Catholics and Lutherans are invalid

Want to take a place are invalid Catholics and Lutherans

They try from a distance that does not help.

I never try to change place that does help.

Csnake is an invalid eastern Christian.
Or an polacko in France lived.
Or an polacko in Sweden lived.
He's stupidity with manny stomach feelings.
Manny Swedes are Lord believer sad for them.
My self I pray to Christ I am Christian yet.

I am far from humanity as my quest know.

Revert me went another ransom forward.
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Quote: Originally Posted by Walter View Post

Revert me went another ransom forward.

Sorrow has Avro beat by a mile for spamming the board heh?
Even makes more sense than him!
Quote: Originally Posted by avro24 View Post

Poor wee man can't meme.

I can feel your anger.

I feel you a lession english.

I know terrible if you're Lutheran.
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