What have the "nail-households" nailed on Chinese history?

Written by Hongliang Zhang
Translated by Shuhua Chang
Several days ago, under Gele Mountain, Chongqing, a huge red five-star flag swaying in
the wind attracted wide attention from throughout China, even the world, on the roof of a
bleak house around whose premise a pit of more than 20 meters in depth had been dug, like
an iron tower, the male owner lifted high a Chinese national flag so large that as if it
could even cover the sky, the female owner held a "Constitution of China", they were
defending with national flag and constitution their house handed from their ancestors which
will collapse at any moment for the premise had been scooped. They are Yang Wu and Wu Ping,
a couple who are entitled "the most stubborn nail-household". The history in the future may
forget all the celebrities nowadays, but never will forget "nail-household", a
characteristic term of China, this term represents a most savage history in the chronicle
of mankind, in which "real estate developers eat up people".
While many people had been paying attention to the report of this event since, they found
all reports relevant to "the most stubborn nail-household" suddenly disappeared from all
media. It is believed today, when Chairman Hu and Premier Wen present their new policies,
the event will not end up a tragedy, and the purpose of the prohibition of reporting is to
prevent people's discussion, reflection and association about the "nail-household
phenomenon", because far too many miseries were nailed by the "nail-households" in the
history of China, among all the tragedies of Chinese people, nothing else causes more
indignation than the tragedy of house removal, the "nail-households" nail firmly on history
the answers to a series of questions which may puzzle the future historians.
nothing else?

C o rru p tio n has various forms, and this is just one of them. There're MANY things else.
It's more than mere corruption, I'll explain more later when I'm free

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