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1/2/2008 5:53:14 PM
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New details on euthanized sperm whale

Fort De Soto Park, Florida -- New information has been released regarding the sperm whale that came into the mouth of Tampa Bay over the weekend.

Veterinarians euthanized the sick animal Tuesday. Biologists with Florida Fish and Wildlife helped and examined the sperm whale carcass at Fort De Soto Park.

Preliminary necropsy findings indicate the whale was emaciated and suffered from chronic illness.

The animal was likely an older female, approximately 30 feet in length.

Sperm whales are present year-round in deep water areas of the Gulf of Mexico. Typically, healthy sperm whales are not found near shore.

In the past 10 years, three other sperm whales stranded themselves on Florida’s west coast.


Ok, honestly - is there any way the writer didn't mean for it to be read that way?

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That is bad!
I'm dying to make a joke about Tampa Bay - but everything I've written is too sick to post.

It had to have been intentional.
Oh, yeah - I used to write for papers and yeah - this is the kind of story we'd kill for. Wouldn't work with any other kind of whale, of course.

#7 as soon as I stop laughing I'll have to change my pants.
It brief, it's sparse, it's economical, it's actually painful to read. If it was longer it could kill.
They should rewrite the headline, "Sick Sperm Whale Shoots Through Tampa Bay Mouth, Biologists examined the load"
Massive Sperm Whale Build up in mouth of Tampa Bay makes Vet spitting mad.
You know that writer is buying his editor lots of beers right now.

I've gotta read that to hubby when he gets to bed. lol.
I'm not trying to throw a wet blanket on this subject, I get the joke stuff, and, yeah, it's

all funny, but

I feel compassion and sadness for the whale, I'm such a softy when it comes to animals

of any kind, and I suffer with them, I feel sorry for what happened to her, they are such

an intelligent giant, and they must suffer, much like we do, when ill and failing.

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