Press Release: free ONTARIO reuse GROUPS - we're not freecycling freecyclers who freecycle!

The first Reusable Social Networking Network in the World. The free ONTARIO reuse GROUPS comprise of people who socially interact in order to help one another by freereusing items that they no longer need or use.

A totally free from any monetary gain online establishment that was all started in Ontario, Canada and has spread to many cities throughout.

There are thousands of members Ontario wide who each and every day are giving someone out there a gift that is costing them nothing. In return a most welcomed thanks is being posted up as a received in response.

Imagine being able to get totally free stuff that are gifts at the price of the time it takes for you to join and post a wanted.

Think about the people you can touch with an offer posted by yourself that will help someone out.

You might just need something for yourself that is outdated and no longer available in a store or you plainly might not be able to afford to go out there and pay for it and might want to post a wanted.

Whatever your needs the members of the free ONTARIO reuse GROUPS are here to welcome you home.

Evolution dictates change and Reusable Social Networking is that change!

It is our hope that some day everyone in Ontario will "reuse locally and accept socially" that is our motto!

Check out our freeTOreuse CAFE for more groups in Ontario



Please support Reusable Social Networking that was founded by us in Canada for Canadians by blogging this message or adding an url to your web site. You may circulate this message and get the word out by sending it out. Thank you!

If you would like to run a free ONTARIO reuse GROUP and have one created for your town/city within Ontario send us a message:- Founders freeontarioreusegroups@gmail.com