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Prophet Jonah was one of the Children of Israel; he was a high rank prophet may be higher in degree than Prophet Aaron, the brother of Moses, yet Jonah was not one of "the messengers having firm will", because he disobeyed God's command at the start, then the whale engulfed him in its mouth, then inside the whale he prayed God and asked His forgiveness, so the whale vomited him on the land, and then he went to Nineveh obeying the command of God.

I discussed the story of Jonah with some of my friends, and we had some of these points of deduction:

First: God sent him to the people of Nineveh, why?
He was one of the Children of Israel, not one of the people of Nineveh (near the present Mosul city in Iraq)
While the messenger is usually sent to his own people: he knows their language as he knows their customs and habits.
Therefore, Jonah should know the language of Nineveh!

There had been the Nineveh (Assure) invasion of the northern kingdom of Israel before the invasion of the southern kingdom by Babylon.

It means: the northern Iraq conquered the Northern Israel, and the Southern Iraq conquered the Southern Israel

It might be Jonah lived his childhood in Nineveh as a captive? together with his family, and by this way he knew their language!?

Second: When God commanded him to go to Nineveh to warn its people, he was afraid, and he fled and went abroad a ship ..etc.
It might be that he pertained memory of his childhood years in Nineveh and he might have been beaten by the people of Nineveh, and therefore he was afraid of them!?

Third: The people of Nineveh knew that the Children of Israel had prophets and prophecy among them, so it was not hard that they later believed him. The people of Babylon knew this fact also, that the prophecy was among the Children of Israel, but that they were punished on account of their disobeying God Almighty.

God is the All-Knowing.
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How the hell did the whale swim to land-locked Nineveh, anyway? Jonah was trying to get away from the place. It was a dump in the Bronze Age just as it is today.
Where does it say the whale swam to Nineveh?
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Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Where does it say the whale swam to Nineveh?

Isn't that where Jonah got spit out?
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Isn't that where Jonah got spit out?

Sounds a lot like the story of Jonah Hex.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Where does it say the whale swam to Nineveh?

Who says the whale swam to Nineveh? Who?

Quote: Originally Posted by Johnnny View Post

Sounds a lot like the story of Jonah Hex.

I should not pay attention to some silly Wicked Zionists here.. they are a bunch of deaf dumb and blind idiots.

================================================== =

Some points about Prophet Jonah - salam to him:

He was one of the prophets of the Children of Israel: he is Jonah son of ِAmittai, a prophet of high rank; God chose him to be the messenger to the Nineveh people, so he should know their language and customs.
Quran 14: 4, which means:
(We did not send any messenger [before you, Mohammed], but only [to teach] in the language of his [own] people, in order to explain to them [the statements of His religion.])



When God sends any apostle or messenger, He knows that such man is capable of carrying out the task, and that man is a good man: kind-hearted, and intelligent, so God sends to him the angel to tell him about his mission.
Then Satan comes and tell the messenger: "You cannot do this, the disbelievers are so many and so strong and they will kill you ..etc."
The angel nearby will say to the messenger: "Don't pay attention to such Satan suggestions; put trust in God and He will help you."

Now, sometimes, God may allow some fault to be demonstrated about the messenger: to tell people that the messenger is a human being like you and he is liable to do mistakes; and God may have other purposes.

so in case of Jonah, he was afraid, and he did not comply .. so he went - with his mind confused - what to do, so he saw a ship going to Tershish and he embarked on it.

The sea became disturbed with waves and storms, and a whale stood before the ship.

The captain of the ship believed that someone in the ship had done a tremendous offense, and the whale wanted him: so they made lots, and the lot came with Jonah name, and so they cast him in the sea .. the whale engulfed Jonah and the sea was calm once again.

Then Jonah repented and prayed God to forgive him, and he should then go and carry out his mission, and God answered his prayer.

So this is the story in summary



God made Jonah a lesson to the other apostles or messengers, that any messenger cannot disobey the commandment of God wherever he may go.

God - be glorified - said in the Quran 21: 87-88, which mean:
(87. And [mention, in the Book, Jonah:] the man of the whale, when he went [his way] invoking [Us] to anger, and he believed that We would not straiten his [provision], then [after the whale had swallowed him] he called on [Us] in the darkness [inside the whale, and said:] "There is no god but You; glory be to You; I have been [one] of those who wrong themselves."

88. So We heard his prayer, and relieved him from the grief, and as such do We relieve believers [if they turn to us in repentance.])

And God made Jonah a lesson to humanity that supplicating God in the distress when man makes his prayer exclusive to God alone, then God will answer his prayer and save him from his distress or danger.

