A problem. Please help

Hi guys. My friend got an Audiovox 8600 from Bell in April this year and for some reason chalked up a lot of charges. Now the total charge she has on her account is $355. I was wondering if she could just pay $200 which is the price of cancelling the contract and avoid paying the $355. I know this sounds a little crazy, but I was just thinking it might work like a landline phone i.e if she ever had to get a cell phone from bell again after cancelling she would have to pay up the $355. So will it work guys? Shes planning on doing that and then getting an account with Fido. Also if there is any chance it can be done, will it damage her credit

I would really appreciate it if I got a reply asap cause the due dates running out. Thanks a lot guys
Ugh, that's a very hard thing to tell. Bell is very weird and they change their policies all the time. It's going to take a lot of sweet talking and babbling and holding up their customer service lines.

I honestly don't know the policy, but I do know that you can get a lot done by just keeping customer service on the phone for as long as possible (then they will do anything to get you off the line).

Give them a call and ask.. if they say no.. call back again and have a plan to keep them on long as possible.

Good luck!
Andem is right - heaven knows. Policy, though, will be she owes the $$$$, regardless. A contract is just that, "a contract", and it is legal and binding. Depends on how hard-nosed they want to be.

Whatever is done, do not be aggressive, but apologetic, and wanting to resolve the issue with both her and Bell being satisfied.

$355 is not a lot of money, in the long-run, and they may want to work out a payment plan. Her situation is not unique and they have to handle things like this every day.

As far as credit rating goes, it shouldn't show up unless it goes in for collection - which they could do.

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