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How silly We have pipelines going all through our neighborhoods - how do you think we get NG for our furnaces to heat our homes?? Honestly!! THINK!!!

Just saying I agree with this post in case anyone is wondering....just to be clear.
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Legally elected Chiefs aren't the "Indian way".

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To be honest STB it was more like US policy that wouldn't allow us to sell our Oil overseas, Until the NAFTA II is signed into law 60% of Canadian oil must be available to the US for national security. Remember the old slogan "US Oil independence must include Canadian Oil" We ae now seeing the signs of US Oil reserves by the discounting of Canadian Oil on the Brent. Now there is a lot of money to be made by US Oil marketers so it is important to them to keep our Oil landlocked.

I wouldn't be surprised if that's true. I vaguely remember reading something about it when the original NAFTA was signed but can't remember the specifics.
Indeed and I'm glad we do. I'm looking forward to getting rid of the geothermal for heating. It sucks and I'm not saving anything.
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CN Rail, First Nation plan to break ground on new 'bitumen puck' facility this year
$50M facility designed to export bitumen without the risk of an oil spill

As a puck made of oilsands bitumen was tossed into the air, railway executive James Auld joked, "we almost had an oil spill there."
Auld and other officials were upbeat as they gave their first public presentation on the pucks — a solid product similar to coal that can float in water.
CN Rail and an Alberta First Nation want to start building a new facility to produce bitumen pucks this year and begin shipping the product around the world before the end of 2020.
They made the announcement following their presentation at the Indian Resource Council conference in Calgary on Thursday.
Bitumen pucks are the common term for CanaPux, which have been developed by the railway company and Wapahki Energy, a business owned by Heart Lake First Nation. The community is located about 300 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.
More: https://www.cbc.ca/news/business/cn-...apux-1.4982153

Old technology and still cost prohibited almost raise the price by 50%, oil will still spill in a derailment, but nice marketing though.
Pucks... does that mean Cliffy is okay with a puckline?

Push bitupeople pucks through the puckline with potash brine.

Upgrade and refine the bitupeople in Burnaby, use the remaining coke to cook the potash brine and run a co-gen powerplant with carbon capture at the K+S terminal in Port Moody.

Sulphur from the upgrading can be barged straight to the sulphur terminal that's on the Rez in N Vancouver and CO2 piped back to the oilfields for EOR.

How's that for sustainability?
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I wouldn't be surprised if that's true. I vaguely remember reading something about it when the original NAFTA was signed but can't remember the specifics.

Hey Dixie- you better read my response to Moose on the subject of oi exports:

What you want to consider is the amount of infrastructure and the COST of infrastructure needed to set up a major oil supply in the first place!

Yankees wanted some sort of guarantee that Soviet loving Socialist Swine like Pierre Trudeau or his idiot son Justin would not turn around and decide to sell the oil to China or to nationalize the industry and turn it into a costly MESS like Pierre did with Petro Canada!!!!!!!!

I suggest you read some of the fine print in Pierre`s NASTY National Energy Policy! The NEP created CHAOS in Alberta! Massive unemployment in only 6 months- and major reductions in corporate investment! Pierre wanted the oil KEPT IN THE GROUND! If it stays in the ground then Yankees CANNOT profit from it!!! And Our PET HATED YANKEES- just like his idiot son!!!!!!!!!!!!

McQuaig wants to convince us that Yankees can turn off the oil on a whim and it just is not so! McQuaig is a vile hard core socialist at heart! Have you not read any of her books? She is an inspiration for nutjobs like NdPer Bob Rae! McQuaig is convinced that govt has only to borrow enough money to make us all rich!!!!!!

Yankees had good reason NOT to trust Pierre Trudeau on ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
And since they are DEFENDING CANADA anyway- it is sensible to ask for some sort of commitments in return - in the form of SOME oil resources at least!

That oil “deal” you are so afraid of would ONLY have been triggered in the event of World War THREE! And if that happened most Cdns would have happily GIVEN the oil to keep those Yankee planes flying and kept those Yankee ships sailing- to DEFEND US!

But Pierre Trudeau WAS NOT one who thought that way!!!!!! At the height of the Cold War- with Soviet Union daily making threats of “smash and grab” raids on western Europe- Our Pet wanted to UNILATERALLY DISARM CANADA and take us out of NATO!!!!!!!!!

Yes- just FIRE all the Cdn military and SCRAP their weapons! Because in the mind of Our Pet- IT WAS YANKEES THREATENING HIS BELOVED SOVIETS that was the cause of all the trouble!!!!!!!!!!!

So what that the Warsaw Pact Armies outnumbered the west 3 -1 in men, 5-1 in tanks, 7-1 in aircraft and 9-1 in artillery - in the mind of our Soviet prime minister The West is the threat!!

