks away from being opened and closed, and your leader’s charm and charisma is starting to heat up the electorate wanting an end of those dreaded Harperites?
Do you grin and bear it? Apparently so.
Trudeau didn’t ask permission before touching her tummy but Poirier told one reporter back then, “It was a perfectly natural, normal gesture and I really don’t mind having my belly touched.”
When Poirier’s baby girl, Florence, was born a month before the Oct. 17 election, Trudeau tweeted out a picture of the new mom in the hospital with her second child in her arms.
“A new member for Team Trudeau!” his Twitter message read. “Liberal candidate @iciChristine welcomed baby Florence this morning. Both doing great.”
It got 84 retweets and 339 likes at the time, all which failed to translate into a Liberal win in Laurier-Sainte-Marie.
Attempts to get in touch with Ms. Poirier fell short on Thursday, with calls to her former riding association and the office of the Quebec Liberal party where she works as an executive going unreturned.
Will she run again in 2019? Who knows?
During the campaign, however, Poirier expressed the need to have other young mothers like herself enter politics.
“It needs to happen,” she said. “Otherwise how can we have equal representation and proper representation in Parliament?”
Despite Trudeau’s wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, knocking on doors for Poirier late in her pregnancy, however, Poirier finished a distant third behind NDP incumbent Helene Laverdiere and former Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles (Cheesehat) Duceppe, thereby dashing his hopes for a comeback.
So, not all was lost.
When the picture of Trudeau rubbing the belly of Poirier was first published, freelance writer Deidre Healey wrote a column for the Guelph Mercury under the headline, “Pregnant women don’t need uninvited belly rubs, thanks.”
She wrote of women with a similar opinion buying anti-belly touching T-shirts warning strangers to keep their hands to themselves.
Like, “Hands off my bump.”
Or, “I’m pregnant, not a petting zoo.”
And, best of all, “Touch the belly, lose a hand.”
Justin Trudeau concedes woman behind B.C. groping allegation may have experienced their encounter ‘differently’


OTTAWA—Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s “confident” he did not act inappropriately toward a female journalist at a music festival 18 years ago, but conceded Thursday that she may have experienced their encounter “differently.”
The prime minister made the statement in response to questions about a 2000 editorial in British Columbia’s Creston Valley Advance that has resurfaced in recent weeks. The newspaper article accused Trudeau of “groping” a female reporter who was covering the local Kokanee Summit music festival and also on assignment for the Vancouver Sun and National Post.
Trudeau, who was 28 at the time, is quoted as apologizing and then stating: “If I had known you were reporting for a national newspaper, I never would have been so forward.”
Media outlets in Canada and abroad — including the Washington Post and Britain’s The Times newspaper — have picked up the story in recent days, after the editorial resurfaced online. The Star’s attempts to interview the journalist referenced in the article have so far been unsuccessful.

Click the link for entire article

CBC chimes in with this

Trudeau changes tone in groping allegation response

Opinions | Groping accusations puncture the Trudeau brand
So he grabs em eh?

Time for him to resign.
Quote: Originally Posted by EagleSmack View Post

So he grabs em eh?

Time for him to resign.

Our idiot Boy Justin is a fabulous hypocrite on most issues! Consider:

Here is an article illustrating the slippery and sleazy nature of LIE-beral values and morals. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Trudeau hiding behind a woman’s skirt.

By Mark Bonokoski. Published: October 30, 2017. Updated: October 30, 2017 3:57 PM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ Opinion/ Columnists

For a man who claims to be an avowed feminist, Justin Trudeau sure likes to hide behind a certain woman’s skirt.

And so, apparently, do many in his cabinet, most particularly Finance Minister Bill Morneau, the infamously dubbed Willy Porno during his teenaged years at Toronto’s Senator O’Connor College School.

Yes, high-school yearbooks have always wrought a certain hell.

What we have heard now is that a number of Trudeau’s cabinet ministers have taken advantage of the same loophole that Morneau used to maintain control of his wealth while deciding on the wealth of the country, and all are hiding behind the same skirt that Trudeau so loves to cite as their guidance counsellor — the skirt of Conflict of Interest and Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson.

