Woman arrested after racially charged, alleged theft on TTC

Woman arrested after racially charged, alleged theft on TTC
Kevin Connor
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August 2, 2018
August 2, 2018 2:08 PM EDT
Screenshot of the incident on the TTC.
A woman has been arrested for an alleged robbery, which occurred during a racially charged incident on the TTC that was recorded and posted online.
The incident happened on July 28 on a Line 1 train near Eglinton Ave. W. station.
Two Fillipino-Canadian women were approached by a woman who asked for a cigarette and was denied.
One of the women approached, Marilyn Quijencio, told CTV News the woman became aggressive when she wasn’t given a cigarette.
“I said, ‘Go to work, so that you have money,’” Quijencio told the station.
That is when the woman can be heard calling Quijencio she was an immigrant and should “go back to China.”
Quijencio believes the woman thought she was filming her and grabbed her phone and a struggle ensued.
The incident was being recorded by another passenger.
The woman was saying she wanted Quijencio’s phone to delete any video footage she may have captured.
When the doors opened at the subway stop, the woman is seen running onto the platform with Quijencio’s phone and Quijencio follows her.
“She ran faster than me. After that I never saw her again,” Quijencio said.
Tashia James, 19, of no fixed address, has been charged with robbery and failure to comply with probation.

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