Communists exterminated more of their own innocent citizens

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You query ME about history when you are so ignorant as to not know how, and at what cost in innocent lives the USSR modernized.

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The Communists exterminated more of their own innocent citizens than even the Nazis managed during WWII. They kept slaughtering their citizens and milions more in Eastern Eorope until at least the 1960's.

Be interesting to see how you explain millions starving to death in the grain belt of Europe without comparing Russian up to that point and how they made out in WWII.
This vid covers that as well as how the very same thing happened in China, not as odd as the same program was at work in both cases. That is the ones you hold in high esteem.
China and the New World Order

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Russia defeated the Nazis- and everyone else has hated them ever since.
Way to spoil the ending!

Did the Russian Royals all commit 'suicide by self beheading". That seems like 'a bad kool-aid' joke in all honesty.