Mini Skillet Cornbread w/Pics

bill barilko
Woke up early this AM and was inspired-it's actually not the most inspiring looking Cornbread but was a hearty breakfast- note the Cornmeal was a combination of Blue & Yellow I had both leftover so WTH; it worked but the taste was nothing exceptional and overall a bit dry thus the Honey as you can see.

And the trick really is to preheat the skillet in the oven first.
captain morgan
You do this every morning?
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He's a lumberjack and he's okay.
Looks very good, I imagine I can taste it, I'm surprised at the banana instead of some fish though.
Curious Cdn
Needs maple syrup.
bill barilko
Quote: Originally Posted by Curious Cdn View Post

Needs maple syrup.

True enough all I had around the house was Elias Honey from BC
Curious Cdn
Quote: Originally Posted by bill barilko View Post

True enough all I had around the house was Elias Honey from BC

That's awefully good!

One of my cousins has a sugar bush and we get the fresh stuff. That's a bit harder to do (but not impossible) in BC. You have maple species that will give you sweet sap but not a lot of it.
Is it a low fat recipe, unlike "fry bread"?
Looks good would certainly appreciate the recipe!
It does look good. And a break from cereal or toast!
I've never cared much for the normal corn bread recipes, too dry. Then I found one with more flour than corn meal, we both prefer it.
Curious Cdn
Authentic, North American cuisine, that is.
I would love waking up to that breakfast but it would entail another marriage like situation and I,d rather starve to death thankyou.

I,m a very crude cook at best.

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