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OECD says Canada needs to spend more on aid


OTTAWA - A major international report has concluded that the Trudeau government's lofty rhetoric about being "back" on the world stage needs the added heft of more foreign aid spending.
The Paris-based Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development reached that conclusion in an assessment released Friday by its Development Assistance Committee.
The report is part of the OECD's rotating five-year review of member countries, and its findings could temper the government's attempts to lobby for a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council in the coming years.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland are both bound for the UN General Assembly later this month, where they will ramp up their campaigning for the two-year seat that would start in 2021.
Government officials say Canada will be pushing the notion of promoting public-private sector partnerships as a tool for financing foreign aid.

The OECD says Canada deserves credit for its renewed engagement on the world stage, including its global advocacy for the rights of women and girls in developing countries, but it needs to spend more on overseas development assistance.
The report says that Canada's foreign aid spending fell in 2017 to 0.26 per cent of gross national income from 0.31 per cent in 2012, far below the UN target of 0.7 per cent. The average for DAC members countries was 0.32.
It says that the government's recent new spending of $2 billion over five years on foreign aid simply isn't enough to restore the spending ratio to 2012 levels — the last time the OECD reviewed Canada's aid budget and found it lacking.
In dollar terms, the OECD pegs Canada's foreign aid at US$4.27 billion in 2017, compared to approximately $4.5 billion in 2012. While the dollar amounts are essentially flat over the five years, a growing economy means Canada's foreign aid as a share of the economy has declined.
Canada has become a "central actor" in supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, which aim to eradicate poverty, hunger, gender imbalance and inequality by 2030, said Charlotte Petri Gornitzka, the DAC chair.
"It is important to now set out a path to increase aid volumes to add weight to Canada's global advocacy role," she added in a statement accompanying Friday's report.
Canada's aid spending has fallen "despite robust economic growth," the DAC said in a statement on Friday.
The Trudeau government has said that it has no plans to reach the UN's target of 0.7 per cent — a benchmark that was set in the 1960s by an international commission headed by Canada's former Liberal prime minister Lester Pearson.
Trudeau and International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau have said that reaching the 0.7 per cent target would simply cost too much.
"We have put forward a progressive new feminist policy and our approach is being recognized in the OECD report for putting gender equality at the heart of our fight to eradicate poverty," Bibeau said in a written statement to The Canadian Press on Friday.
She also highlighted Canada's leadership at the June G7 summit in Quebec, where the government was able to raise more than Cdn$3.8 billion in pledges to help send the world's poorest girls to school.
"Our leadership on gender equality and girls' education is already making a difference for millions of young women," said Bibeau.
The government is also relying on leveraging more money from the private sector to fund development projects. It recently created a development finance institution called FinDev Canada, which is a subsidiary of Export Development Canada.
Ian Smillie, a veteran Canadian development worker and author, says the government is "grasping at straws" if it plans to use its push for public-private partnerships as a vote getter at the UN.
"We're robbing Peter to pay Paul regardless of what our new thing is," he said.

"We are scraping the bottom of the barrel with our aid budget. This is historically almost at an all-time low. We talk a good game, but we're at half the level we were when Pierre Trudeau was prime minister."
Liam Swiss, a development expert at Memorial University in St. John's, N.L. said the report gives Canada its due on being an advocate for women and for amalgamating its aid program into Global Affairs Canada.
But he says given that the government has been able to find the money for big increases to the defence budget, its insistence that it can't do more to fund development rings hollow.
"Canada can afford to do more and should do more," he said. "It's a bit cynical to say we're investing as much as we can afford."

Is Dianne Feinstein the Most Corrupt Senator in the United States?

