When you say all evidence against your claim was manufactured

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Sounds like a good time to grow lots of pot and hemp, doesn't it

A direct result if multiple intense Inverted Tropical Vortexes.

Because the word tropical is in there, it proves global warming absolutely

Here are some facts from the REAL WORLD- that place that people like Bar Sinister HIDE FROM!

Here is an old post I wrote way back in 2014 for the Ontari-owe election- and isnt it sad that it is just as applicable now! Consider-then and now:
I saw that jackass Charles Sousa on the news-he is the trained monkey money `manager` for McWynnty and her Lie-berals and he was talking about jobs and pensions and transit. Is there nobody available to tell that political turnip that we cannot afford to put any more of his dubious `friends` to work at places like Metrolinx, Ornge and E-health….and that there would likely be MORE jobs for ordinary people if that crap (including the green energy mess) was canned! I mean really…there were supposed to be all sorts of jobs available from the insane investment in wind and solar energy….amd was it not LIE-beral Stephane Dion who told us LIE-beral green policy would clean up megatonnes of emissions AND make us megatonnes of money as well? OOPS….that`s a Lie-beral for you…they LIE BADLY about their lack of business skill- they couldn’t run a hamburger stand at a profit if you gave them the beef for free! But they sure do know how to jack up taxes and fees for their messes!
And a made in Ontari-owe pension plan? One that cost over $70 million just to partly set up- before LIE-berals canned it. One that the Lie-berals could use as a gigantic slush fund and scrape off all sorts of interest away from ordinary people who actually NEED it and redirect it to pay for the endless pension `IOU`s that Lie-berals wrote for the gravy train riders……and now don`t have any hope of honouring as the province is BROKE! No money for gravy train means no more Lie-beral support…..and good bye McWynnty…..so she will say and do ANYTHING to save herself….including ruin the rest of us! And isnt it nice that LIE-berals have doubled Ontari-owe debt in 15 years- with NOTHING to show for it except grossly spoiled civil service union Hogs?
Including transit in the Lie-beral list of election concerns is a nice touch too……after all….if they had just kept on adding track and stations to the Shepherd line instead of doing those endless Metrolinx studies the track would probably have reached PICKERING by now!
But isn`t that just like a Lie-beral? Gravy in their wallets and gravy between their ears!!!!
Frankly, what I can expect to see in the June 2018 Ontari-owe election is a HUGE wave of voter revulsion show up at the ballot box…..who is looking forward to seeing those LIE-beral faces as they slink out of Queens Park? Based on the number of people who have recently muttered to me: “I cannot wait to vote Wynne-bag out”- we CAN look forward to seeing those dismayed LIE-beral weasel faces when a HUGE wave of disgusted voters turn out and they all cast ballots for anybody but Wynne-bag! Based on current levels of voter frustration this next election may be a bonanza for independent candidates and crushing for all the incumbent types who have robbed us for so long? SHOCK and HORROR would ensue as the comfortable and complacent and ENTITLED got replaced wholesale…..and wouldn’t it look good to see them upset once in a while? They spend all that money on a campaign, groom themselves to perfection, practice that sincere smile in the mirror till it’s perfect…….and we ignore them and give our votes elsewhere! Incumbents should be out first- and that means Lie-berals FIRST because they tell the biggest whoppers!
And the REALLY FUNNY THING about the latest LIE-beral campaign? That they think they can scare us by exclaiming “you do not know the real Doug Ford”! Yes- BUT WE DO KNOW GRAVY GRABBING LIE-BERALS!
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There ya goes. I knew there was proof out there. If scientists weren't so lazy, they'd go out there trying to prove my beliefs.

All that is required is a sufficient government grant. They will get whatever answer you desire.
captain morgan
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All that is required is a sufficient government grant. They will get whatever answer you desire.

Funny how that works, eh?
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Funny how that works, eh?

Yes- its REALLY HILARIOUS that LIE-berals are using our money to concoct their Fake News!

Here is a report on the status of our stupid LIE-beral money as reported in the Huffington Post and Globe and Mail from January 28/2016 With some comments of my own in brackets):

The Cdn federal government’s forecasts for economic growth are far too optimistic, and Ottawa faces $50 billion in deficits over the next two years, says a report from National Bank Financial.

They see the federal government running a deficit of $15 billion in each of the next two years, not including the $10 billion in stimulus spending the Liberal government has promised. That amounts to $25 billion in deficits in each of the next two years.

“Worse, the impact on government finances could prove long lasting,” Rangasamy and Lovely write.

Because of the severe drop-off in business investment in Canada caused by the oil price collapse, “the economy’s potential for growth risks being severely curtailed,” they added.

The collapse of oil prices caused investment in Canada's economy to shrink in 2015, even as consumer demand and foreign trade strengthened. National Bank Financial says this means Canada's economy will grow more slowly in the years to come.

(WE should also consider the vile LIES spoken by Ontari-owe LIE-berals about their crippling deficits as they frantically try to stave off election defeat in 2018! TWO SEPARATE auditors have decreed that Wynne-bag LIE-berals LIED about having a balanced budget in 2017 and will be running a $12 billion dollar deficit in 2018- which is DOUBLE the amount they publicly admit to us!)

