Amazing story in the Bible and the Quran

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It is the story of Balaam son of Beor; this worshiper who deteriorated and declined to become a disobedient of God, after worshiping God for 1000 months (which may equal about 80 years).

He was in the land of Moab, in the time of Prophet Joshua.
It is mentioned in the Quran as a parable and example to the Jews at the time of Prophet Mohammed .. this parable extends till the present time.

Just now, I have understood the implication of this parable, after reading the Quran interpretation carefully.

The parable of the dog which keeps barking at you whether you attack so as to beat it, or you leave it.

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So as I said: It is only just now, I have understood the implication of this great parable in the Quran about Balaam son of Beor, which God - be glorified - gave as a parable about the Jews in the time of Prophet Mohammed, who opposed him instead of supporting him, in spite of that he confirmed their prophets, and their book, and in spite of that he fought the idolatry and paganism, and although he did not started any hurt or offense to them.

This parable has been applied practically with the Zionists and their opposing me when I cite any part of the Quran or the Islam religion, whether the topic concerns them or not; in either case they bark at me.

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Quran 7: 175-176, which mean:
(175. And recite to the [Jews] a the story of [Balaam] to whom We gave Our signs, but he was stripped off them b , and Satan pursued him c , so he became one of those who beguile. d