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Cliffy won’t read it .Go back to Europe white boy .

LOL, Take a pauze and just hang by Europe for a bit?
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LOL, Take a pauze and just hang by Europe for a bit?


BOO HOO???????????????????????????????????????

Cliffy wont read my stuff???????????????????????????????????????

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!

LIE-berals READ EVERY WORD I print- looking DESPERATELY for any opening or flaw in logic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh my goodness....didn’t I strike a nerve with my last couple of post! And the civil service Working Family HOGS responded with demonic squeals of swinish outrage. If they get any more hot under the collar we will be treated to the spectacle of bacon literally cooking itself!

Too bad all their noise and outrage boils down to the utterly selfish arguments of a spoiled self centred three year old. They all whine that Harper is EVIL because he won’t give the HOGS whatever they want whenever they demand it! If the Hogs cannot have their own way in all things it’s the fault of a selfish world!

And to the Working Family Hog that responds to my posts with the mantra: GET A JOB.....let me point out that only an utterly self centred Hog would have failed to notice that much of the world no longer follows that 8am to 4:30pm Monday to Friday with all weekends off and all civic holidays PAID schedule so beloved of Hogs! About 40% of Cdns cannot even afford holidays thanks to Working Family/Lie-beral tax and spend madness!

And of course the `get a job` Hog admits in his riposte that HE IS AT WORK while cruising web sites and sneering at posts - like mine- that he doesn’t like! Should we now assume that Working Family Hogs and their Lie-beral allies have become so ARROGANT that they believe sneering at frustrated voters and tax payers is now a legitimate part of their job description? Or is the work day of a typical Hog so light and leisurely that the Hog has time to surf the web for selfish personal reasons? Looks like the answer is YES to both questions!

And the `get a job` Hog seems not to understand that there is a computer button that can `save` documents.....a wise person can write lengthy documents at convenient personal times and then `save` them for later use at short need to rob employers and tax payers for personal reasons as Hogs so often do!

I was out the other day on my bicycle and had the chance to observe some teachers picketing. There they were marching up and down, holding those signs: “honk if you support teachers”......and the traffic is passing in sullen silence.....until a news camera crew showed up.....a few quick and discreet phone calls from union stewards and the relatives and allies of the teachers start to drive by in swarms! Yes, lots of honking and cheering and friendly waves......isn’t it wonderful how much support the community gives to `our` teachers? And when the camera crew went away, so did the relatives and allies.....and the traffic resumed passing by the teacher picketers in sullen silence......teachers don’t have as many supporters as they would like us to believe!

And the post that set off such ferocious squealing from the HOGS-its set out below::::

Carl Gannon is the leader of the civil service Working Family Coalition Hogs who handle the paperwork and dole out the benefits to injured Cdn Soldiers. Gannon is the creator of that line: “the only good Tory is a suppository”. Recently, Gannon actually published a comment on Craigslist lambasting Harper and then proudly signed his name to the utterly self serving rant, and finished up with his trademanrk `suppository` line.

Gannons complaint at that time centred on how poorly he felt Harper was treating Veterans.....but the ideas Gannon has for `improving` (as he calls it) veterans lives says a lot about the utterly selfish desires of Gannon and his union Hogs!

Gannon wants an end to the practice of hiring non union people to staff local Veterans Affairs offices, wants Harper to lift the freeze on Working Family pay and perks so they can do their jobs `properly`, wantIGSs Harper to respect and respond `properly` to the endless list of entitlements put forward by the Hogs and short Gannon regards Veterans specifically and Cdn taxpayers generally as his own personal cash cows to be milked as and when he sees fit and he is bitterly hostile to Harper for interfering (as Gannon sees it) with the Hogs ability to keep riding that rich gravy train even though their endless entitlements are bankrupting the country! Gannon was called out on that wildly selfish post and he went to a more discreet protest mode for a time but now he is back here in full Hog propaganda spewing mode - though neither he nor his union minions are identifying themselves as what they are! They are PRETENDING to be ordinary Canadians instead of admitting to being selfish PIGS!