Protesters rally outside legislature during midnight sitting


TORONTO - Hordes of protesters shouted to be allowed inside the Ontario legislature as provincial politicians held a rare midnight sitting to speed up the passage of a controversial bill to cut Toronto's city council nearly in half.
Protesters voiced their opposition to the bill inside Queen's Park as well, heckling Progressive Conservative legislators with cries of "shame, shame" until the Speaker cleared the public galleries.
People who had lined up to observe the overnight debate expressed their outrage at being shut out of the process, chanting "Let us in!" and "Our city, not Ford's!" as police officers stood in front of the doors. The commotion could be heard from inside the house at times, and some protesters lingered into the early morning hours.
NDP Leader Andrea Horwath briefly left the debate to address the crowd, telling them she was proud to see so many people rally to defend charter rights at such an unusual time.
She pledged to keep fighting the Progressive Conservative government's decision to push through the legislation — a message she later repeated to the assembled legislators.
"Interfering in ongoing elections has...a chilling effect on our democracy," she said inside the house.
"The reality is this government behaved inappropriately, rammed this change forward without any kind of consultation while the elections were already underway."
The Ontario government, meanwhile, cited the need for urgent action in justifying the late-night sitting, saying passing the bill — which would reduce council to 25 seats from 47 — would eliminate any uncertainty surrounding the upcoming municipal vote.
"With the date of the municipal election rapidly approaching, we need to take action," Municipal Affairs Minister Steve Clark said. "Oct. 22 is just a few weeks away. Action to provide greater certainty for everyone and action to ensure that the election proceeds."
An earlier version of the bill was struck down as unconstitutional by an Ontario Superior Court judge last Monday, prompting Premier Doug Ford to invoke a rare provision known as the notwithstanding clause to override the ruling and reintroduce the legislation.
Ford’s use of the provision has been denounced by the opposition parties, prominent Canadian politicians and hundreds of legal professionals.
"The premier's use of the notwithstanding clause for the first time has created unprecedented chaos in our city, in our province and beyond," Liberal legislator Mitzie Hunter said during the debate.
Green Party Leader Mike Schreiner said the premier's actions have put the municipal election in jeopardy.
"This premier has manufactured a crisis by meddling with elections and trampling on local democracy," he said in a statement. "The Conservatives are acting with impunity, trying to suspend people's Charter rights under the cover of darkness while Ontarians are asleep. "
The Tory government maintains the move is necessary and within its rights, and claims the judge made an error in his ruling.
"This is something that we have a constitutional right to do and we believe it's important for elected representatives to be making the law," Deputy Premier Christine Elliott said outside the legislature.
Evangeline Cowie and Ana Buzdugan, two Grade 12 students from Toronto, watched the debate for a short time before the public galleries were cleared. The pair said they felt it was important to show their opposition to the bill — even on a school night.
"It's going to send a message that everyone is ready, is prepared to do whatever it takes to go against that decision," said Cowie, who attended with her parents.
"History is kind of going to be made today so I feel like it's important to be here, especially for something that concerns Toronto and its citizens so much," Buzdugan added.
"My dad found it kind of unusual that I wanted to come, he asked me why I couldn't just watch it on TV and I was like, 'No it's different when you're actually there because it feels like it's something you're a part of.'"
Frank Griggs, who lined up to observe the proceedings, expressed similar motivations.
"I hope this sends a message to some of the Conservative MPPs that might at least consider voting against this bill based on the feelings of their own constituents and also just their own sense of decency and their own idea of what democracy should be," Griggs said.
The bill was debated at an uncommon weekend sitting at Queen’s Park on Saturday, and the lieutenant-governor granted the government's request to reconvene the house at 12:01 a.m. Monday to continue the debate.
Ford wouldn't say how much it cost to bring back staff on the weekend, but laid the blame with the Opposition for delaying the bill's passing.
New Democrats had argued the bill should be thrown out, citing rules that preclude the house from debating substantially identical legislation in the same session and from debating a matter that is before the courts.
However, Speaker Ted Arnott ruled in the government's favour early Monday morning, saying the newly introduced bill is different from its previous incarnation.
The NDP also moved to adjourn the overnight debate but lost 67-24.
The government finds itself crunched for time at the legislature with the International Plowing Match in Chatham-Kent set for Tuesday and each year Queen's Park closes for a day so all politicians can attend.
Earlier this week, City of Toronto clerk Ulli Watkiss said that with each passing day it becomes "virtually impossible" to ensure the city provides its residents and candidates with a fair election.

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Protesters rally outside legislature during midnight sitting

================================================== ================================================== ====

Here is an article illustrating a valid point. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Stifling free speech 'not healthy'


Well-known Toronto psychologist, Ryerson teacher and media commentator Oren Amitay says "the name calling, the labelling and prevention of free speech is not healthy.”

(NO KIDDING! LIE-berals are using smear tactics against their opponents since all LIE-beral policy has failed into disgrace and left LIE-berals without valid talking points! LIE-berals smear because they are now bereft of logic!)

Oren Amitay’s grandmother survived Auschwitz.

But that didn’t prevent him and fellow panellists who were scheduled to take part in a cancelled Ryerson University discussion from being called fascists, Nazis and anti-Semitic.

“It has got to stop,” the well-known Toronto psychologist, Ryerson teacher and media commentator said Wednesday. “The name calling, the labelling and prevention of free speech is not healthy.”

It is, however, effective.

The panel discussion — set for Aug. 22 — was billed as the “stifling of free speech on university campuses.”

It featured Amitay, high-profile university professors Gad Saad and Jordan Peterson and recently-fired The Rebel journalist Faith Goldy.

The stage was set for what would have been an interesting, and perhaps fiery, discussion, which would have included Goldy offering a defence of her decision to go on an alt-right podcast: “Not as an endorsement, but to naively try to show the alt-right movement was spreading like wildfire.”

(The ugly reality is that LIE-beral refusal to deal honestly with racial and immigration matters is polarizing th country! LIE-beral bigotry and promotion of special interest groups in exchange for votes is driving people to radical siolutions since moderate voices are being shouted down!)

In light of the tragic events that resulted in the heinous murder of an anti-fascist protestor during a violent rally against white supremacists in Charlottesville, Ryerson pulled the plug.

“The safety of our community is a top priority. In light of recent events, Ryerson has made the decision to cancel the Aug. 22 event,” the university said in a tweet.

The irony that a panel discussion about free speech on university campuses had to be cancelled at Ryerson was not lost on anyone.

“We are doomed,” tweeted Saad. “I don’t know what else to say. If people don’t rise up, freedom of speech will disappear.”

