Sometimes it worth paying extra for shipping

There are couriers who will go directly to the consignee. Yes it costs more and they may insist on a wooden crate but.....

A Winnipeg woman says she is outraged after finding out a courier she used to ship an heirloom painting to her nephew in Montreal threw the artwork in the garbage.

Judith Putter says she paid UPS to professionally package the painting to ensure the glass was “masked” so it would do no harm if it broke.

Her nephew told her almost a week after she sent it last month that the painting had not arrived, so she checked the tracking information on the UPS website.

It said the package had been “damaged in transit” and “all merchandise discarded.”

It was recently appraised at $9,000, Putter said.
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Always insure valuables sent by post or courier.
yeah, I have bought on line and that's the rule:
anytime the man touches your package, make sure it's well wrapped, and cover your A$$
with insurance

having said that, paying out a couple extra bucks when you are saving lots, can be well worth it
If the type of things I buy can't survive shipping they won't last long with me