The cattle class Prime Minister

The cattle class Prime Minister: 'Low profile' Boris Johnson and Carrie Symonds save the taxpayer tens of thousands by flying economy on 1,300 British Airways tickets to their Caribbean New Year break

EXCLUSIVE: Boris Johnson touched down in St Lucia on Thursday morning after a long-haul British Airways flight from London. In a photograph taken by a fellow passenger (left), the Prime Minister can be seen at a window seat reading a book while Ms Symonds snuggles underneath her coat. The pair appear to be seated in economy towards the back of the plane, where passengers can often feel more turbulence than those at the front. A source told MailOnline that the couple kept a 'low profile' for the duration of the flight and were accompanied by 'little security' (inset, Mr Johnson posing with British Airways crew after the flight). The cost of the flight would have cost in the region of 1323 each, significantly less than if the Prime Minister's had used an RAF private jet - which would more likely weigh in at around 100,000. But Mr Johnson and Ms Symonds appeared happy to do their bit and save the taxpayer money ahead of their break in Mustique - their final destination - where they will stay in a luxury villa (top and bottom-right).
The mark of a real leader. Like Trump, who takes no pay for being prez.
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Never happen in Canada , we expect the best for our parliamentary betters . Unless of course they happen to be conservative minority women who order orange juice from room service .

Had a glass of orange juice the other day at Paanakooken $6.50 and that is a family restaurant.

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