(Too bad Our idiot Boy will not tell us if he has answered ANY of the questions put to him by the ethics commissioner! He blandly asserts that he is cooperating regarding things like his holiday with Aga Khan- the guy who gets hundreds of millions in govt grants for various charitable foundations he runs! And Our idiot Boy is refusing to tell us how it happened that he invited a convicted Sikh terrorist along with him on a visit to India! As for Morneau- he sees nothing wrong with himself and his father selling about $10 million dollars of shares in his pension company Morneau Shepard a mere week before introducing legislation that significantly dropped the value of the shares!)

(If I had been the guy buying the shares that so suddenly dropped in value I would certainly be screaming FRAUD! It is specifically to AVOID such nasty accusations that people like Morneau- and at least 3 other senior LIE-berals SHOULD have put their holdings into a bind trust- but did not- because they are ENTITLED- far more so than mere mortals! But hey- they are LIE-berals so we can trust them even when they ignore the rules? Maybe? And we can be reassured that the integrity commissioner has all well under control- even though LIE-berals refuse to discuss ANY details in parliament? And the commissioner is dependent on LIE-berals for her job so all is entirely above board? Or not?)

Now, two things should have happened by now, but haven’t.

One, Mary Dawson should no longer be the federal ethics commissioner, now working through her third extension.

And, secondly, Bill Morneau should no longer be finance minister, not flailing away to regain lost trust.

Indeed, when a finance minister has lost the trust of the people, and Morneau unquestionably has, then it is the duty of a prime minister to yank him out of the front row, and put him somewhere in the back benches where he can do no harm.

Trudeau went to the polls promising to be a cut above his predecessor, the controlling Stephen Harper, and provide Canadians with an accountability and transparency that would stir pride.

But he has done no such thing.

(At least Harper style “control” was in the public favour! Conservative senators Wallin and Brazeau were accused by Conservative party of wasting tax payer money and they paid it back when ordered. Conservative senator Duffy refused and so the Conservative party paid for him! And then they took Duffy to court to recover their money! But it turns out that senate spending rules are so sloppy that Duffy is ENTITLED to waste our money if he wants! At the same time- LIE-berals were quietly laughing because LIE-beral senator MacDonald Harb had wasted MORE MONEY than Wallin, Brazeau and Duffy- COMBINED! And Harb walked away with his gravy! No wonder Harper is on record as wanting to do away with the senate- and its why ever ENTITLED LIE-berals want to keep it!)

This is the prime minister who, when in opposition, went after Harper like a dog on a bone for any and all improprieties, and hounded him relentlessly when Sen. Mike Duffy got himself in a pickle over Senate expenses and a $90,000 cheque from the chief of staff in the PMO.

But the time the dusted settled, and Duffy was acquitted on all charges, the Liberals were on their way to a majority victory and Duffy was yesterday’s news.

So, let’s talk ethics.

As Mary Dawson has confirmed, a number of Trudeau’s cabinet ministers — supposedly “fewer than five” — who watched Morneau get grilled in Question Period by Tory leader Andrew Scheer and NDP house leader Guy Caron on his dodge of inscrutable ethics were playing the same game with their own investments.

Instead of putting their assets in a blind trust, they retained control of their money by holding it indirectly in a numbered corporation, or some similar mechanism.

(This sort of money handling scandal is the sort of stuff one expects of army generals who have taken control of govt in a banana republic!)

And these are people who have insider information that goes way beyond normal insider information.

They are legislators, and they are legislators who sit in on cabinet meetings that decide on financial policy.

They are the most powerful flies on the wall in the country, yet Mary Dawson obviously gave them the advice that did not prohibit them from doing a Morneau.

(Or else they ignored Dawson and bribed or intimidated her into silence! One has only to look at the relationship between Ontari-owe auditor general Bonnie Lysyk and Wynne-bag LIE-berals! She has caught them multiple times on various screwups and LIE-berals have responded by suggesting she is incompetent and has no clue what she is saying about things like dirty LIE-beral accounting, Hydro price gouging, a pedestrian bridge built upside down, the snow plow scandal and the road paving mess! The funny thins is that it was LIE-berals who HIRED Lysyk- and now apparently do not dare to fire the allegedly “incompetent” Lysysk for fear of a savage wrongful dismissal suite by Lysyk- who has exposed so many LIE-beral skeletons in various closets!)