The federal Liberal government seems to be aware of the possibility of larger deficits ahead. Finance Minister Bill Morneau warned earlier this month that economic growth will fall short of the previous Conservative government’s projections, but he didn’t make any predictions about how that would affect the budget.

(LIE-berals are raking in as much gravy as they can at every turn! Their claimed intention to build up the middle class has turned into several thousand dollars in higher taxes on 92 percent of the Cdn public! And their gravy grabbing carbon crap and trade scam is set to soar in cost thus generating all sorts of price increases for anything and everything!)

(As we have seen in Ontari-owe the LIE-beral carbon crap is a job killer! And the B.C. experience with carbon crap reveals that it is MAJOR PAIN WITH NO REAL GAIN! Killing jobs with high taxes and forcing companies to move to less tax happy locations does NOT clean the air- it just re-arranges the pollution sites!)

(Even worse- if LIE-berals win the next election they will go on a mad looting and pillaging spree in order to pay their Hog allies for their votes and to reassure angry bankers they can rein in spending- without being punished with huge new interest charges! And LIE-berals are facing huge new fiscal challenges for handling the teeming swarms of illegals coming here from around the world- LIE-berals are collecting illegals as if they were crazy cat ladies rounding up strays- with NO thought for the future consequences!)

Not everyone thinks running deficits in this economic environment is a bad idea. A growing number of economists have actually been urging the Trudeau government to run larger deficits than the $10 billion the Liberals promised during the election.

"If the government wasn't spending years strengthening our nation's balance sheet to use it as a weapon against downside economic risks as is the case today, then what was the point of it all?"

CIBC chief economist Avery Shenfeld says a $30-billion annual deficit would be “well warranted” under the circumstances, and estimates that would add some 0.5 percentage points to economic growth.

(AS I have said before- some Hogs are utterly unconcerned with what happens to the country- just so long as THEY GET THE GRAVY! The “economists” who advocate large deficits are either operating in IGNORANCE- and they should demand their money back from the professors who FAILED to train them properly- or else these economists are enemy agents trying to destroy Canada and they should be jailed as traitors!)

(As proof I refer back to NDPer Bob Rae and his term as Ontari-owe premier when he made a mighty effort to spend us rich with borrowed money! And succeeded only in doubling our debt and ruining our health care system- nurses and doctors fired and whole floors of hospitals sitting empty and un-used! And of course there were the Rae Days- when civil service Hogs were sent home because govt could not pay them! Only a person with a major cognitive impairment- or a LIE-beral could ail to see the similarities between the Bob Rae plan to make us rich with borrowed money and the current plan by Our idiot Boy Justin to make us rich with borrowed money! The only difference between BOOB Rae and idiot Boy is that Boy is spending even more and digging us in even deeper than Rae did!)

(After one term as Ontari-owe premier, Rae so destroyed his career that he left the provincial NDP he once led- and in an act of gross irony- ended up as interim leader of our federal LIE-berals! No wonder clueless LIE-berals think borrowed money might make us RICH?)

“It’s apparent to me that the economic outlook has deteriorated to the point where one could easily question whether [a $10-billion deficit] is a sufficient boost, particularly with some provinces in a restraint mode,” he said, as quoted at the Globe and Mail.

(These clueless so called economists are blind to the reality- there is NO SHORTAGE of anything in our economy- EXCEPT CASH! Why are rents such a problem for so many? Because they lack the cash to pay! Why is eating a good diet so costly? Shortage of cash! Why are people grumbling over auto insurance costs? Shortage of cash! One has only to go to the nearest shopping mall to see the truth- stores are FULL of all manner of goods- the customer with cash in hand can have as many of whatever he wants- in a rainbow of colours and sizes!)

(At every turn it is LIE-beral policy in our way! They have taxed us so heavily we have no money for rents. Have hit us with so much debt that we have little money left for food. They have handled our auto insurance so well that we now pay more and deal with a fifty percent reduction in benefits! And LIE-berals want to tell us with a straight face they can fix all this crap with BORROWED MONEY? Money that will have to be paid back plus interest- compounded and amortized- and that is what is killing us- LIE-berals have BORROWED huge sums of cash in our names so the can bribe and buy the votes of civil service Hogs and greedy special interest groups! LIE-berals get the votes and we get the bills!)

David Rosemberg, chief economist at wealth management firm Gluskin Sheff, says the feds could run $24 billion in deficits every year through 2020 without going above the average public debt burden seen among developed economies. Canada’s debt-to-GDP ratio is 31 per cent, compared to 70 per cent among OECD countries, on average.

"What is Ottawa waiting for?" Rosenberg wrote, as quoted at the CBC.

(Ottawa is hesitating because Cdns are well aware of the debt messes in the PIGS- Portugal, Ireland, Greece and Spain! LIE-berals will face huge voter rage and intense punishments from bankers if we dig ourselves into Greek style debt!)

"If the government wasn't spending years strengthening our nation's balance sheet to use it as a weapon against downside economic risks as is the case today, then what was the point of it all?"

That certainly seems in keeping with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's own philosophy. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, last week, the prime minister urged other nations to spend their way out of economic stagnation.

(See- Our idiot Boy DOES BELIEVE in the power of borrowed money to make us rich! What a Maroon!)

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