100 Celebrity Women Rebuke #metoo Movement

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Like any well-intentioned movement, it starts out altruistically...but then the pendulum swings way too far...

Good on these women for having the balls to state their opinions on this subject.

The sanctimonious feminist women in the Twittersphere must surely have their panties in knots over this one.
Some people even confuse friendliness for flirting.

"Good morning!" (said in a friendly manner with no flirtatious intent whatsoever)

"Are you flirting with me?"
Hoof Hearted
That's been the big problem to date, though avro24...

The conflation of rape/ sexual assault versus simple flirting.

I still feel American Sen. Al Franken got thrown under the bus.
Celeb is really American's.

Quote: Originally Posted by Hoof Hearted View Post

That's been the big problem to date, though avro24...

The conflation of rape/ sexual assault versus simple flirting.

I still feel American Sen. Al Franken got thrown under the bus.

Rape is nothing but a hound dog.
The problem the MeToo movement is having is one of EVIDENCE!!!!!!!!!!! We have only to look at the Patrick Brown experience!!!!!!!!!!!!! The entire affair is so sleazy- with it being revealed that at least one of the accusers is a friend of a CTV reporter and won an award from CTV for something or other.......and might just have benefited from legal advice that might have been made available to her by CTV; has put Cdn news media in a very bad light!!!!!!!!!!! How can CTV claim to be even handed when the accuser is making damaging claims in their tv studio- WITH NO EVIDENCE being presented other than the words of a pair of BIMBOS who MAY have been paid off by people seeking to smear Brown for political ends!!!!!! This is not justice!!!!!!!!!!!! This is NOT law!!!!!!!!!!!!! But this IS apparently the LIE-beral version of Justice!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damaging accusations have been made against a leading political figure and he has NO WAY of refuting these accusations since they were NOT made to cops or in a court of law where there is NO protection from perjury!!!!!!!!!! And it is LEGAL poison that is damaging our courts!!!!!
Bar Sinister
I guess that cancels out the thousands that support it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Bar Sinister View Post

I guess that cancels out the thousands that support it.