(With LIE-berals working hard to rush free speech to its doom! Psychologist Rick Mehta has been fired from his job at Dalhousie U. For making statements that anger LIE-berals and their supporters! Our schools now ONLY RECOGNIZE LIE-beral values as being acceptable on campus! All other dissenting voices are FIRED!)

And not only that, but the people who were supposed to be on that stage have been branded racists just like the ones down in Charlottesville.

“No, no, no,” tweeted Saad. “The enemies of truth who shut us down referred to us as Nazis, anti-Semites, and white supremacists.”

Amitay said the lumping in of anybody involved in a panel discussion is an alarming narrative spreading across the U.S. and Canada.

“The way things have become, if you are not part of the far left, you’re seen as a Nazi,” said Amitay.

It’s not nice, but it is effective. It’s not easy to erase such a tag thrown around so irresponsibly.

Amitay “loves Ryerson,” where he has taught courses for 16 years and understands the institution’s interest in ensuring there were no injuries arising from the panel discussion.

That said, from my point of view, if people want to keep free speech — and not be defined by largely anonymous enemies — they must stand up to such bullying.

(LIE-berals LOVE FREE SPEECH! It is the LIE-beral definition of free speech that is DEADLY WRONG! LIE-berals want easy questions lobbed gently at them in such a way that they can answer with vague platitudes that present them as warm and fuzzy caring people- with NO NEED to get into real problems like national bankruptcy, national security, Muslim terror etc! LIE-berals want us to be a zoned out and ignorant/carefree as the colds in Orwells book Brave New World! That LIE-berals would legalize marijuana and then seriously talk of legalizing opiods like Heroin indicate they really do want us drugged up and careless!)

As long as it’s constructive, it’s productive to have an exchange of ideas and it’s not necessarily bad to engage in passionate and non-violent discourse. Having a dialogue about race, gender or immigration is not racism just because a political movement — which pushes a guilt-by-association narrative — brands it as such.

(LIE-berals SCORN any exchange of ideas as they have all they want and do not need others that expose LIE-beral hypocrisy to public scorn!)

And painting everybody on a panel as a racist without even hearing their diverse points of view is odious.

“The labelling is just plain wrong,” said Amitay.

And not because he’s of Jewish background with “a Japanese wife and siblings that are gay and black.” It’s wrong because it curtails freedom of expression, thought, ideas and opinions.

“I teach my students about critical thinking and to challenge things,” said Amitay.

It’s not a stretch to challenge outrageous accusations that Amitay is a Nazi when he’s the grandson of a woman who had a serial number tattooed on her wrist.

(Nazis were willing to tolerate the presence of Jews- IF they made themselves useful in some important way- so to with LIE-berals- they are willing to tolerate white people who keep their heads down and their mouths SHUT!)

(It is no coincidence that it is easier to get permission to play the Nazi propaganda film Triumph of the Will- glorifying Adolf Hitler in a Wilfred Laurier U. Class than it is to speak the words of Psychologist Jordan Peterson or to read aloud from Toronto Sun newspaper!)
Juannita Broaddrick: Hey, I'm Willing to Testify

Progs hate truth.
Free Thinker
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+1 / -1
Booker Called Out For 'Groping' Drunk Female While He Was A Teenager, Report Says

Not Spartacus!
No Party Affiliation
Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeer View Post

I dont recall Trump ever mentioning Christianity!!!!!!!!!!!!

But his major so called crime appears to be enjoying the company of attractive women possessed of what your Granny used to call easy virtue and of of using his well filled wallet to buy their attention!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I wonder if the learned lawyer believes in a level "playing" field! Why should Trump be criticized for enjoying the same pleasures J.F.K. and W.J.C. enjoyed?
Quote: Originally Posted by JLM View Post

I wonder if the learned lawyer believes in a level "playing" field! Why should Trump be criticized for enjoying the same pleasures J.F.K. and W.J.C. enjoyed?

Um. . . Clinton was impeached for enjoying those pleasures.

Nice to see that you think humping a porn star while your wife is pregnant is consistent with the values you want in a leader.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

Um. . . Clinton was impeached for enjoying those pleasures.
Nice to see that you think humping a porn star while your wife is pregnant is consistent with the values you want in a leader.

Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

Um. . . Clinton was impeached for enjoying those pleasures.

Nice to see that you think humping a porn star while your wife is pregnant is consistent with the values you want in a leader.

================================================== ================================================== ====

Way to go there Tecumsehbonesforbrains -once again you demonstrate your utter lack of HONEST knowledge of legal affairs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Clinton walked away free and clean from the Lewinsky business..........AND he never had to answer to state troopers telling reporters they used to go out at night to pick up women for Clinton in the old days- as if the troopers were pimps- before he got interested in running for president!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The LIE-beral position was so twisted that various feminists told us Clinton should BE EXCUSED from condemnation for the Lewinsky scandal because he had done so much for ordinary women!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What a sordid, twisted, two faced hypocrite game LIE-berals have made of govt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating that the #MeToo movement is focussed on money and entitlements rather than justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Calif. #MeToo advocate Cristina Garcia boasted about sex life, pressured staff to drink, 4 ex-employees accuse in sexual misconduct suit.

