What is social engineering?

In some respects,I share points in common with libertarians like the Libertarian Party of Canada for example, especially when it comes to free migration.

Yet critics of social engineering will argue that such a free market approach is social engineering. Instead, they propose laws and rules and bureaucracy and red tape and fees and everything else to control the flow of people and goods... all in the name if fighting against social engineering.

I don't get it? So big government counters social engineering whereas small government is social engineering?
What is social engineering?

60's Scoop is the most timely example to that question in Canada.........

Most Canadians believe the forced removal of Aboriginal children from their communities and reserves was limited to Canada’s 130 church-run, government-funded residential schools, which operated from the 1870s to the 1990s and were designed to assimilate the students into mainstream society. But others argue that attempts to “kill the Indian in the child” continued, with the child welfare system becoming the newest tool of assimilation and colonization. The term “Sixties Scoop” owes its genesis to a social worker who reported in a government study that it was common practice in British Columbia in the mid-1960s to “scoop” almost all newborns from their mothers on reserves. Advocates say the removal of these children from their communities had devastating consequences, including high rates of adoption breakdown (as great as 95 percent by some estimates) and, as they aged, social problems such as addiction, depression, suicide, incarceration, poverty, low education and unemployment.

Climate Change...

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