The signs of God's might are there, and they are unaware!

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How many signs of God's might there are in the heaven above and on earth below.. yet most people turn away while passing by them!

The atheist Dawkins said: such signs do not indicate anything .. this is to demonstrate what a wrong-doer is this man together with his followers .. so that he denies and ignores God Who created and provided for him; moreover, he became the enemy of God Most Gracious.

In this respect, this disbeliever is like the magnet which attracts people liable to respond to him: the wrong-doers everywhere; i.e. he is like Satan who deceives people that are liable to accept his deception.

Quran 12: 105, which means:
(And how many signs in the heavens and the earth do they pass by [and see]? Yet they turn [their minds] away from them [and from taking lesson of them.])

It means: they believe in God, while at the same time they assign with Him others as patrons, intercessors, redeemer and peers .. so that their worship is not purely exclusive to God alone, but they associate others with Him.

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Some of such signs are the hurricanes, earthquakes, floods .. and their destructive effect; yet many atheists and disbelievers disregard them, considering them as natural factors which occur spontaneously without God's might and will.

While many others are idolaters: especially the enthusiastic about Jesus, and the tombs of Jewish persons and the tombs of Muslim imams.

Quran 12: 6, which means:
(106. But most of [people] believe not in God unless they associate [others with Him.])

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Then God - be glorified - warned the stubborn idolaters and atheists (the disbelievers)

Quran 12: 7, which means:
(Are these [associaters] secure of the coming on them of an overwhelming torment from God, or the 'hour' [of their death] may come on them suddenly, while they do not perceive!?)

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The only sign we need to be looking for is the two witnesses being dead in Jerusalem and rising 3 1/2 days later. If you miss the event the other sign is 2/3 of all people on the planet die where they stand, obviously most will not be around to see the end of that sign.
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This may or may not be the sign .. while all signs in the heaven and in the earth are miracles of God's might .. like the day and night and their succession, the alteration of the wind: hot, cold, soft or violent, the rain water falling from the sky, the clouds, the birds flying, the plant growing .. so all these and others are signs of God might, about which most people are unaware, and they in fact disregard them.

By the way, you think there must be such termination of people?

Some think there will be such thing and others don't think .. I thought there should be something like this termination, while some of my friends think: how can affairs continue .. like the internet and other advances if such termination occurs.

I thought: the corruption in the American and European community may not be reparable: they contradict all God's commandments .. so in this respect they are like or worse than Lot's people who unanimously agreed about the homosexuality and were terminated.

Others think about the Western community respond to God and convert: if they see the miracle of the raising of the Awaited Mahdi from the dead;

the sign of the coming of the Mahdi is the excavation of the Temple of Jerusalem: so I believe his coming is approaching.

anyhow, even Muslims (and others) will keep doubting about him until he will be helped like the help of Moses against Pharaoh: the termination of his enemy in a miraculous way .. God is the All-Knowing.
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