Gannon and his union minions clearly have a batch of craigslist accounts and use them regularly to make it appear as if Working Family Coalition greed were supported by a broad spectrum of Cdn society......even though its really only a few HOGS making piggish demands. Recently, in a very short period of time SIX posts all with the same title “ Harper is worst PM ever” and all containing very selfish HOG propaganda appeared on Craigslist-most of them were quickly flagged and deleted....and then replaced again and the arrogance of these Hogs ought to be called out. Listed below is a selection of Hog complaints and my responses:

Complaint: Harper is spending taxpayer dollars to boast of his latest budget.
Response: All politicians do it....its not pretty but its gross hypocrisy to point ONLY at Harper. How about we talk about the millions of tax dollars the NDP illegally used to pay for their local offices-millions that they must now pay back. Or the adscam business in which Lie-berals stole three billion dollars of tax money and handed it out to friends and allies....and only one person went to jail for it.....thanks to Lie-beral interference with the scope of the judicial inquiry! Harper is spending his ad money in an entirely LEGAL the same fashion that ALL parties do-fairness requires that Hogs either shut up about Harper advertising OR they should silence ALL partisan ads!

Complaint: Harper is gagging government employed scientists.
Response: Some scientists are staunch Lie-berals and want to do their jobs in partisan ways-they want to EDIT evidence so as to injure Harper. Further, the wages of the scientists have been frozen just like other civil servants and we should recognize that much of their anti Harper whining is motivated by SOUR GRAPES regarding their HOG list of unfulfilled demands and entitlements!

Complaint: Harper is directing Revenue Canada to audit environmental and civil society groups.
Response: Some of these environmental and civil society groups are acting under the direction of foreign authorities such as American `super pac` political groups who have an agenda that is hostile to Cdn interests. American energy producers would like to see the flow of Cdn oil and gas cut back so they can get better prices for THEIR product! Same thing with US lumber producers-reduce shipments of Cdn lumber and US produced lumber becomes more valuable. Add in products like auto parts, wheat, potatoes and electricity and you have valid financial reasons for Yankees to interfere in Cdn politics. Also, some environmentalists are guided by lunatic policies that would-if implemented-destroy much of our economy and throw millions out of work. Some of these environmental people are so rabid that they would not be concerned if most of us ended up living in wigwams (in tune with nature) and boiling our dinner of dandelion greens over a fire of buffalo dung. Some selfish Yankee politicians recognize that there would be more jobs for Yankees if there were less Cdn products available on the US market.

Complaint: "Proroguing Parliament four times, shutting it down for a total of 181 days.
Response: all parties prorogue-only a LIE-beral would claim differently!

Complaint: In 2008, Harper prorogued Parliament after opposition parties threatened to bring down his minority government.
Response: The opposition wanted to give VETO power over ALL Cdn legislation to The Bloc Quebecois in exchange for their support-yes-the opposition wanted hand over control of Cdn government to a party SWORN to destroy Canada? What idiot thinks that is a good idea?

Complaint; Harper prorogued Parliament after the opposition said he was avoiding questions over the Senate spending scandal."
Response: Conservative senators Wallin and Brazeau PAID back the money they owed. Conservative Duffy stone-walled and Conservative Party PAID for him and then went after him in court. But what of Lie-beral senator Mac Harb? HE TOOK MORE MONEY than Wallin, Brazeau and Duffy combined and has refused to pay back ANY of it....and the Lie-beral party sees no reason to bother with him or pay for him! Nor is there any current legal action being taken against Harb-Lie-berals will not restrain or police their own HOGS-in sharp contrast to demonstrated Conservative policy !

Complaint: Harper is `undemocratic` and has contempt for parliament.
Response: Harper is not alone in his contempt of our HOG dominated parliament. Over 40% of Cdns are so disgusted with ALL parties that they do not vote in ANY election! Of those who do vote-a MAJORITY voted for Harper as the best available leader....out of a bad lot.