What it does is to bring into yet more doubt, the veracity of those thousands.
Look at Jian Ghomeshi: as SOON as the first complainant was caught in a lie, Ghomeshi should have been acquitted, and she should have been charged with perjury. Instead, the trial continued, and we were subjected to "opinions" about how victims of violence shouldn't be blamed for LYING IN COURT, because (female) victims of violence act all weird as a matter of course. Never mind that their PERJURY could have sent an innocent man to jail.. ================================================== ========================================= I wonder how Lucy DeCoutere is doing with her career in the Armed Forces? They take a mighty dim view of lying there (if she'd lie in court, she probably lied on her application for Top Secret clearance; maybe they should carefully review her application, and then kick her lying ass out if any discrepancies are found..)” ================================================== ============================ However, if our legal system was actually honest and fair minded, then the circus trial and Kangaroo Court that Ghomeshi was subjected to represents a black mark against man hating Femin-nazis like Sunera Thobani and Judy Rebic and others of that sort who formed National Action Committee on the Status of Women. And the Ghomeshi trial is a black mark against LIE-beral politicians who have encouraged the likes of `Rabid` Rebic and her sisters as well. ================================================== ====================================== It was during the time of Our Pet-Pierre Eliot Trudeau-the father of our current `leader`-the foolish Boy with nice hair-for BRAINS-Justin Trudope that LIE-beral leaders sought to BUY Femin-nazi votes by RE WRITING chunks of Family Law and legal codes to better reflect `progressive feminist` values-meaning radical femin-nazi National Action Committee propaganda and loonie social standards! ================================================== ================================================== ========= It was typical short term LIE-beral thinking-play up to National Action radicals and buy votes now and pay for it some day in future! Women who have been assaulted have a legitimate grievance and ought to get a fair shake in court. Sadly the Ghomeshi business and the spectacle of otherwise intelligent women LYING in court has tainted the justice system and all women. And the further spectacle of Femin-Nazi spokes women twisting themselves in knots trying to legally justify lynching Ghomeshi regardless of truth and actual evidence has NOT helped! ================================================== ================================================ The women who made legal complaints against Ghomeshi shamed themselves and exposed themselves as cynical liars. Sadly, the Ghomeshi mess is not the only one to be of concern. Consider: ================================================== ========================= A guy in an English University found himself at the heart of a femin-nazi storm some years ago. The guy went to one of those frosh week/pub night things for new students and met a woman there. She was also a new student and being rather shy, she had started the evening by consuming several drinks in her residence-for `Dutch courage` as they say. She had then gone to the pub night event with girl friends and consumed several more drinks. She was then spotted by the previously mentioned guy who came to her table and chatted her up-and they BOTH had several more drinks. The pub night ended and the guy invited the girl to his room where they had-would you guess it-several more drinks! ================================================== ================================================== At this point they are both bombed and the guy is thinking this is his lucky night as the girl is beautiful and friendly and seems to like him-he is IN LOVE! And the girl is greatly flattered by all the attention and compliments she is being showered with-how nice to make such a good friend so quickly-and such a kindly gentleman! ================================================== ============================================= The girl succumbs to the guys charms and they sleep together-but things do not go well in the morning. The guy is STILL protesting love and devotion and planning their next meeting-its to be a real date with the wonderful girl.....but she is not so sure...in the cold light of morning the guy is not looking like a prize-he is homely and chubby and buck toothed and etc and she is suddenly regretting her actions of the previous night. She slinks out of the guys room and goes off to consider her situation-and ends up at the local rape crisis and femin-nazi propaganda dispensing facility where she is persuaded the guy has raped her! Because THEY were drunk when they engaged in sexually activities! ================================================== ==================== Its worth pointing out that she was a little intoxicated when she went to the pub-before she ever met the guy that night, and she became MORE intoxicated as the night went on-as did the guy- and she voluntarily went to his room and consumed yet MORE alcohol and then gave in to his expressions of love and devotion and had sex with the guy. She FREELY admitted to the rape crisis counselors that he had been full of compliments and seemed very sincere in his flattery and appeared genuinely to like her and spoke repeatedly of his desire to see her again in future-even in the morning when she was leaving he was full of compliments for her. He likes her and enjoys her company and wants more of it. Yet, somehow it is the guy who is in LEGAL trouble.....WTF????? ================================================== ===================================== The guy is looking forward to another date with his dream girl when the cops show up to question him while she whines to rape crisis centre radicals that he is a villain! And radical femin-nazis on the university campus protest because campus cops decide they have no cause to arrest the guy on sex charges! He certainly did not force her into anything and told her the complete truth-that he was hugely attracted to her and found her very charming...what a VILLAIN!!! ================================================== ======================== In a LOGICAL world, either women are (morally and intellectually) to be seen as children who cannot legally take responsibility for their actions and must be sheltered from the world...or else they are ADULTS capable of making their own choices in life and standing by those choices as men do. Just too bad for men that poisonous National Action Committee members and their radical fellow travelers want to spread their distorted and discriminatory poison and that their LIE-beral political pals are still trying to BUY feminists votes and wont tell the nasty little feminist bigots to get lost! ================================================== ============================ If you are old enough to drink and old enough to decide to get drunk as a skunk in public then you are old enough to take the consequences of your actions. If you get drunk and drive a car and hurt somebody then your gender does not matter-you have behaved wrongly and will face criminal charges. Why would it be any different to get drunk as a skunk and decide to have sex with some guy and then regret it in the morning? ================================================== ============================== Drunk drivers don’t get to defend themselves by whining-“the other car should have got out of the way because I was drunk and not in control! Nor should addle headed women have sex with a guy and then later regret it (and seek to make criminal charges against him) when they get a clear look at the not so handsome brute in the morning! In this modern age of `alleged equality`, the “I was drunk when he took advantage of me” whine is a dead as whalebone corsets and bustles! ================================================== ============================ And the FINAL feminist insult? Lucy DeCouture apparently JOINED THE ARMY????? Why IN HELL didn’t the silly cow just SLAP Ghomeshi BACK when he allegedly slapped her!!!! If she is tough enough for the army surely the addled cow is tough enough to slap around some pretty boy horndog ACTOR? DeCouture has made public fools of herself and her defenders! ================================================== =========================== Of course if DeCouture is not capable of slapping Ghomeshi then she is not fit for the army either. But since LIE-berals view the army as some sort of weird make work scheme and physical fitness club-with guns and that LIE-berals have been hard at work tinkering with military values just as they have worked with our legal system its no wonder DeCouture would get in! ================================================== =========

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