Pollution near equator has biggest impact on global ozone levels, study finds

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So question. If we "Export" our product sans carbon tax to another country near the equator that doesn't have our level of carbon tax does that mean we are still contributing to global warming and actually not helping to fix this "problem"?

Findings show effects of rapid industralization in South and Southeast Asia

Pollution near equator has biggest impact on global ozone levels, study finds - Technology & Science - CBC News


When it comes to air pollution, a new study has found countries close to the equator do more damage than their northern neighbours, even when those in the tropics produce fewer emissions.

The study, published today in the journal Nature Geoscience, looks specifically at global levels of ozone — a greenhouse gas and toxic air pollutant — which have increased worldwide over the last three decades.

"We wanted to ask the question how much of that change that's happened over the last three decades is due to the change in location of emissions versus the increase in total emissions globally," Jason West, who led the research at the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, told CBC News. "So we separated out those two factors and we found that change in location was by far the most important."

The sun is the bread and butter of ozone.

There is a correlation between geomagnetic voids and ozone holes but I know nothing of geofizzikle types stuffs.
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but but study finds,
It's trending.
huh, here goes 2020..
Oh, no!
Well, actually it is sad, very sad. People did this by themselves. We did this to ourselves. And continue doing so till today. People use ozone in everything.. not only in cars but also water, and have you heard of ozone generators? These air purifiers are actually helpful as they kill bacteria and viruses and also take away the smell. But if not used as it should be it can be dangerous. I've read on https://www.damagecontrol-911.com/sa...r-in-the-home/ about the dangers of ozone generators and how exactly to use them at home or other enclosed spaces.

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