As PMO spokesman Cameron Ahmad told the Globe and Mail, “We expect all Members of Parliament to work with the Commissioner and structure their affairs according to her guidance.”

This, of course, has been Trudeau’s pitch since the outset of the Morneau Affair, capitalized here to because it is indeed a scandal.

It enabled Trudeau to stand up in the House of Commons and, with the sincerest of faces, tell Canadians that Morneau — and now a bunch of his cabinet ministers — were complying with the ethics commissioner, and that Canadians had nothing to fear because everything was above board.

If this is not hiding behind Mary Dawson’s skirt, what is?

markbonokoski at gmail.
Quote: Originally Posted by Twin_Moose View Post

Justin Trudeau concedes woman behind B.C. groping allegation may have experienced their encounter ‘differently’

Ok, so he now admits to an interaction, which he perceived as positive, and willingly concedes she "may have perceived it differently" negatively. So he is now admitting that he grabbed a woman in an inappropriate way. Ok, good to come clean...except he started out his by saying that he feels “confident” he did not act inappropriately toward the female journalist. Huh?

“I’ll be blunt about it,” Trudeau said. “Often a man experiences an interaction as being benign, or not inappropriate, and a woman — particularly in a professional context — can experience it differently, and we have to respect that and reflect on that.”

I'm guessing Kent Hehr has had quite a bit of time to reflect on how he got shit-canned from cabinet for calling a former staffer "yummy". Maybe if he would have grabbed a handful of ass instead he would have been given more of a chance to reflect on how "a man experiences an interactions differently" while retaining his position in cabinet.

Or maybe this is just another example of bald-assed Trudeau hypocrisy.
Man, if Justin only knew she wrote for a national paper... if he only knew.
Rex sums it up well in his latest offering.

Rex Murphy: Trudeau's 'awakening' on groping allegations is (ahem) a bit of a reach

In other words, the apology reveals his sexism as snob-based. I’m not sure it’s as exculpatory as Mr. Trudeau evidently felt it was. The young woman, in fact, made it very clear that it was vinegar on the wound, and she let Mr. Trudeau know it in clear and vigorous language.

Is he seriously offering as a fresh insight that “often a man experiences an interaction as being benign or not inappropriate and a woman … can experience it differently …?” And that we have to “reflect on that?” Oprah and Dr. Phil have been mining that soggy non-thought for decades.

And as for the incident being “an awakening we’re having as a society,” that is delusionary nonsense, a string of “tone” words, the vague, anxious music of virtue-signalling hummed by someone in a tight political spot.