President Richard Nixon certainly had his flaws regarding what entitlements a Yankee president should be offered - but Nixon was no coward- he had been second in command of a torpedo boat at the same Guadalcanal area base where John F. Kennedy had his famous PT 109!

And Nixon was NO COLD WARRIOR! Nixon ended the Viet Nam war! Nixon famously flew off to Red China to start diplomatic talks! Nixon and his foreign affairs minister Kissinger launched the Start Talks- the Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty with Soviet Union!

And Nixon famously referred to our Soviet prime minister as “that ASSHOLE”!!!

Max Nemni and his wife are staunch long time LIE-berals AND FRIENDS with the TRUDEAU FAMILY and they were chosen by Pierre Trudeau to write his biography- AND GIVEN FULL ACCESS to all Our Pet`s papers- and he very seldom threw any writing away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Nemnis document the FULL TRUTH about Our Pet and fill in the gaps regarding what a nasty back stabber he was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Nemnis tell us:

In his teens and twenties- Pierre was a strong anti Semite!

That he had Separatist inclinations!

There have been accusations that Pierre was involved in a Soviet “peace movement” that was a shameless KGB propaganda ploy- with Pierre claiming he “only went along once to view the event”! The Nemnis supply photos to prove that Pierre attended MULTIPLE propaganda events in Moscow and was very probably one of the leaders of the deluded and NAIVE Cdn SOVIET contingent!

WE KNOW from news reports that Pierre spoke strongly in favour of the Non Aggression Pact between Soviet Union and Nazi Germany- which gave Hitler a free hand to invade Poland and start WW2!

WE know that Pierre STRONGLY SUPPORTED Nazi Germany from his PUBLIC SPEECHES in which he told us the war against Nazis was nothing but British Imperialism!!!!!

Various people have publicly stated that when Pierre had time on his hands, he would put on a NAZI ARMY uniform complete with helmet and ride his motorcycle around Montreal giving the Salmon Arm Salute to any Jews he spotted because they were apparently giving Hitler a bad name for complaining about the “Final Solution to the Jewish Problem”!

Pierre has denied these MULTIPLE city sightings and claims he only went out ONCE on a deserted country road- with a pal wearing WW1 Imperial German uniforms! Sounds to me like Pierre is trying to WEASEL OUT of condemnation here!

When Nazis invaded Russia- Pierre stopped cheering for Hitler and began cheering even louder for Stalin!

When WW2 ended- Pierre attended the London School of Economics -that radical leftist institute where SOCIALIST DOGMA was the order of the day! And Pierre gravitated to classes and friendships with the most savagely anti western teachers- the ones who wanted the VIOLENT OVER THROW OF WESTERN DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Later- Trudeau and a pal- Jacques Hebert travelled virtually without restriction through out Red China- at a time when few westerners were even admitted to the country- and the few that were allowed in were generally CONFINED to Beijing! BUT NOT OUR PET- he was a SOVIET FRIEND!!!!!!!!!!!!

Trudeau wrote a book called “Two Innocents in Red China” and in the book he heaped fawning praise on Chairman Mao for “his genius in rushing 30 million Chinese to the gallows” during the disastrous Great Leap Forward!

Surely nothing says “I AM A SOVIET ASSHOLE” quite like giving blanket approval of the MURDER of 30 million people???????????

And the life long Trudeau family friendship with Cuban butcher Castro would NOT have rehabilitated Trudeau in Yankee eyes!!!!!!!!!

In the 1950`s- Trudeau told some reporters including Czech born Lubor Zink of Toronto Telegram and later Toronto Sun- that if he was elected prime minister he would “take Canada from the past into the future via the route of radical socialism”! Later- when Pierre got interested in politics- he DENIED ever saying such a thing and threatened a slander suit against Zink!

Zink responded: “you name the court and bring your witnesses and I will bring mine”! No suit was ever filed but Pierre did BAN Zink from any Ottawa media scrum!! Zink sniped at Our Pet in the pages of Toronto Sun for the next 30 years- and was ignored by Pierre- probably because he didnt want to stir up old troubles!!!!!!!!!!!

In 1962 Pierre joined the Ndp and ran as a federal candidate- and lost! Pierre quit the NDP with nobody sorry to see him go as he was judged TOO LEFT WING FOR NDP according to the Nemni`s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

During that election campaign Pierre had described the LIE-beral Party as a group of frightened spineless sheep! Yet within 2 years he had emerged as LEADER of the spineless LIE-beral sheep!! Such GLARING HYPOCRISY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pierre was elected PM in 1967 to the great distress of Yankee intelligence community- who had LEGITIMATE CONCERNS that Pierre was entirely too cozy with the Soviets!!!!!!!!!!

You should look up the Igor Gouzenko affair- Igor was a Soviet cipher clerk- a CODING MESSAGE SPECIALIST - working at the Soviet Ottawa embassy- and he defected with wife and baby! And Igor wanted to SPILL HIS GUTS ABOUT ALL HE HAD LEARNED AS A SOVIET MESSENGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Igor knew way more than RCMP Security Staff could deal with so they asked Britain for help- and MI6 agent KIM PHILBY SHOWED UP to debrief Igor!!