Working family Coalition is desperate to destroy Harper and regain control of a Lie-beral dominated government so they can resume riding that rich gravy train that Harper has done his best to close down! The HOGS view Harper as evil because he wont give in to their greed! Gannon and his ilk are insulting the intelligence of ordinary Cdns with such crude and blatantly self serving propaganda!
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Danbones and MHz need to get a room together.. preferably padded.
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Danbones and MHz need to get a room together.. preferably padded.

I suspect they are already in the padded room and are simply being allowed some interaction with the outside world as part of their treatment!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Too bad the treatment AINT WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is a reminder of the "wonderful LIE-beral plans" that Wynne-bag LIE-berals offered to Ontari-owe- with Our idiot Boy set to go down exactly the same spend till we choke on it LIE-beral BRIBERY in an effort to BUY enough votes to cling to power -at ANY PRICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is an article illustrating just how arrogant and out of touch with Cdn reality is Our idiot Boy Justin- and the article explains why he is such an airhead. With some comments of my own in brackets):

Trudeau, the anointed one.

By Lorrie Goldstein, Toronto Sun. First posted: Sunday, January 08, 2017 01:53 PM EST | Updated: Sunday, January 08, 2017 01:59 PM EST

Trudeau’s 'unicorns and rainbows' budgeting comes back to bite him
Trudeau doesn’t appreciate Canada’s greatness
Trudeau will bury us in debt
Sophie Gregoire Trudeau, Canada’s very own princess
Meryl Streep and Justin Trudeau, two elitists in a pod

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grew up as a trust fund baby in a historically wealthy family headed by his father, the former prime minister of Canada.

Over the Christmas, New Year holiday, he vacationed with family and friends on the $100-million private, Bahama island of a foreign billionaire.

He met with other foreign billionaires — and wealthy Canadians — as part of the Liberals’ cash-for-access fundraising efforts.

In all seriousness, then, how can Trudeau claim to intuitively understand — as he constantly does — Canada’s middle class?

(It would seem fair to state that what Our idiot Boy Justin knows best about the middle class is how to SUCKER THEM!)

Indeed, amid controversy over the Liberals’ cash-for-access fundraising, Trudeau claimed when he meets with billionaires, he advocates for middle class Canadians on their behalf.

Of course, we’ll have to take his word for it. In reality, Trudeau’s personal and political pedigree has always distanced and insulated him from the concerns of the middle class. While Trudeau has acknowledged he isn’t part of the middle class, he claims to represent it.

(Of course the `middle class` Our idiot Boy represents is actually the powerful civil service with its massive political clout derived from an immense conflict of interest and Boy also cultivates the civil service Hog hangers on- those who live like Remoras- swimming with the Hogs/Sharks and feeding on their crumbs and left overs. Hogs get their power from their unholy alliance with LIE-berals in which Hogs supply votes in exchange for LUXURY seats on the govt gravy train! If corporate CEO`s were engaged in such a cozy arrangement, LIE-berals would call the cops- but hypocrisy is apparently a LIE-beral virtue so their only response is to tell disgruntled members of other parties to take it up with Election Canada officials- LIE-berals telling us to complain to Hogs about the behaviour of Hogs!)

In that context, the Prime Minister’s Office, in the wake of his Bahama retreat, says Trudeau will cancel his scheduled appearance at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland this month — an annual gathering of the world’s rich and powerful at an uber-expensive ski resort in the Swiss Alps.

Nor will he attend U.S. president-elect Donald Trump’s inauguration on Jan. 20.

Instead, Trudeau will now embark on a quickie tour of Canada to, his office told Postmedia’s David Akin, “remain connected” to average Canadians.

But rather than being a champion of the middle class, Trudeau appears to most resemble what the great American conservative thinker Thomas Sowell described as “the anointed” in his seminal book, The Vision of the Anointed, Self-Congratulation as a Basis for Social Policy.

The anointed, as Sowell explained, regard themselves as wise elites who consider it their duty and responsibility to guide “the benighted” — everyone else — away from their own worst instincts.

(Our idiot Boy is so determined to be open minded that he is prepared to look the other way as Muslims seek ways to KILL Cdns! In his exalted wisdom he has decreed that CONVICTED Muslim members of the Toronto may KEEP their Cdn citizenship instead of being fired out of Canada on the first available plane!)

