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B’nai Brith Canada doesn't care about your motivation, nor about the context of what you said. They'll use you any way they can to beef up their statistics. For the second time you've just slurred a prominent member of the jewish community.

Bullshit. You are the one preoccupied with his religion, not me. Your prejudice is showing, dear.

Not I, sweatheart... I'm just the messenger.
Your beef is with B’nai Brith Canada and their drive for statistical fodder.

Quote: Originally Posted by Reverend Blair


You are every bit as ignorant as Paul Martin about the purpose of the charter. The charter isn't about protecting recognized minorities. Its purpose is to protects all Canadians against willful acts of bigotry and discrimination.

Perhaps you should try reading what I wrote Mediana. Let me break it down for you...

"Actually babies are not a recognized minority, so the hate laws do not apply."

Simple statement based on legal fact. It points out that babies are not covered by the hate-crime laws.

"Children are afforded most of the same rights as adults under other parts of the Charter."

Another simple statement based on legal fact. It acknowledges that children have rights under the charter.

Your ignorance of Canadian law astounds me...

Section 14(1) states that no person shall publish or display in a newspaper, through a television or radio broadcasting station or any other device or in any printed matter or publication or by means of any other medium that he owns or controls, any notice, symbol, emblem, article, statement or other representation which exposes, or tends to expose, to hatred, ridicules, belittles or otherwise affronts the dignity of any person because of his or their race, creed, religion, colour, sex, marital status, disability, age , nationality, ancestry or place of origin.

Calling babies parasites constitutes what in your mind?
Reverend Blair
There isn't a court in the land that would prosecute that case, Mediana...No more than would go after me for characterizing baby boomers as sell-outs.

You like to take things out of context and you like drag threads off topic. Now you have a thread you can do that in.

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