Dorothy the skunk


Dorothy the skunk.

Radio host Trace Nealy, right, and producer Ryan Miller appear on CTVís Canada AM on Monday.

Dorothy the Skunk finds ride home to California

Updated Mon. Feb. 5 2007 2:40 PM ET
A skunk that has been stranded in Toronto for a month after hitching a ride inside a California transport truck is finally going home.
The stinky animal has been given the name Dorothy because "she fell asleep and woke up in a strange land."
Two employees from radio station Live 105.5 FM near Los Angeles have offered to return the striped animal, whose tale has touched many of their listeners.
"We heard the story and we felt like we wanted to help. Our hearts went out to this little black sheep," host Trace Nealy told CTV's Canada AM on Monday.
"Actually, if she were a sheep, she would have had it a lot easier."
Volunteers from the Toronto Wildlife Centre worked tirelessly to find a way to return the skunk to its native environment, but airlines and trucking companies refused to carry the animal because of its smell.
The centre found someone to take the skunk back home and co-ordinated its route, which includes stops at wildlife centres for feeding and cleaning.

On Monday, Nealy and her producer, Ryan Miller, began their 5,000-kilometre voyage back to California. The pair are taking time off work to perform the good deed.
They said they aren't worried about what could happen inside their RV along the way, despite knowing skunks can project foul-smelling spray as far as 10 feet.
"We've been assured by the Toronto Wildlife Centre that skunks... are not prone to spray unless they're really, really scared," Miller said.
"So we're just going to do our best to not jump in there and shake her cage."
The skunk didn't spray while riding in the back of the transport for seven days until she reached the Toronto area.
Dorothy wouldn't likely be able to survive with Canadian skunks and laws prevent her from being released here.
Nealy and Miller will be documenting their adventure and giving their listeners daily updates.
Nealy said she has rescued other animals in the past, including stray cats and dogs, and even a squirrel that she took care of for years.
She described Dorothy as "adorable."
Nealy and Miller will be taking a bit of a detour along the way.
"We're going to stop in Kansas too, just for nostalgia," Miller said.
a happy ending. what kind folks.
Hey Herm

I heard of a chicken that rode the inside rear axle on a trailer all the way from Texas to Toronto...

Clever critters or wet-backs?
depends on the creature. the chicken, like all chickens, was probably stupid. but at the mackenzie river crossing on the way to yellowknife you can see the ravens use the ferry rather than fly across. clever critters them
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Hey Herm

I heard of a chicken that rode the inside rear axle on a trailer all the way from Texas to Toronto...

Clever critters or wet-backs?

Who knew, most chickens won't even cross the road.
Hey why did the chicken cross the playground?

To get to the other slide.
i'm gonna use that in my clowning meeting
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i'm gonna use that in my clowning meeting

No guff eh? I thought you were kidding in that other thread about clown school. Sounds like a real riot.
yeah really gonna be a clown. meeting tonight all about how to make balloon models