Hi ,

I don't know if somebody has the similar situation when he/she was a customer of Wireless Sprint Canada. I signed up the contract with Sprint a while ago , so part of the deal was a free home to cell
and vise versa calls. When the Rogers (vs Fido) took over the Sprint ,this option ( which was part of the
deal) had been canceled by Rogers (Fido).I did n't know about it until I received the fat bill from Fido
with which I wasn't agree. As I understand ,when the company took over and still have the same contract/servies
-the services should be still the same - this is part of agreement or I'm wrong ?
Or they should redo the contract.

I didn't sign-up any new contract with Fido or Rogers.

When I talked with CSR ,whey told me - the contract was with Sprint and now I''m not in contract
with Fido ,just monthly payments.They lied.

Now I want to cancel my Fido phone ( actually I did cancel Fido service) but CSR switched me
to accounting and they say - I need to pay penalty $120 for breaking the contract.

I told them what I didn't sign-up any contract with Fido/Rogers but they not aggree and tell me
what contract with Sprint automatically went to Rogers.

So my point was - the Fido changed condition of the service ( no free phone calls home-cell)
so I guess they broke agreement first.

Free phone calls home-cell was part of the deal with Sprint ( what's why I sign-up for contract)
but Fido didn't keep it this way.

Now they want $120 for cancelation ?

Any help ?