From Associated Press

Published: February 15, 2018. Updated: February 15, 2018 5:18 PM EST

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ World


SACRAMENTO, Calif. — The public’s right to know if their lawmakers have engaged in sexual misconduct was the chief topic of discussion Thursday among a panel tasked with revamping the California Legislature’s harassment policies.

“The public pays our salary, the public pays the settlements, the public has the absolute right to know what it is we’re doing,” said Democratic Assemblywoman Eloise Gomez Reyes of Grand Terrace.

The nine-member, bipartisan panel of legislators met a day after allegations of misconduct escalated against Democratic Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia of Bell Gardens, an outspoken voice in the #MeToo movement.

(In her book “who Stole Feminism”, Yankee writer Christina Hoff-Sumers details the lies and deliberate distortions of truth publicly presented by radical feminists as they pursue money, influence and power on campuses and in govt offices!!!!!!! These are the FASCISTS called out by Professor Jordan Peterson for limiting free speech in schools!)

The panel made no mention of her case, instead focussing on the broader topic of how to fix a system for reporting and addressing harassment that Capitol employees say is broken.

(LIE-berals do a GREAT JOB of urging us to behave as THEY instruct us- but its too bad LIE-berals NEVER REALIZE THE SAME RULES SHOULD APPLY TO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Some legal eagle appeared on TVO/ The Agenda to SNEER at Ontari-owe attorney general Caroline Mulroney- with the guy whining she “does not have thre skill or training to do her job!!!!!!!!!)

(Mulroney may certainly have traded on her family name to some degree- though “LYIN`Brian” Mulroney is NOT well loved in many Cdn circles so her name recognition is NOT a strength! And that leads to Our idiot Boy Justin who has CERTAINLY traded on his famous family name!!!!!!!! So why the hypocrisy????
Except that Our idiot Boy is doing things that please civil service union Hogs and Mulroney is NOT!!!!!!!!!!)

(The legal eagle actually sneered at Mulroney`s credentials- pointing put that she got her law degree at Harvard and that she worked two years at a Yankee law firm before quitting “because the hours were too long” and coming back to Canada to run for political office. And.......she quit because the hours were “too long”.....and does this statement not FULLY SUPPORT the assertion by Professor Jordan |Peterson that the reason there are few women in high office at corporations is because they do not like the “long hours”??????)

(As for Mulroney and her legal judgement regarding Toronto council size and the “not withstanding clause” - the recent legal “stay” by superior court judges CLEARLY INDICATES she KNOWS what she is doing!)

(And by attacking Mulroney`s credibility LIE-berals expose their own bigotry and discrimination! LIE-berals used dirty tactics to try- and fail - TO DISCREDIT Mulroney- and they did so for selfish personal reasons!!!!! All LIE-berals care about is protecting THEIR ENTITLEMENTS!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Fair play and honest choices are POISON to any LIE-beral policy!!!!!!!)

(WE should look back to the time of the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal and recall that many feminists insisted Clinton should be EXCUSED since he had “done so much” for ordinary women! So much for maintaining any sensible standard!)

(ALL LIE-beral policy is FAILING- and it is this flexible moral standard that can be influenced by GRAVY that is at the heart of the LIE-beral ROT!!!!!)
No one reads long posts. As soon as I see the long lines of equal signs I skip to the next post.
DNC is Targeting Me Because They're Afraid of Minorities, Women Joining the GOP

Yep. Progs hate blacks.
Clinton Accuser Calls Dems’ Treatment Of Kavanaugh ‘Biggest Double Standard’

Both Clinton’s need to be in jail.
Is that in the same cell Walnut? What about Harvey and Bill, they could relive the best and worst of Orgy Island. Perhaps you can get a link to the cameras so your hands have something to do for a few minutes rather than you have to imagine what is going on.
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Is that in the same cell Walnut? What about Harvey and Bill, they could relive the best and worst of Orgy Island. Perhaps you can get a link to the cameras so your hands have something to do for a few minutes rather than you have to imagine what is going on.

Ad hominem is a poor argument.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Ad hominem is a poor argument.

Well...............YES Walter- both Clintons PROBABLY SHOULD be in jail.......................but you have to PROVE the reason WHY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Frankly MOST LIE-berals would be jail bait......... if failed policies, Fake News and deliberately biased and grossly selfish political choices were illegal then we would need WAY MORE JAILS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just consider the crap that Toronto city councilor Shelly Carrol is up to:

Here is an article illustrating yet again how badly Toronto council needs to be cut way back! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Three months after collecting her cash kiss-off, Toronto councillor is baaack!

By Sue-Ann Levy.

Published: July 6, 2018. Updated: July 6, 2018 8:23 PM EDT

Filed Under: Toronto SUN/ News/ Toronto & GTA

Exactly three months ago, City Councillor Shelley Carroll — in her inimitable attention-seeking way — announced to anyone who would listen that she was resigning completely from council to run for the Liberals in the new riding of Don Valley North.