Quran 68: 48, which means:
(So [O Mohammed] persevere patiently to the commandment of your Lord [to convey the message], and be not as [Jonah] the 'man of the whale', when – being filled with worry and remorse – he cried out [inside the whale.])

While in another aya of the Quran 46: 35, which means:
(Therefore, [Mohammed,] persevere patiently [and forbear the hurt of your people], as did the apostles who had ‘firm will and steadfastness’ persevere. )
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Another point about Prophet Jonah, salam to him:

This is only my opinion .. may be correct or wrong; God is the All-Knowing.

As was he not one of the people of Nineveh, so he was not so zealous about them .. when he was tasked with that message, he ran away (he was afraid of them .. had he any relation with them, e.g. his mother might be one of them!?? This is only a suggestion and guessing not more.

Moreover, when he was desperate of their conversion and belief, he left them after prophesying to them the punishment and chastisement will come on them after some days!?

While if he had been one of them, like the other apostles who were chosen from among their own peoples, he would have insisted on them and repeated the warning: coveting they might believe at last.

Then he went to a place far away outside Nineveh anticipating their punishment and destruction. Then when God pardoned them following their belief, he resented because his words proved not real, and they were not punished!

That is because when the comet came on them, the people of Nineveh believed, and broke up their idols .. so God averted that comet from them and it fell on another region: uninhabited region.



================================================== ============

Here is the ayat of the Quran 86: 1-3 about the comet sent on the people of Nineveh:

(1. [I swear] by the sky [of Nineveh] and [its] 'night visitant'!

2. But can you imagine what such 'night visitant' was!?

[Then God – be glorified – explained what that ‘night visitant’ was, so He said:]
3. It was the comet with bright light.)


================================================== ========

Quran 37: 146, which means:
(And We made a tree of gourd to grow [for shade for him, and the tree climbed] over his [booth.])

The story :
"Then Jonah went to Nineveh and warned them of the punishment as did God command him, but they denied and mocked him, so he left them and went to the east of the city, and sat on a hill waiting the punishment to befall them.

And God sent on the people of Nineveh a comet to burn them, which when came through their sky and they saw it from faraway, they repented and supplicated God, broke up their idols and corrected their acts, so the comet went to another place, got away from them and fell in an uninhabited desert.

While Jonah took for himself, a small hut to shade him from the sun.

And when Jonah knew that the punishment did not come on the people of Nineveh, in its stated time, he resented that, because he promised them and broke his promise;

so God – be glorified – planted beside his hut a tree of gourd, which grew quickly and climbed on his hut, so he was exceedingly glad about seeing it and its green color, then next day God sent on it a worm that attacked the lower part of the tree, which consequently withered and dried up, so on seeing that he grieved and was sad about it.

God – be glorified – said to him: “You have grieved for a tree which you did not toil concerning it; so won’t I be Kind to one hundred thousands of people!? Go to them; they have believed and they wait for your return to them.”


Comment :
This is a deduction; it is only my opinion.

When Jonah left the people of Nineveh with their disbelief, then when the comet crossed in their sky, they changed their minds and so they believed and were saved.
It may be there were some righteous men among the people of Nineveh who believed in Jonah, and these right men convinced their people, after Jonah had left them, that what he warned them about was true.. and this was the comet which traversed their sky and was about to fall upon them had they not believed.
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Anyhow, the tyranny of the Zionists of Tel Aviv has exceeded the bound, and the time of their destruction is about to be fulfilled .. after they have been warned:

Quran 17: 15, which means:
(Nor do We punish [any people with the extermination] unless We send [them] a messengerk [or apostle.])
.................................................. .............

15 k To warn them of worshiping the idols and to invite them to obey God Most Gracious; but shouldn’t they listen to his words and work according to his command, We exterminate them according to their sins.


================================================== ====

Therefore, sending an apostle (or messenger) is ominous to the disbelievers: idolaters and atheists, and it is good for believers.
I.e. if people respond to the warner and believe, they will be saved, or else they will be terminated.

Explanation: When an apostle (or messenger) is sent by God to a disbelieving community; it means: they have deserved the termination on account of their blasphemy and wrong-doing .. so the role of the messenger or apostle is to warn them of the imminent punishment .. and it depends on their response if they believe they will be saved and the punishment will be averted, and if not their termination will be inevitable.
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This video is from NASA, about the Chelyabinsk fireball and explosion:
They think it was a meteor or a rock, while in fact it was a comet flaming (and nuclear having its origin from the sun) .. and for this reason they could not explain the weird manifestations of this fireball.

Such effects cannot be produced by an inert rock or meteorite, but only by the nuclear meteorite; see also our link about the comets from the book of the inspired interpreter Mohammed-Ali Hassan Al-Hilly

Now this is the NASA video about the Chelyabinsk explosion:

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