Hello I'm looking for some penpals !

Hello !

I'm new on this website, so I'm not sure if it's the good part for my request...
And sorry if I'm wrong and if I do some mistakes (I'm trying to improve my english language).

ok let's go :

My nickname is Warai, I'm a french guy of 22 years old who lives in Caribbean french islands. I'm a 2D infographist and student in stand-by (actually). I love drawing, listening OST and metal musics, sitting down in front large surfaces of water etc...
I'm looking for an english canadian penpal whatever the person girl or boy. Oh and I have msn ! so don't hesitate to answer me ^___^"

Heu...that's all ! Thanks for reading !
my msn is hely-chen@hotmail.com
Do you have a spare room or a place in the yard where I can stay for the winter? I am an old engliesh speaking guy who dosn't eat much and if the weed is good I'll help you with Engleish which I speak most of the time when I'am lucid.
Thank you hely0123 !

Hello darkbeaver !

I'm sorry for you if you're serious (it wouldn't be a good joke !)
But 1 I'm not in Canada
2 Actually I live with my family

And try to stay lucid guy !
Dark Beaver: I don't think he gets it
Quote: Originally Posted by Lester View Post

Dark Beaver: I don't think he gets it

Maybe it's da english eh?

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