None could escape from Pompeii destruction

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Pompeii victim crushed by boulder while fleeing eruption - BBC News
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Pompeii was the porn or vice city, as the archaeological findings tell; it was a port on the north Mediterranean Sea shore near the present Naples in Italy.

Every city destined by God to be destroyed, should be warned beforehand; God sends them a warner to warn them of the idolatry and the wrong-doing and their vice .. so if they respond and change their belief and conduct, they will escape their termination punishment .. or else if they keep to their idolatry and wrong-doing .. they will be destroyed.

It seems that the people of Pompeii were warned by some apostles of the Christ .. its time of destruction agrees with this idea: the eruption of Mount Vesuvius Volcano was in 79 A.D.

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Quran 26: 208-209, which mean:
(208. And never did We destroy [before them] any city [population], but had warners [to warn them.]

209. As a reminder j ; and We never were wrong-doers [by destroying them without sending them the warners.])
.................................................. ........................

209 j i.e. We send the warners to remind them about the fate and destination of the past nations and to admonish them to abandon the worshipping of idols; so if they abstain and become stubborn, We terminate them.
And thats why no one replied because you are cramming religion down our throats
Well, he sent Washington John Warner and Mark Warner, and it's still here.

You actual believe this fairy-tale garbage, don't you?
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Quote: Originally Posted by Tecumsehsbones View Post

Well, he sent Washington John Warner and Mark Warner, and it's still here.

You actual believe this fairy-tale garbage, don't you?

I think your time may be very imminent.

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Another aya in this respect is in the Quran 17: 15, which means:
(No soul, bearing its own burden [of sins], may bear the burden [of the sins] of another [soul.] j

Nor do We punish [any people with the extermination] unless We send [them] a messenger k [or apostle.])
.................................................. .......

15 j It means: None bears the sins of anyone else.

15 k To warn them against worshiping the idols and to invite them to obey God Most Gracious; but shouldn’t they listen to his words and work according to his command, We exterminate them according to their sins.
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I think your time may be very imminent.

That'd be because you're retarded.
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Moreover, when God terminates a city or country after sending them a messenger to warn them of the consequences of their blasphemy, idolatry and wrong-doing .. then the believers will be told to depart from that city or country ..

and the idolaters and blasphemers (being wrong-doers) will be totally eradicated ...

so that none will escape the punishment .. and so that even those outside the city will be afflicted by stones falling on them from the sky, or by some other ways of destruction.

Quran 54: 33-34, which mean:
(33. The people of Lot unbelieved [the messengers] who warned them.

34. We loosed on them [a shower of] pebbles a , save Lot's family whom We saved at the pre-dawn time.)
.................................................. .............

34 a Which fell down and killed those who escaped the earthquake.
I can see you as an old, old man, finally gasping out your last breath still waiting for your fairy-tale god to smite the unbelievers.

I wonder what you could have done with your life if you hadn't chosen to waste it on this garbage?
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Here are the ayat of the Quran 54: 33-40 about Lot's people:

(33. The people of Lot unbelieved [the messengers] who warned them.

34. We loosed on them [a shower of] pebbles, save Lot's family whom We saved at the pre-dawn time.

35. A blessing from Us; even so We reward those [of your nation, Mohammed,] who are thankful.

36. Indeed, [Lot] had warned them of Our 'punishing and chastising'; but they ‘denied and disputed’ with [the messengers] who warned them.

37. They even asked him to give to them his [three] guests, so We obliterated their eyes [with blindness; saying to them:] "Taste now My chastising and My warning."

38. And the [earthquake] punishment came upon them early in the morning, so [the wreckage] settled upon them.

39. So taste [you] My chastising and My warning.

40. And We have made the Quran easy [to you] for admonition. Is there, then, any that will be admonished [with it?])

More explanation is in the link:

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Therefore, this porn city of Pompeii bears a great lesson to mankind (with the exception of blasphemers who will almost deny this lesson.)

All of a sudden a blasting punishment came upon this unfortunate vile city, and all of a sudden all of them died with fatal poisonous gases which caused their immediate death, then the lava came and covered them, each in his own condition and site, so that they became like statues .. to be a lesson to people about the outcome of the stubborn blasphemers and porn wrong-doers.

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This meaning is expounded in this great aya of the Quran 21: 95 .. so now the interpreter explained it in a marvelous way, which even Muslims don't know and are unaware of this great explanation:

(And We prevent that [anyone spared out of the people of] any city which We destroy [to return back to it, but] they should not return e [thereto.])
.................................................. .........................

95 e It means: We forbid and prevent that anyone, spared out of a city which We afflict with the termination punishment, to return back to it; but We shower on them stones out of the sky and destroy them as did We destroy and exterminate the people of Lot with the stones: those of them who were not present in those destroyed cities when they were seized with the earthquake.

Or We take them far away from their cities by setting their enemies on them to take them captives; as did We set Nabuchodonsor on the Children of Israel, who after the killing, took the rest of them captives to Babylon in Iraq.

The meaning: We forbid and prevent that the people of such cities may return back thereto, and it is forbidden them to build it after its desolation, or to gather therein after their dispersion away from such cities.

Among such cities and countries was Palestine and the Jews; and that was when Nabuchodonsor destroyed, killed most of those who were in it, and took the rest of them captives to Iraq, to the land of Babylon. Some of them fled to Egypt, and remained refugees and dispersed in the earth for more than seventy years.

Then their sons returned, and in addition to those of them who stayed, they started to build the House of God at Jerusalem, and to build the walls of the city and its destroyed buildings.

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Therefore, the man in the picture in the first post, was of this category: he was out of the volcano, but was hit by a stone which destroyed him in place, and he could not flee.

While the other explanations are not true or real... like he had leg injury or bone infection ..etc.

To prove that this man was outside the effect of the volcano, at that time, and he could not run away in fact is:
their termination was a flash like with gases like ?Cyanide or something like that which came out of the volcano and killed them all together in site, so that even the baker was seized in his place with the piece of bread in his hand and became like a statue after being covered by the lava of the volcano.. so they had not any chance of escape.

Or they say the rock came by the recoil of a door .. such are their explanations because they are disbelievers.

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