The thought is inescapable that whoever is devising the “communications strategy” on this incident has a grudge against the prime minister, and is running a private experiment to see how many strange and illogical ramblings he can put in his mouth.
BATRA: Trudeau groping controversy now a dumpster fire
Adrienne Batra
More from Adrienne Batra
July 6, 2018
July 6, 2018 10:34 PM EDT
Justin Trudeau gets inducted into the Order of Saquatch Hunters at the Columbia Brewery's Kokanee Summit Festival in Creston, B.C., on Aug. 6, 2000.Postmedia file
Our prime minister has been doing a lot of “reflecting” lately. It’s what someone who is “woke” and a male “feminist” does these days.
So let’s do a thought exercise and all reflect with Justin Trudeau on what has unfolded over the course of the last few weeks.
An editorial from August 2000 in the Creston Valley Advance resurfaces with allegations a young Trudeau apologized to a reporter for “inappropriately handling” her. The Prime Minister’s Office eventually issued a statement and says Trudeau didn’t “remember any negative interactions” at the Creston Music Festival, where the alleged grope happened. It’s a bizarre statement Trudeau repeated when forced to in the face of mounting media pressure to explain the allegations.
As he continued his explanation tour the rest of the week, Trudeau followed up his lack of memory of the incident by suggesting men and women remember things differently. He told CP24’s Stephanie Smyth “In terms of my recollection there was no untoward or inappropriate action but she was in a professional context. Who knows where her mind was and I fully respect her ability to experience something differently.”
He then prattled on about our “collective awakening” and tried to remind us of his feminist bona fides saying “I would never presume to speak for her or to have a perspective on how she should feel or should act on this.”
He also added that there is no need for an investigation.
So why apologize? “Again, I’ve been reflecting…”
And what of his responsibility in all of this? He’s still reflecting on that.
Let’s now reflect on what the reporter and author of the editorial had to say.
In a prepared statement to the media, Rose Knight identified herself and, in her own words confirmed the incident as had been previously reported, did indeed happen.
So yes prime minister, men and women do remember things differently.
Knight also reiterated the apology Trudeau proffered to her was done a day after the incident, not in the moment as he had suggested when he claimed he recognized that she “was uncomfortable”.
This dumpster fire Trudeau has created for himself puts into question not only his judgment (or lack thereof), but also what will the feminist prime minister do the next time there is an allegation against one of his caucus members for inappropriate behaviour? Can they also use the “I don’t remember any negative interactions” line?
And what of the deafening silence on this issue from the 50 percent of Trudeau’s cabinet who are women? Don’t you believe Knight? How come we haven’t heard a peep from Canada’s Status of Women Minister Maryam Monsef? After all, Trudeau himself said we have to believe the women in these instances and he was the one that punted Liberal caucus members on flimsier accusations.
Shouldn’t Trudeau also be measured by the “I believe her” standard?
Meanwhile, while the Liberals come up with some more nonsense on how to spin Trudeau out of this crap storm, Canadians can reflect on just how much of an embarrassment he has become.
This CBC article goes a little deeper the first part of the article is the same as Spamminator posted but here is CBC adding JT's response

Woman who accused Trudeau of groping breaks her silence

The prime minister addressed that apology in detail on Thursday.

"Again, I've been reflecting on the actual interaction and if I apologized later, then it would be because I sensed that she was not entirely comfortable with the interaction that we had," Trudeau said.
"Like I said, I've been working very hard to try and piece it together, and even when the original editorial came out at the time I was fairly confident, I was very confident, that I hadn't acted in a way that I felt was in any way inappropriate."
Earlier this year, CBC News communicated by phone and email with Knight. She said she was not interested in being associated with any further coverage of the story. She also asked that her name not be used and that she not be contacted about the story again.
A former co-worker remembers the reporter's account of the encounter. Valerie Bourne was the publisher of the Creston Valley Advance at the time and said the reporter was "distressed" by her contact with Trudeau.
"My recollections of the conversation were that she came to me because she was unsettled by it. She didn't like what had happened," said Bourne. "She wasn't sure how she should proceed with it because, of course, we're talking somebody who was known to the Canadian community."
Trudeau is expected to attend an event Saturday with Calgary MP Kent Hehr, who lost his cabinet post after an investigation into allegations of inappropriate conduct with women.
The prime minister said the allegations levelled against him and those against the former minister of Sport and Disabilities are different.
"I think people understand that every situation is different and we have to reflect and take seriously every situation on a case-by-case basis," Trudeau said. "That's exactly what we're endeavouring to do."
Free Thinker
I thought it was if a woeman said it happened, she has to be believed.

Oh, Ooooopsi...Thats's UN true doh!..Sorry, My bad!

Hillary to Sexual Assault Victims: "You Have The Right To Be Heard, You Have The Right To Be Believed"

It was Boot Hitlary who said something like that.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kreskin View Post

He should just admit that he's a pussy grabber. Apparently no one cares if you fess up.

Apparently it was her rear end, and I'm not clear on whether the victim allowed for the possibility that it was an accident or not.

As far as I'm concerned though, his preaching of believe all women puts him on the spot. He he believes in consistency, then he must believe her whatever she might say.
No Party Affiliation
Just another addition to the Trudeau fake apology tour.

