Hurricane Hazel gets Ford government gig

Hurricane Hazel gets Ford government gig
Antonella Artuso
January 18, 2019
January 18, 2019 5:52 PM EST
Premier-elect Doug Ford gets a hug from former Mississauga mayor Hazel McCallion. (THE CANADIAN PRESS)
Hurricane Hazel McCallion will serve as a special advisor on municipal issues to Premier Doug Ford and Municipal Affairs and Housing Minister Steve Clark.
A statement issued by the government Friday said she will be paid up to $150,000 a year for her advice.
“Housing is one of our government’s top priorities and I’m looking forward to having Hazel McCallion support our work on the Housing Supply Action Plan,” Clark said in a statement. “This advice, combined with the input we’re receiving through the government’s housing supply consultation, will help ensure that the people of Ontario have access to the right kind of housing in the right place.”
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McCallion, 97, was mayor of Mississauga between 1978 and 2014, a boom period for the municipality.
The government says the former mayor brings decades of experience and public advocacy to the role.
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She'll certainly teach him a thing or two, if he's willing to learn....
At the price she is charging he better also be a fast learner.

Lesson #1, take the bribe.

Lesson #2, repeat lesson 1 as often as 'they' want you to.

End of class.