She said at the time her community preferred she quit completely as opposed to taking a leave of absence and continuing to get her salary and benefits.

“I won’t double dip,” she told me in April.

But as I found out within hours of writing the first story, Carroll had it all figured out.

If she resigned before the provincial election, she was eligible to take a full year’s salary — at least $111,956 — in severance. That provision is stipulated under Chapter 223 of the Toronto Municipal Code.

(So there is the first part of the deal- Carrol gets full salary for January, February and March- then gets a full year salary as severance pay after quitting in early spring- so now she has the equivalent of 15 months pay in pocket! If she gets elected as an MPP then she will ALSO GET SEVEN MONTHS PAY as an MPP- with that pay starting in June!)

(Happily Carrol bombed out along with the other Ontari-owe LIE-berals so she still only has 15 months pay in pocket- but she DOES have a chance to run in the Toronto municipal election to regain her councillor seat! If she is re-elected as councillor she will then collect a further TEN WEEKS worth of councillor pay between the municipal election and the end of 2018- meaning she will have in pocket SEVENTEEN AND A HALF MONTHS PAY- for about 9 months of so called work!!!!! Shelley Carrol is a shameless, cynical Hog and her public greed should render her UN-ELECTABLE!)

Being the self-serving professional politician she is, Carroll took the money and ran.

But then she lost on June 7 — placing second well behind the Conservative candidate.

So what’s a girl to do — especially one who is addicted to power?

With her $111,956 cash kiss-off happily propping up her ambitions, and surrounded by a small entourage of leftists, Carroll signed up to run in the new Ward 31 Friday morning. That ward pretty much encompasses her old stomping ground but has been redrawn in the new ward boundary exercise that will add three more seat-warmers to council come October.

(Yeah- Toronto council is working in directions OPPOSITE to what a lot of people desire! They were planning to ADD SEATS so council could be even bigger, more dis-functional and paralysed!)

Carroll’s gall and naked ambition notwithstanding — namely that she thinks council just won’t survive without her and that the same cast of characters keep recycling themselves through various cozy government sinecures (can we say George Smitherman who is also running for council?) — this speaks to every reason why the public has no respect for politicians.

It’s not bad enough that she has the little $111,956 kiss-off to help fund her living expenses, money that would not be available to the average Joe or Jane who might want to run for council. But she’s got the name recognition to pull it off because many voters don’t do their homework. She knows it, although one can only hope voters see through her opportunism this time.

(Yes- LIE-berals count on us having very short memories and a slow to burn type of temperament to keep them safe from public rage! Too bad it looks like LIE-berals have pushed us too far and too often this time around!)

Since she already told me back in April that she won’t “double dip,” I asked her on Twitter Friday whether she intends to pay back part of her severance if she wins in October.

The amount would be the equivalent of four to five months if she were to take office at the beginning of December — or anywhere from $37,000 to $46,000.

I didn’t hear back. No surprise there.

(No answer from such a greedy Hog? No surprise in that! LIE-berals are MASTERS of the sneaky little cash grab! Our govt has more holes than Swiss cheese- and all the holes are leaking cash into Hog pockets!)

But there’s a small modicum of hope. Counc. Jon Burnside recently pushed a motion through council that will ensure councillors are only eligible for one severance package in their lifetime — meaning Carroll won’t be able to reset the clock if she returns.

(Hey!!!!!!!!!!! We should highlight that name: JON BURNSIDE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Govt officials should be recognized when they try to do something right!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

“On the one hand I am confused (about her return) as council spent about half an hour wishing Shelley Carroll a fond farewell and some tears were shed,” says Burnside. “On the other hand, I anticipated this and ensured that council closed the loophole…”

(Yeah- and I am sure most of the tears shed at that good bye were tears of frustration that life for LIE-berals was beginning to get awkward! Or maybe the tears were of sorrow and envy over Carrol seeking to move up in politics ahead of the other city Hogs?)

That ‘s a good start. But I believe in the absence of term limits, there needs to be some provision that imposes a cooling off period on those councillors who collect severance — of say one term — before they can run again.

It just might convince them to retire.

Nah, I’m dreaming.
Moran Suggests It Would Be Illegitimate To Overturn Roe v. Wade With ‘Male Majority’ Court

Yet it was OK to rule for it with an all male court.
Are either of you aware that the BAR that all Lawyers swear allegiance to is in the one in the City of London? The legal system sees Common Law as being a fill-in for cases too trivial for the Admiralty Law Courts to rule on.
If you thought fiat banking was fully rigged you have not looked at the legal system very closely.

The US could always as the UN to allow some judges from the 3rd world countries to come in for treaty cases and the Judges we pay could take on the role of defending the Crown. There is only one reason that would never happen, the Indians would win all the cases.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Moran Suggests It Would Be Illegitimate To Overturn Roe v. Wade With ‘Male Majority’ Court

Yet it was OK to rule for it with an all male court.

You do agree that Saudi is ruling properly with an all male Government though?
The Christians Clergy still cannot admit the Beloved Disciple was a woman so men seem to be the least suited to lead rather than the best let alone exclusively. Imagine the shit storm if your version ever became reality.
Free Thinker
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Moran Suggests It Would Be Illegitimate To Overturn Roe v. Wade With ‘Male Majority’ Court

Yet it was OK to rule for it with an all male court.