Bell: Trudeau hypocrisy lingers after he exits Calgary
Rick Bell
July 9, 2018
July 9, 2018 8:00 AM EDT
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau listens to speeches as he attends a pancake breakfast in Calgary on Saturday, July 7, 2018.Jeff McIntosh / THE CANADIAN PRESS
A single cotton puff of a cloud floats lazily in an otherwise clear blue sky.
It’s a wonderful day in Calgary and Justin Trudeau is gone.
Yes, this wasn’t the best of Stampede visits for the PM, groping for the way out of a story, a tale still managing to have a strong pulse.
Oh, for the bygone days where excited Calgary crowds mobbed the boy wonder on his way to winning Liberal seats in the city for the first time in more than two generations.
This time is different.
The prime minister, who once could offer up sweet nothings and a handsome smile to a swooning celebrity-addicted mob of selfie seekers, found himself reduced to a politician of mere mortal proportions.
A man drowning in talking points created by some tin ear for hire, spitting out the political porridge, a thin gruel.
As we all know this past Friday, Trudeau is asked to explain how he’s treating an 18-year-old allegation he groped a reporter compared to how he deals with others facing accusation.
Things must be decided case by case, explained the prime minister, changing the rules when the ball is on his side of the field.
Every situation is different. People understand that, said the PM.
And, in his situation, Trudeau clearly believes it’s time to move on.
The fearless leader who could preach zero tolerance for any hint of sexual harassment is not living by his own gospel.
But he spins a tale.
Trudeau says he didn’t act inappropriately. The real story is men and women can experience “interactions” differently.
The woman thinks it’s groping. The man thinks it’s something else, quite innocent, quite harmless.
But Prime Minister Zero Tolerance told us in matters sexual it was a black and white world and consequences for the accused, including his own people.
Now he wants gray area.
For himself.
When that dog wouldn’t hunt Trudeau told us we all need to learn to respect and understand we all see things differently. There’s a collective awakening happening.
Yes, it’s really about us, not him.
And who will stand as the defender of respect and understanding? Trudeau says he will.
On Saturday, Trudeau shows up at Kent Hehr’s Stampede breakfast.
Hehr was accused of inappropriate sexual comments, faced an investigation and was booted out of Trudeau’s inner circle.
Still, Calgary Liberal MP Hehr must be the loyal soldier, enthusiastically so.
“The PM has addressed these matters. He’s moving forward. He’s got a job to do being prime minister and I think he’d doing an excellent job.”
Rah! Rah! Rah!
But Kent, what about Trudeau saying accusations should be looked at case by case?
I knew his answer.
“The prime minister is correct. I agree with him 100 per cent.”
I hope he doesn’t get in trouble for not saying 110 per cent.
Does Hehr feel bad about being put through the ringer while the PM gives himself a Get Out of The Doghouse Free card?
“Absolutely not,” says Hehr, no doubt wanting a shot at getting back his spot at Trudeau’s big kids’ table.
In the background you can hear the band playing another old-school hurtin’ country song.
“Just walk on by, wait on the corner.
“I love you but we’re strangers when we meet.”
Then there’s Premier Notley’s words. Notley and Trudeau are BFFs, besties.
So before Trudeau delivered last Friday’s gag-a-thon over groping, a certain pain-in-the-butt individual asks the premier if the prime minister needs to say more.
“I don’t know,” says Notley.
“I haven’t really dug in too much into the details of the situation. And every situation is different. There’s no question about it.”
Notley says allegations have to be treated with “respect and integrity.”
By Sunday, United Conservative leader Jason Kenney is talking about Trudeau’s double standard and how it’s up to the prime minister to defend why he’s set a double standard.
“Canadians are fair-minded people but they expect consistency and fair play.
“I guess people wonder if that’s what they’re getting from the prime minister on this issue.”
And would have thunk it?
The prime minister no doubt looking back at this Stampede visit and wondering why it couldn’t have been a little easier, like the year before.
Back then, all he has to do was defend the $10 million-plus payout to Omar Khadr.
No Party Affiliation
Trudeau is a white nationalist climate denier!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by Johnnny View Post

Trudeau is a white nationalist climate denier!!!

