Kinder Morgan pulls Trans Mountain pipeline ads during election campaign

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It's not fair! (Stomp, tears, stomp stomp whaaaaa). Awwwwwe, poor guy.

Kinder Morgan will pull advertising for its proposed Trans Mountain pipeline expansion during the federal election campaign, after a British Columbia New Democrat seeking reelection complained about a flurry of ads in local newspapers.

Kennedy Stewart sent a letter to Canada’s elections commissioner earlier this week. He said if the company wants to promote a position on an election issue, it must register with Elections Canada as a third-party advertiser subject to spending limits.

“I have a very tough fight against my opponent in my riding,” said Stewart, who is running in a Vancouver-area riding. “The last thing I need is multi-national companies also advertising during the election. Let’s just have a fair playing field.”

Stewart said he has not heard back from the commissioner, Yves Cote, but he called the office on Friday to confirm staff had received the letter and he was told the deputy commissioner was looking into it.

A spokeswoman for the Trans Mountain expansion said election officials had not contacted the company, but it has decided not to run advertising — in any format or community — until after the Oct. 19 vote.

Kinder Morgan pulls Trans Mountain pipeline ads during election campaign - The Globe and Mail

This is a provincial issue not Fed.
So how is this requiring regulations and limits and the engage a-s-s-wipes not requiring regulations and limits? Because it hurts the left?
Apparently an antipipline schmuck. I'd wager he was the first f-cker to line up for cheap gas after the tanker from NFLD sailed into port 2 weeks ago.