No they weren’t males , they were Democrats .
Kerry Defends Ted Kennedy Amid Sexual Assault Scandals

Can't make this shit up.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Kerry Defends Ted Kennedy Amid Sexual Assault Scandals

Can't make this shit up.

================================================== ================================================== ====

Poor LIE-berals- ALL their policies are in DISGRACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating how messed up the public attitude towards cops has become- thanks to LIE-beral bigotry. And it also indicates that LIE-berals are WRONG- in that diversity is rapidly becoming a major legal WEAKNESS- and NOT a strength! With some comments of my own in brackets):

Charges dropped against LCBO arrest bystander

By Chris Doucette, Toronto Sun. First posted: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 06:26 PM EDT | Updated: Wednesday, April 27, 2016 06:56 PM EDT

Andrew Burger interferes as a Toronto Police officer tries to make an arrest at an LCBO outlet located inside the Sheridan Mall at Jane St. and Wilson Ave. Nov. 27, 2015.

Man charged with obstructing police after arrest video goes viral
Bystanders interfering with arrest disturbing
Man charged with obstructing police says he was saving a life

Related Stories

Thieves raising a glass to LCBO policy

TORONTO - A bystander who tried to stop a cop during a much publicized arrest at a North York LCBO store is no longer in hot water.

Toronto Police say contempt of court and obstructing police charges laid against Andrew Burger after the Nov. 27, 2015, incident at the Sheridan Mall were dismissed by the courts Tuesday.

“Both charges were dropped,” Const. Victor Kwong confirmed Wednesday.

(Yes- as I have said often before- LIE-berals have LIMITED INTEREST in enforcing our laws- because it costs THEM too much gravy! LIE-beral interest in our legal system is focused on how many votes they can BUY with plea bargaining for special interest groups- and plea bargaining makes major crimes into minor ones and makes minor crimes DISAPPEAR ENTIRELY! Plea bargaining aids LIE-berals in HIDING the true crime rate in Canada!)

The emotionally charged incident began with an altercation between a lone officer, working a paid-duty inside the LCBO, and a 25-year-old man.

(So the cop is at the LCBO BECAUSE it is having trouble with THIEVES to begin with- and when the cop catches a thief- some GOOF jumps in to “rescue” the THIEF???????? And LIE-berals think it is justice to DROP the charges against the GOOF????????????/)

The situation escalated and the unnamed officer arrested Marquel Johnson just outside of the doors to the liquor store.

A mob of bystanders quickly surrounded the white officer, angered by the force used to take the young, black man into custody.

(The thief fights arrest and cop fights back- how is this wrong? Unless it is a LIE-beral or a Black Lives Matter BIGOT doing the whining???????)

The incident became downright frightening as Burger, then 42, jumped in and physically tried to pull the officer off of the suspect get a share of the stolen liquor as payment for helping the guy escape? Andv how is Burger legally entitled to be yelling “let him go” at a cop arresting a thief???????????//

(It was NOT a clever move by Burger- even IF we assume he was not working with the thief and thus did not know what the black guy might have done to warrant arrest! Or DID Burger NOT CARE what the black guy had done? In any case Burger has displayed open bigotry and contempt for law and his twisted values have their roots in LIE-beral philosophy!)

“When other officers arrived at the scene and investigated the bystander, they learned he was wanted on an outstanding warrant for contempt of court,” Kwong said, explaining the charge of obstructing justice for Burger’s involvement in this incident was added later.

(I guess that explains it! A guy wanted for a contempt of court charge will not have much respect for cops! But why dismiss the charges for the PINHEAD? Oh- right LIE-beral hug a thug judges have an excuse for any crime!)

Video of the encounter was posted on social media and went viral.

In the aftermath, some accused the cop of being racist and demanded an investigation, while others applauded him for keeping his cool in a clearly difficult situation.

“The officer will not be investigated and in fact received a divisional commendation,” Kwong said.

He said the officer’s unit commander fielded numerous emails, letters and calls from the public expressing support.

And after viewing the video, it was decided the officer deserved to be commended for his “restraint,” Kwong said.

(Isnt that illustrative of the Great Divide LIE-berals are creating with their systemic racist policies and muddled immigration standards! The goof- who already HAS an outstanding warrant thanks to his CRAP ATTITUDE- and who subsequently interfered with the arrest of a thief - is EXCUSED from facing further legal trouble!)

(Excused by some LIE-beral hug a thug judge who does not want to make LIE-berals look bad in the community! Oh yes- it seems LIE-berals have given up trying to win over white people and are now rewarding ethnic groups for their BIGOTRY!)
Lemon Loses It After Called Out for Making 'Liberal Talking Point' Defending Left-Wing Mobs

Stoopid Melon defending mobs.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Lemon Loses It After Called Out for Making 'Liberal Talking Point' Defending Left-Wing Mobs

Stoopid Melon defending mobs.