And clearly hates women.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bar Sinister View Post

When it surfaces on mainstream media I will buy it.

Quote: Originally Posted by Colpy View Post


Quote: Originally Posted by Twin_Moose View Post

CBC chimes in with this

Trudeau changes tone in groping allegation response

Opinions | Groping accusations puncture the Trudeau brand


Quote: Originally Posted by Decapoda View Post

Rex sums it up well in his latest offering.

Rex Murphy: Trudeau's 'awakening' on groping allegations is (ahem) a bit of a reach

National Post.

I can hardly wait for it to make it to the mainstream media.
Quote: Originally Posted by IdRatherBeSkiing View Post



National Post.

I can hardly wait for it to make it to the mainstream media.

Our idiot Boy Justin says we should take sexual assault issues on a case by case basis and judge accordingly!

So I guess we should judge Our idiot Boy extra harshly since he is such an utterly shameless hypocrite with his relentless and mindless "I am a feminist" blather!

Apparently being a LIE-beral feminist gives you lots of freedom- you can grab some reporters ass just so long as she does not work for a "major news media"!

You can grab her ass and later sneer at people calling you a hypocrite!!!!

You can make endless idiot comments about how she may have experienced the encounter in a negative light and etc!!!

WE should ask the REAL Justin Trudeau to stand up and reveal himself and his TRUE VALUES!!!

Oh- wait- HE DID SHOW US HIS REAL VALUES- right after being elected!!!!!

Who recalls him running through parliament shouting "get the FCUK out of my way" and shoving people and elbowing a female NDP MP in the tits? THAT WAS THE REAL JUSTIN TRUDEAU!!!!!!!!!!!

And as for the NDP woman who got elbowed- a bunch of morally challenged LIE-berals sent her assorted insults and even some death threats!!!

Candice Malcom is a Toronto Sun writer and she sums up the personality of our prime minister quite nicely in her column that I have reprinted below-along with some comments of my own in brackets.)

Malcom says: Trudeau reveals his not-so-sunny side

By Candice Malcolm

First posted: Friday, May 20, 2016 06:41 PM EDT | Updated: Friday, May 20, 2016 06:51 PM EDT

After elbowgate: Ruth Ellen Brosseau became the target of personal attacks
Trudeau behaved like a spoiled brat
'I expect better behaviour of myself'; Trudeau apologizes again for Commons scuffle but actions louder than words
Trudeau tries to undo fuddle-duddle damage. (And CANNOT!)
What do Trudeau's roughhouse tactics mean?
All-party committee (with LIE-berals in majority so don’t expect much) to study how to sanction Trudeau for Commons fracas

(Our brainless Boy faces sanctions for his foul mouth and his roughhouse tactics AND for trying to change our rules of democracy to suit himself while LIE-berals try to move on as if nothing serious has happened!)

#Elbowgate: Social media goes wild over House of Commons altercation
Grits think they're above democracy. 'Get the f--- out of the way'; Trudeau sorry after elbowing NDP MP in Commons

'Let go of me — now,' allegedly manhandled Tory MP Brown told Trudeau

You can only fool people for so long.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau presents himself as a calm and collected kind of guy. His government’s motto – Sunny Ways – is supposed to represent Trudeau’s approach not just to politics, but to life in general.

Where Harper was suspicious, secretive and closed, Trudeau was his opposite – open, trusting and transparent. Or so we are led to believe.

But on Wednesday afternoon in the House of Commons, Canadians saw a different side of our Prime Minister.

When things didn’t go the way he wanted, Trudeau snapped.

He broke Parliamentary decorum and took it upon himself to march across the House floor. He pushed MPs aside and aggressively grabbed the arm of the Conservative whip Gord Brown, forcefully leading him to his chair.

“Let go of me – now,” Brown said to Trudeau.

But Trudeau didn’t. And on his way, he swore at one female MP, telling her to get the f--- out of his way, and elbowed another squarely in the chest. The MP was so shaken up, she left the house and missed the subsequent vote.

