Finding a cheap bed in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

This summer, my wife and I will be staying in a University Residence in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada for 49 days. Everything is great price wise but the beds there are terrible. Terrible or not, I don’t care but they are simply too uncomfortable for my wife. This residence lends bed out but their rates are, frankly, a rip-off. I have considered buying a new one (a used one is bluntly out of the question for my wife) from the local Salvation Army shop (no taxes there I hope), use it for the summer and simply donate it back to them at the end of our vacation (after all, I have no where to store it in Halifax and I won’t be bringing it back to Saudi Arabia with me where I work). However, can anyone suggest a more thrifty (read “cheaper”) way of dealing with this problem. All suggestions and/or advice greatly appreciated.
Finally, by the way, this website is great but can anyone suggest other websites/boards/forums where I can post my question?
You only need to post your message in one forum. I am sure you will get some replies, good luck.
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You don't say exactly WHY they are uncomfortable, too hard, too soft?

If too HARD, there is an inexpensive foam-rubber material that you can put on the mattress under the bottom sheet that works like a Damn - flat on one side, and like an egg-carton on the other. Put it "egg-carton" side UP.
Plus if your wife's objections are about what she is sleeping ON (hygenic issues), this gives her a 2-inch-thick "new" material, between her and the mattress.

We have one for our RV bed, and the difference is amazing.
I hear the Hutchinsons are opperative these days in mosscodobbitte
Look em up

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