As Sowell describes them: “The contemporary anointed ... make much of their ‘compassion’ for the less fortunate, their ‘concern’ for the environment, and their being ‘anti-war’ ... as if these were characteristics which distinguish them from people with opposite views on public policy ...

“The vision of the anointed is not simply a vision of the world and its functioning ... but ... a vision of themselves and of their moral role in that world. It is a vision of differential rectitude ... Problems exist because others are not as wise or as virtuous as the anointed.”

Consider Trudeau’s approach to imposing costly and, based on real world experience, ineffective carbon pricing on Canadians, the strategy for which Sowell prophetically described in his book, written in 1995.

First, Sowell explained, come, “Assertions of a great danger to the whole society ... to which the masses of people are oblivious.”

The anointed then claim, “An urgent need for action to avert impending catastrophe. A need for government to drastically curtail the dangerous behaviour of the many, in response to the prescient conclusions of the few.”

Finally comes, “A disdainful dismissal of arguments to the contrary as either uniformed, irresponsible or motivated by unworthy purposes.”

Sound like any prime minister we know?

(Of course- all LIE-berals ultimately derive their power from massive vote buying targeting select groups such as civil service Hogs, immigrants and natives living on blighted reserves. Much money is required for this vote buying, but as LIE-berals have loaded us up with debt, our ability to supply the gravy they need is compromised so LIE-berals are constantly seeking new revenue tools- new sources of gravy. For this reason they have copied the disgraced European carbon crap and trade scam that cleans out voter wallets and leaves the dirt in the air! LIE-berals have turned legitimate Cdn concern for the environment into a giant slush fund they can play with for their own benefit!)

(The worst of it is that LIE-berals will blame US for this duplicity! They would say- if they were being candid- that if only we would support them properly then there would ne no need for their duplicity! The little detail they do not want to discuss with us is that if we DID give them the full power and control they lust for, then Canada would become a Soviet style socialist mess alienated from traditional allies and trading partners. As proof, one only has to look at the mess Our idiot Boy is creating with Yankees over cross border trade and national security.)

(Yankees are concerned about Muslim terror and want to prevent Muslims from coming to America. In response, Our idiot Boy has thrown open the Cdn border and will take in ANYBODY- without even the bother of making the new arrivals appear before an immigration judge! At the same time, Our idiot Boy has FIRED any judges he deems to be too cosy with Conservative style immigration standards; with the result that as of July, 2017, there are only 2 immigration judges serving the western half of Canada and this is effectively creating gridlock with govt unable to determine what kind of people are coming here.)

(AS national security is costly, Trump rightly expects COOPERATION from Cdns who want to keep the border open. Instead Our idiot Boy has dismantled virtually ALL the traditional roadblocks to unrestricted immigration. And Boy has restored Cdn citizenship to convicted terrorists and this must be seen as a spit in the face to both Cdns and Yankees who are legitimately worried about Muslim terror!)

(So Trump cannot entirely close the border due to 35 Yankee states having Canada as their major trading partner but Trump CAN make life a lot more difficult for Cdn LIE-berals who are so scornful of Yankee fears- hence the recent decision by Trump to demand major changes to NAFTA- as a way of paying for more Yankee security and also as punishment for stupid Cdn LIE-berals!)

Is it not truly amazing what those LIE-berals have done for us in the last year up to spring of 2017? Thanks to LIE-berals, the value of the Cdn dollar has dropped by 30 percent this year.

Food costs are soaring 25-40 percent this year.

Lie-berals have re-introduced their nasty little eco-fee for a substantial array of items-IN SPITE of the fact that many cash strapped Cdns diligently collect any and all electronics, tv`s, stereos, water heaters, furnaces, air conditioners and all manner of scrap metal left at the curb and take this stuff to PRIVATE recycling companies for recycling for the sake of earning some extra pennies! With No cost to HOGS, yet Lie-berals charge us as if their civil service Hog allies were handling this debris! In fact the DIRTY LITTLE SECRET of our Hogs is that if you phone city hall to have union Hogs come get your debris-THEY TAKE IT TO PRIVATE RECYCLERS ANYWAY! So the eco fee is nothing but a cash grab by GROSSLY entitled PIGS!

