Planned ad campaign explicitly “refutes the erroneous Christian creed of the Divinity of Jesus”

Islamic Ad Campaign to be launched in Toronto on the eve of Christmas: “Jesus is our beloved prophet”; explicitly “refutes the erroneous Christian creed of the Divinity of Jesus”

“The Group of Mercy,” lead by a group of young Muslims in Greater Toronto Area, dedicates its activity to introduce Islam to the public as a religion of peace, mercy and compassion.

The organization was co-founded by Mahmoud Abou-Elneel and Dina Kamal in response to the trailer of “Innocence of Muslims” which was posted on YouTube (July 2012) and showed the Prophet Muhammad as a homosexual who endorses extramarital sex and pedophilia.

Since then the “Group of Mercy” launched several ‘Dawah’ (missionary work for Islam) campaigns which included distributing printed narrations of the Prophet Muhammad and verses of the Qur’an attached to roses, giving away on the occasion of Mother's day of chocolates with printed Prophetic narrations related to mothers in Islam, providing lunch bags for the homeless in Downtown Toronto, refuting misconceptions about Islam in media interviews and a promotional ad campaign in TTC Subway stations displaying Prophetic narrations and Qur’an verses. More on the “Group of Mercy” and its activities read at the following article Islamic campaign in TTC subway: universal values or message exclusively addressing Muslims?

Jesus was one of the Prophets of Islam

On October 16, 2013 the “Group of Mercy” announced a new ‘Dawah’ campaign scheduled to be launched in the GTA few days before Christmas with a budget based on predicted donations of $5,000. On its Facebook page the organization explains the nature and the goals of the campaign titled “Jesus is our beloved prophet” as follows:

“We are planning to post an Aya about prophet "3esa" [Issa] or "Jesus" peace be upon him this December to educate GTA residents about Islam prospective in regards to prophet 3esa (PBUH). This post will be seen by about 100,000 people/day, imagine if you are part of this project how many good deeds "Thawab" [reward] you can get.”

On November 5, 2013 the “Group of Mercy” posted the following update:

“Only 10 days left to donate to our project “Jesus is our beloved prophet.” it is a street Ad in Toronto. about 250,000 person will see this ad. Imagine, you contribute to this Ad and help to make this happen, Insha'Allah [God Willinng] you will get the reward for [it]. This project is budgeted for $5,000. And it's only 10 days remaining to pay the advertising company. Even Small donation can make a difference. Spending in the cause of Allah will never decrease your wealth.”

The donation page for the campaign elaborates the following:

“Contributing in “Jesus is our beloved prophet” Street Ad.
“Christmas is around the corner, and it IS a BIG deal in Canada! On the streets… in our neighbourhoods… at malls …and also at work.
“Jesus is our beloved prophet too, and IS a BIG deal in Islam.
“Standing in our commitment to share Islam with our community, we're embarking on a new project on how Muslims relate to this remarkable community occasion.
“Inshallah [God Willing], we're posting a street-level advertisement poster, running from Dec 15 to Jan 15, featuring Aya(t) [verses] from the Quran, on the significance of Jesus in Islam.
“This project is budgeted for $5,000. We invite you to CONTRIBUTE generously to affirming relatedness to our community…
“Please contact: Dina Kamal, Mahmoud Abou-Elneel, Mohammad Al-Anee
“Please be advised our deadline to pay the advertising company is November, 15.”

Planned ad campaign explicitly “refutes the erroneous Christian creed of the Divinity of Jesus”

The “Group of Mercy” displays on its Facebook page the apparently planned billboard of the campaign on which the following Quranic verse is printed: “Truly the likeness of Jesus with God is as the likeness of Adam. He created him of dust and then said to him: Be! and he was. (Qur'an 3, 59).” On the background the Sheikh Zayed Mosque in Abu Dhabi is seen and the name of organization the “Group of Mercy.”

Traditional and contemporary interpretations of the Qur’an explain this verse as an explicit and unequivocal statement of Allah that Muslim Prophet Jesus was a human being and thus refuting the basic tenet of the Christian belief that Jesus Christ was the Son of God.

Tafsir [interpretation] Ibn Kathir – “Therefore, He Who created Adam without a father or a mother is able to create `Isa, as well, without a father. If the claim is made that `Isa is Allah's son because he was created without a father, then the same claim befits Adam even more. However, since such a claim regarding Adam is obviously false, then making the same claim about `Isa is even more false.

“Furthermore, by mentioning these facts, Allah emphasizes His ability, by creating Adam without a male or female, Hawa' from a male without a female, and `Isa from a mother without a father, compared to His creating the rest of creation from male and female. This is why Allah said in Surah Maryam, “And We made him a sign for mankind” (19: 21).”

The book “Tafhim al-Qur'an - The Meaning of the Qur'an” by Sayyid Abul Ala Maududi : “This discourse is particularly addressed to the Christians and invites them to accept Islam. It clears Jesus and his mother not only from the stigma maliciously set upon them by the Jews, but also refutes the erroneous Christian creed of the Divinity of Jesus which had been formulated because of his miraculous birth. For this purpose the instances of John the Baptist to a barren woman and an extremely aged man and that of Adam without father and mother have been cited to show that there is nothing in the birth of Jesus without a father to entitle him to Divinity. [verses] 33 – 65.”

“Jesus in the Glorious Qur'an”, written by Imam Shabir Ally , the president of the Islamic Information & Dawah Centre International in Toronto: “It is not difficult for Allah to do anything he wants. He can create a child with both human parents or only one. No miracle is beyond His power. After all, He had created Adam (peace be upon him) from neither a man nor a woman. He created the rest of us from both man and woman. What is so hard if Allah decides to create a human being from a woman only? He only commands “Be!” and it occurs.

Some people think that since Jesus, peace be upon him, had no human father then God must be his father. The Qur’an rejects this view. The position of Jesus with Allah is comparable to the position of Adam with Allah. Just because Adam had no human parent does not mean we should call him the Son of God.

Lo! the likeness of Jesus with Allah is as the likeness of Adam. He created him from dust, then He said unto him: Be! and he is. (Qur’an 3:59).”

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