Many journalists have gone out of their way to note that the elbow to the chest of MP Ruth-Ellen Brousseau was “accidental” and “inadvertent.” Well, that is what Trudeau claims. But watching the video, Trudeau seems aware of his surroundings and his actions. He knew the NDP MPs were closely standing near the whip, and he intentionally bullied them to yank Brown away from the crowd.

He couldn’t wait 30 seconds for the NDP members to take their seats, so he decided to get physical. In the process, he elbowed Brousseau hard enough that she stumbled backwards.

Perhaps she embellished the contact, but it’s also possible Trudeau actually hurt her.

The guy is a boxer. He regularly shows off his strength by doing one handed push-ups and advanced yoga moves. Maybe he didn’t realize it was a small woman behind him, but he knew he was walking into a crowd and using force to compel his political opponents.

Trudeau’s belligerence caused her to stumble backwards in pain – caused by the sharp elbow of a man nearly twice her size.

After six months in the spotlight, the media darling has finally stumbled.

Despite his rosy demeanour and gregarious style, we saw another side to Canada’s top feminist on Wednesday.

We saw a bully mistreating those around him, a spoiled brat having a temper tantrum, an enraged man asserting his power over those less powerful – bowling over any who dare stand in his way.

Perhaps worst of all, as Trudeau behaved like a thug and an enforcer, his caucus cheered him on. Literally. The Liberal caucus cheered for their boss as he marched back to his seat after the altercation.

Shame on those Liberal MP`s for supporting Trudeau’s bad behaviour.

And as for Trudeau himself, he has been exposed as a hypocrite.

He pretends to care about respecting Parliament, but then proposes draconian limits on MP`s and manhandles those who get in his way.

He talks the big talk about loving and respecting women, but his actions towards his female colleagues speak volumes.

A few weeks ago, Justin Trudeau laughed with joy when one of his Minister’s mocked a female MP’s appearance. This week, he elbowed another in the chest.

Justin Trudeau is not feminist. He is not even a gentleman. He’s an immature adolescent faking his way as Prime Minister. As Thomas Mulcair put it, he is pathetic.
Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeer View Post

Our idiot Boy Justin says we should take sexual assault issues on a case by case basis and judge accordingly!

And you obviously disagree with the concept that each case should be judged on its own merits, buy its own facts, the basis of Anglo-Canadian law, is proper.

Because you're stupid.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

And you obviously disagree with the concept that each case should be judged on its own merits, buy its own facts, the basis of Anglo-Canadian law, is proper.

Because you're stupid.

Oh POOR Tecumsehbone head!!!!

Clearly you do not understand the problem!!!!

Our idiot Boy Justin is a staunch HYPOCRITE who has LIED about ALL his values and ALL his policies!!!!

This is why he is in so much trouble on this Kokanee Grope business!!!!!!!

A real feminist would not have sloughed off the growing chorus of BOO`s with the dismissive and scornful attitude he has been displaying!!!!

But then a REAL feminist would not be facing this sort of trouble in the first place!!!!!

OUR IDIOT BOY IS being judged on his merits- and HE HAS NONE!!!!!!

He is an ass grabbing HYPOCRITE!!!!!

And now tecumseh bone head why dont you quit ducking the quite legitimate question is posed to you about cops training!

Since you are so very clever why dont you share your wisdom with us and explain exactly how cops should de-escalate a situation where they are confronted with a crazy person with a weapon- and the crazy person thinks the voices in their head are more real than the distant voices of cops trying to get a handle on the situation!!!

Come on T-gurly- share your vision with us!!!!!

Dont be shy and runaway again!!!!!!!!
Trudeau Must Resign
Quote: Originally Posted by EagleSmack View Post

Trudeau Must Resign

were all resigned to the fact that he aint goin nowhere.
Until the fall of 2019 then hopefully into oblivion
Fading away... the PM groper.
Quote: Originally Posted by EagleSmack View Post

Fading away... the PM groper.

Not that you care, mind.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

Not that you care, mind.

The only ones who care are the far left and the far right for directly opposite reasons....
Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

Not that you care, mind.

Care about what exactly?

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