POOR LIE-berals!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess they LIKE the taste of shoe leather!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After all they get their feet in their mouths so very often!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

GROSSLY ENTITLED LIE-berals believe that any situation that makes them look bad - ought to be ILLEGAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cdn LIE-berals DEMAND the same right to edit our history books as Communist dictators like Pol Pot and Stalin and Mao!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a copy of a letter that was sent to a Metroland newspaper and its writer inadvertently illustrates the level of despair in both LIE-beral party headquarters and at various civil service union halls as ALL LIE-beral policy FAILS! And it illustrates the scale and scope of FAKE NEWS that LIE-berals are prepared to throw at us in a desperate effort to cling to power at any price! Here is the LIE-beral letter that was sent, along with some comments of my own in brackets):
Seniors do not receive fewer benefits than refugees and immigrants-
To the editor: Re: Seniors deserve better treatment from government- letters, Dec. 22

The myth that refugees and immigrants receive more benefits than seniors has been widely debunked by studies which looked at how much each group actually receives in benefits.

(OH REALLY? Widely debunked the LIAR tells us? HAHAHAHA! Consider: a Muslim woman immigrant will receive about $1200.00 per month in assorted benefits and a Cdn senior will also get about $1200.00 per month in asorted govt benefits- IF- the Cdn senior has paid enough pre tax income into Canada pension plan for them to qualify for the maximum payout! And how many Cdn women are in that boat- NOT getting the full $1200.00 because they were out of the work force while raising kids? But newly arrived refugees and illegals who have contributed nothing get that maximum pay out automatically!)

(A newly arrived Muslim woman can access various medical services on an emergency basis while Cdn seniors LINE UP AND WAIT! And those refugee emergency medical services include dental care that seniors must pay for out of their own pockets!)

(Newly arrived Muslim immigrants can access various clothing allowances- we cannot have the little darlings freezing to death in the first snowfall can we? While Cdn seniors PAY for winter clothing out of their own pockets!)

(And newly arrived Muslims are at the top of the affordable housing list while Cdn seniors line up and wait- and hope!)

(Newly arrived Muslims live in housing where the landlord often pays the heating bill while Cdn seniors often pay out of their own pockets. Certainly the people berating Wynne-bag and Our idiot Boy Justin over energy costs are paying out of their own pockets! In addition if the heat goes off, Muslims can look to govt for QUICK repairs at no cost to them while Cdn seniors who prefer living in homes and condos they own must PAY if their furnace breaks! Only the desperate, the crazed and the criminal will voluntarily live in Metro Toronto public housing!)

What's generally omitted from the anonymous web postings ; making these claims is that a portion of the 'benefits' received by refugees and immigrants are in : fact loans which must be repaid, e.g. transportation costs, settlement assistance loans.

(HAHAHAHAHA! LOANS? To either immigrants or refugees? When did this START? What rate of interest is charged on the loans? How many of the “loans” are in default? Who implemented this policy?)

(WE KNOW it was not Conservatives who started this ALLEGED “loan” stuff as LIE-berals would have screamed blue murder and bigotry if Conservatives had tried it! In fact I do recall the Chretien LIE-beral govt being in serious hot water because of the number of immigrants who were allowed to “reunify” their families- meaning bringing over aged relatives with NO capacity to support themselves here- just so long as the family members did not become a burden on Cdn society. And of course it took only a few years for all the solemn promises of personal responsibility and accountability to be forgotten- with a resulting drastic increase in social welfare costs for “reunified” families!)

(The welfare and medical cost for reunified families got so high that LIE-berals were forced to tighten immigration rules to control the cost!)

(But now what we have is SILENCE from LIE-berals and their media propaganda helpers! We get NO information regarding the status of these ALLEGED “loans”! And no longer does Cdn media tell us how many illegals have entered into Canada and NOBODY wants to tell us how many beds in homeless shelters are being taken up by illegals either!)

(The ONE FACT we do know is that immigrant contributions to Canada are DROPPING RAPIDLY TO NOTHING!)

(WE ARE told there has been a 35 percent jump in the number of people using homeless shelters this year and would LIE-berals like to explain WHY? Or should we guess that LIE-beral assurances that our economy is “booming’ and that illegals are integrating nicely are ALL LIES?)

(Or should we guess that the number of Muslims that LIE-berals have brought here, along with the masses of illegals they have invited here are now straining our social services to the breaking point? WE DO KNOW that less than ten percent of Syrian refugees selected by LIE-berals have managed to find any sort of job in their first years here!)

(So which lie- the real cost of dealing with Syrians, the real cost of dealing with illegals or the “Booming” economy that is actually going BUST under LIE-beral tax loads and mammoth debts would our ever UNTRUTHFUL LIE-berals want to admit to? Which admission might harm LIE-berals least?)

(But how sad that all these items- Syrian costs- coupled with national security issues that are hampering NAFTA negotiations, the illegals cost and the slowing of our “booming economy that only benefits civil service union Hogs by paying them with borrowed money that we others have to pay back are ALL DAMAGING LIES! No- this alleged “loan” business is merely MORE PROOF of why we call them LIE-berals!)

