íM.A.S.H.í star Alan Alda reveals he has Parkinsonís disease

íM.A.S.H.í star Alan Alda reveals he has Parkinsonís disease
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July 31, 2018
July 31, 2018 9:55 AM EDT
NEW YORK ó Actor Alan Alda says he has Parkinsonís disease.
Appearing Tuesday on ďCBS This Morning,Ē the former ďM.A.S.H.Ē star said he was diagnosed with the neurodegenerative disorder three and a half years ago. Alda says he expects a tabloid will soon publish a story about his diagnosis.
The 82-year-old says heís not angry and considers it a challenge. Alda says he has acted and given talks since then. He says he could see his thumb twitch in a recent podcast and thought someone would soon do a sad story.
Alda says revealing his diagnosis might be helpful to others with Parkinsonís that there are things they can do.
Alda played a senator who ran for president on ďThe West WingĒ and he also hosted ďScientific American FrontiersĒ on PBS.
Shit happens.
Shame it was a field hospital that he was in for so many years and now it is 'useless information'.

Short term memory loss does have a few things a person can try that is 'off the books'. Ozone DIY is one of the easiest things and carries the most overall benefits. Heavy metals from cooking pots is another way you can cause the brain to start having 'shorts' that create confusion rather than it makes you more efficient.

Old age happens Walter. Diseases that should be preventable happen Walter.
'Shit happening' is when your dog doesn't wag his tail when he sees you enter a room.