And those cans of left over paint you put out for the trash-you KNOW the Hogs
collect that at local city transfer stations and then LET THE PUBLIC in to REUSE that paint-ITS NOT RECYCLED-most of it ends up on the walls of a house some place as cash strapped Cdns grab up FREE paint! In fact, at a lot of municipal
govt collection yards, the Hogs don’t even need to drive around to collect the paint-people DROP IT OFF FOR FREE-the Hogs just have to store it for a while till dead broke Cdns come to collect it-and you can mix up some interesting colours if you collect enough of the right shades....FOR FREE!!! But it does not stop LIE-berals from collecting eco fees on paint that they DON’T recycle!

Electricity costs are going up another 10 percent this year and Lie-berals also intend to add a carbon tax to our soaring natural gas bills!

Our water bills will also be going up ANOTHER 8 percent this year. LIE-berals tell us they need the extra money for necessary repairs to the water and electricity distribution system and this is LIE-beral talk that means they gave themselves raises, perks and solid gold pensions year after year and NEGLECTED to repair anything for so long that now we have emergency failures and breakdowns.....but they STILL WANT MORE GRAVY for themselves in spite of the mess they have made!

When McWynnty was appointed Ontari-owe premier, she stood in front of teacher Hogs and swore she would do whatever it took to regain their trust and she MEANS it-she will sell our souls if need be to BUY Hog votes. Is it any wonder that some people now refer to McWynnty as The Great Whore because she has sold herself and her party and OUR FUTURE to the Hogs!

Lie-berals have also killed off the income splitting that some people counted on so taxes will rise for the very `middle class` types Lie-berals claim to want to save! How ironic that civil service Hogs campaigned against Harper because he froze their wages-yet Lie-berals are actually working to ERODE those wages with inflation and an array of new taxes!!!! And Hog wages are STILL FROZEN under LIE-beral rule! Zero sum is the new normal! What a bunch of Hog Maroons-they are going to have LESS MONEY with LIE-berals than with Harper!

The exciting new Lie-beral Carbon tax will make the price of EVERYTHING SOAR! Massive inflation for EVERYBODY! And as TEN YEARS of experience with exactly the same sort of plan has shown in Europe, the whole Lie-beral scheme is nothing but a corrupt economy killing MESS. The same pack of scammers who brought us ENRON and NORTEL were EXCITED about a LIE-beral implemented carbon tax! Does this not give the reader pause for thought? The biggest THIEVES in history WANTED a LIE-beral carbon tax!

And what of the new Lie-beral pension plan? Last month 53,000 Cdns LOST their full time jobs.....but 49,000 Cdns found PART TIME JOBS! Isnt that nice...LIE-berals will let you starve now in exchange for POVERTY in your old age! What a GREAT DEAL!

And LIE-berals have brought in 25,000 Syrian refugees and are working to bring in tens of thousands MORE! Yes. LIE-berals have arranged to import a pack of people whose religious beliefs, moral values and political orientation will make it pretty much impossible for them to fully integrate into Cdn society! They think our Christian religion is inferior and we out to pay a tax to go to church. They think Western women are all sluts with way too much freedom and need to be trained to serve men properly. The Moslems want a BIG chunk of our Constitution repealed for their convenience-to be replaced by Sharia Law and have already approached LIE-beral leaders here in Ontari-owe about that. And they want to disrupt our long standing relations with our two closest allies: Britain and United States because of their political orientation and beliefs. Instead of supporting our current allies, Muslims would like to see Western nations emasculated and Israelis driven into the sea in a grotesque new HOLOCAUST! The mass of Syrians represent a grave new security risk for Canada and will need to be watched by security forces for DECADES to head off any and all MURDEROUS JIHADIST impulses by our new neighbours. But LIE-berals don’t care about any of this-just so long as they get the votes.....and the GRAVY!