Two Live Interviews on lawful Access Proposal

Bob Carrick
Both Tomorrow and live (Wednesday Sept 4).

First - Canada AM Television news program on CTV Approx 7:45 am EST. This was supposed to be a Panel discussion with myself and a rep from the Justice Dept, who had to back out last minute so now it's just me.

Second - CHRQ radio in Calgary approx 4:15 pm EST, but you can listen online live at (you do have to install some software and register but quick and painless).

As you may or may not know the "Lawful Access" proposal talks about the possibility of the government instituting a law that will force all ISPs to monitor your Internet access.
Bob Carrick
Here is a link to the Canada AM interview, text and video versions which ever you prefer.
Free Thinker
I didnt catch that interview on Canada AM, but I've looked at it online.

Thanks for posting that, I'm sure everyone appreciates having it all laid out in simple terms on a video.

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