Also ommited is acknowledgement that refugees and immigrants are two very separate and different categories of newcomers to Canada, each with separate assistance and financial programs.
(Yes- immigrants are expected to pay their way and make themselves useful to Cdn economy- but as always with LIE-berals- the FIX is in! LIE-berals have been steadily relaxing immigration standards in a effort to buy supporters! In addition, LIE-berals have been monkeying with the “family reunification” program for decades!)

(Under LIE-beral Jean Chretien- the reunificartion program got into full action- with all manner of aged, sick and ill-educated people being allowed in- BUT ONLY if their families swore the new arrivals would not be a burden to Cdn tax payers! And of course Chretien LIE-berals hit the debt wall and triggered a recession and ended up with a HORDE of people being thrown on govt charity by families that could no longer care for their relatives- or so they CLAIMED!)

(Things got so bad that LIE-berals actually tightened the rules for family reunification- but that was then and this is now- with Our idiot Boy Justin relaxing the rules again so that a horde of people can come here to become wards of govt- and their grateful families will vote LIE-beral in exchange! Our idiot Boy Justin is making a BIGGER MESS than Chretien ever dreamed of!)

(LIE-berals tell us of the many benefits of immigration but they ONLY refer to the ONE THIRD of people who are actual immigrants who come here because they are strong enough and wise enough to manage on their own. LIE-berals NEVER speak of the other TWO THIRDS of yearly arrivals who come here seeking CHARITY from LIE-beral govt in exchange for their votes!)

(LIE-berals also chose NOT to speak of the thousands of so called immigrants who use a Cdn passport as an emergency exit card! One has only to think of the 50,000 so called Cdns piled up on Lebanese docks when Israel and Hamas last hashed out their differences- it cost eighty six million dollars to rescue those FAKE Cdns from their TRUE Muslim HOMELAND!)

Seniors in Ontario are eligible for CPP, OAS, GIS, subsidized long-term care, subsidized medical equipment, subsidized pre-scription medication, free home-care services, etc. In what way do refugees or immigrants receive greater benefits? Where will the tax base come from to continue or improve senior services come from given the aging demographic in Canada?

(Cdns ARE NOT automatically eligible for CPP- QUITE THE OPPOSITE! But LIE-berals allow elderly immigrants- who have made limited contributions OR NO contributions- a quick and easy top up of benefits- at OUR cost! As for various other subsidized medical care and etc- immigrants and refugees get all that without any need to have made past contributions! Worse- the kind of “immigrants” LIE-berals prefer are of the sort who will NOT be able to make any real contribution in the future either!)

As a senior with relatives who are even more senior, I'm well aware of - and greatly appreciative of the services available. Benefits paid to seniors are a recognition of past service and contributions; assistance given to refugees and immigrants are an investment in our future. Both are necessary and appropriate.

(Charity is a fine thing but to suggest that we are “investing in our future” by breaking the bank with borrowed money so we can lure in a pack of future Muslim jihadists and a cabal of unskilled and ill-educated illegals who will require so much long term govt charity that it will cripple our economy with debt and erode support for Cdn seniors is delusional nonsense! There is a reason why we call them LIE-berals and that reason is on clear public display here!)
No ones reads long posts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

No ones reads long posts.

Technically you are not everyone (sharp intake of breath) so it is only you that cannot read long posts for whatever reason, none of which increases your value as a living person.

Too long, good now fuk off and leave the adults alone to discuss things.
Quote: Originally Posted by spilledthebeer View Post

(Charity is a fine thing but to suggest that we are “investing in our future” by breaking the bank with borrowed money so we can lure in a pack of future Muslim jihadists and a cabal of unskilled and ill-educated illegals who will require so much long term govt charity that it will cripple our economy with debt and erode support for Cdn seniors is delusional nonsense! There is a reason why we call them LIE-berals and that reason is on clear public display here!)

Just have time for this part.

How about some war crimes trials now that vids would shorten the case down to a few hours at best. Since the Arab Spring was the KSA and 4 friends they would be tapped big by giving them the bill for the war and all reconstruction cost as that was introduced at the end of WWI. Any guesses how Germany felt about that news?? Tap those nations for $650B and the construction will be happy to pay overtime. Even NATO countries can win as the World Banks has been collecting illegal interest for centuries so the 'refund' is not chicken feed.

In a place where the national debt gets bigger every year and interest alone is one of the bigger costs. Fight for a nation that is $25T in debt and when you win the end of a long war the nation is $35T in debt @ 6% interest. WTF would willingly sign up to try and save that nation?

Walnut needs shorter posts, take your normal post and split it up and post each point as a singular post. That would even impress me so don't bother doing it with me.
Dixie Cup
Um, Walter - Canadians (or non-Canadians) CAN NOT collect CPP unless they have actually contributed to it period!

What you are referring to is Old Age Security which has the guaranteed income supplement added to it depending on your total yearly income. So lets get the name of the programs straight. And, it's true, there are immigrants who have come to Canada but must reside here for a minimum of 10 years who will be eligible to collect from the OAS and GIS programs. Don't know if that's fair or not but that's how it works. Until they've been here for 10 years they either work or are supported by family members; some may be on welfare but it is what it is.

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