The real reason why Justin blocked Jodie Emery as a Liberal candidate

she opposes raising taxes

I will be voting No on the TransLink referendum. Iím happy to support transit and transportation infrastructure with my tax dollars, and currently do so alongside everyone else in this province, but itís time to tell governments we simply cannot afford any more taxation.

There are a number of reasons to vote No. Some people will go into the details of bus purchases and tunnels for trains, or describe outrageously dire consequences for our health and economy if we refuse to vote Yes, but Iím voting No to send the government a message: Stop punishing families and individuals in B.C.

We live in one of the most expensive places in the world and many of us struggle to afford rent, groceries, electricity, phone bills, and other basic essentials. Government taxation continues to climb through fare hikes at ICBC, B.C. Ferries, B.C. Hydro, and Revenue Servicesí MSP bills, with no end to the increases in sight.


Jodie Emery: Why I’m voting No in the transit referendum and you should too | Georgia Straight

the more you know kids, the more you know.
bill barilko
Given how much of an airhead she is I can see why her ideas appeal to some.