Do you know that name Kim Philby? One of the THREE SOVIET MOLES operating HIGH UP in British Intelligence!! And there were other Soviet agents operating in Canada as well! Moscow got the ultra secret date of the Normandy invasion from Cdn agents! Moscow got the formula for the atomic bomb from Cdn agents!!!

So Philby debriefed Igor and told both RCMP and his own superiors that Igor was a deluded Liar making stuff up in exchange for attention! And yet within 10 years- Philby had fled to Moscow as suspicion fell on him and on the other 2 Soviet Moles - Burgess and McLean! The Brits knew there was a 4th agent but it took till after the Soviet collapse to discover that the 4th man was Anthony Blunt- the Queens art advisor who was the 4th Mole! Blunt was not what you would call an active or high value agent- which is why it took so long to find him!

NOBODY EVER checked into the lists of Soviet agents working within the Cdn govt! And when Pierre became PM he allegedly had all that useless, allegedly obsolete paperwork collected by RCMP from Gouzenko destroyed! One wonders if a THOROUGH investigation into Igor`s allegations might have led to Pierre being exposed as a Soviet agent??????

Moscow and Beijing both have long viewed Canada as easy back door way into Yankee technology and secrets- is it hard to figure out why????? Especially after the Cuban embassy in Ottawa caught fire and machine gun toting Cubans BLOCKED THE STREET and the firemen and insisted the building be allowed to BURN DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yeah- the Cubans preferred to let the ENTIRE building BURN rather than risk having the extent of their CANADIAN AND YANKEE SPY NETWORKS BE EXPOSED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And Pierre responded to public indignation by claiming WE don’t care what foreign spies do in Canada because we have no secrets”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And of course after the fall of the Soviet Union, a Soviet sleeper agent walked into a Winnipeg police station carrying a suitcase sized tactical nuclear weapon and offered it to the cops! For reasons that should not be hard to figure out- neither LIE-berals nor their media pals want to talk about stuff like this! Nor do they want to mention how many OTHER SLEEPER AGENTS with tactical NUKES might have been out there in LIE-beral land!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pierre refused to go along with the Yankee embargo against Soviet Cuba and the Castro govt was able to earn hard currency from several generations of Cdn tourists!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

After the Oil Shock of OPEC in the early 1970`s IS IT ANY WONDER that Yankees wanted some guarantees from Cdns so that STRONGLY SUSPECTED SOVIET AGENT Pierre could not shut the Cdn oil off- right in the middle of some Soviet attack or other national disaster? After all- various govts had made seriously ugly calculations regarding the state of the world economy and how much Arab oil would be useable AFTER a Soviet nuclear strike irradiated the Arab oil fields!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Western military strategists considered that the fate of the DEMOCRATIC WORLD might depend on Cdn oil shipments- that were under the thumb of SOVIET PIERRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Yankees wanted guarantees regarding shipments of Cdn oil that not only keeps Yankees safer- it KEEPS CDNS Safer as well!!!!!!! By insuring that Soviet Moles cannot sabotage the west in time of trouble!

And the FINAL POINT- FREE TRADE means SHARED TRADE!!!!!! LIE-berals do not understand why they cannot simply express their hate of Yankees and democracy any time they want to! Do you not recall former Mississauga politician Carolyn Bennet spitting and hissing: “Yankees!!!! I HATE THOSE BASTARDS”!!!!!!
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Pucks... does that mean Cliffy is okay with a puckline?

Push bitupeople pucks through the puckline with potash brine.

Upgrade and refine the bitupeople in Burnaby, use the remaining coke to cook the potash brine and run a co-gen powerplant with carbon capture at the K+S terminal in Port Moody.

Sulphur from the upgrading can be barged straight to the sulphur terminal that's on the Rez in N Vancouver and CO2 piped back to the oilfields for EOR.

How's that for sustainability?

Actually its BULLSH+T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

Those bitumen pucks are meant not just for shipping within Canada but over seas as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

They WILL NOT be broken down into useful components in Canada!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keeping bucket fulls of oil pucks in that easily transported NON spill conformation will eliminate spills at sea as well as on land!!!!!!!!!!

But the puck idea HAS MERIT as it will make shipping and handling oil MUCH EASIER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

Best of all- it would render Our idiot Boy and his vile stranglehold on the Kinder Morgan pipeline IRRELEVANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who will need the pipeline of the pucks perform as proposed?????????????????????????????

Its just too bad about that $4.7 billion dollars Our idiot Boy wasted in hope of KILLING the Cdn oil patch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Didnt you read the FULL news article????????????????????????????????????

Oil; pucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good for ALL environments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!

In MANY places!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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