Only 24 Dead in West Virginia Floods

US President Barack Obama has declared a major disaster in the state of West Virginia, where the worst floods in more than a century have left at least 24 people dead.

West Virginia deadly floods: Obama declares major disaster - BBC News
Yup very sad.. drove through that town on I64 a few times.
captain morgan
Hats off to Obama for getting support to that community so fast.... He could have opted to take a few selfies and send some tweets of support instead
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Why is the title "only" 24 dead? Only.
bill barilko
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Why is the title "only" 24 dead? Only.

Because they're hillbillies

There is some amazing country in Vest Virginia..

New River Gorge Bridge, but most of the state is not very populated, and they have lots of great hunting, deer, black bears..

Lot's of history to the state, but boy in the winter is it a pain on the hills, many bigger than BC Coquihalla climb.
lone wolf
Define hillbilly, Billy from the hills
Funny, god don't warn them like the old days
they coulda built a narc
but no...
he don't get ofn' his butt lessen its like gonna be a million dead or more
Tay, I'm just curious here, because you do seem to be the master of the back-handed compliment, but do you ever compliment someone on their weight loss by stating they aren't as fat as they used to be?

Again, just curious......
I think it might be a Canadian thing with the number 24
"Hey man, can I have a beer?"
"ummm, not too sure, I only got a Two Four"
bill barilko
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Because they're hillbillies

Apparently Walter doesn't approve of my posting pics of his relatives.
Gol-dang Wash'tin Fedruls interferin' in folks lives!
how would you feel if one of your sisters was named "Pa"?

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