Is man an individual ?

Man has built in himself images as a fence of security - religious, political, personal. These manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. The burden of these images dominates man's thinking, his relationships and his daily life. These images are the causes of our problems for they divide man from man. His perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in his mind. The content of his consciousness is his entire existence.Is man an idividual ?
It would have been much more beneficial for 'man' to limit his 'differences of opinion with one another to subjects like , 'where to put the garden this year', should the house be built
of brick or wood', do we need 20 head of cattle or 40, how much wood will last us all winter, I'll challenge you in baseball, football, or other sports,INSTEAD of religion, wars, politics, such a waste of time, and so damaging to all.

I like the simple life, with real human interaction, that benefits everyone.

Leaders should only be concerned with 'caring' for everyone, and not his 'selfish' gain.

Man cannot completely be an individual, we are not made that way, we are warm, loving
family oriented humans, and need each other to survive, and need communities to be
strong together, without individual gain.
Maybe if 'testosterone' was diluted a little, men would not be so concerned with being
stronger, and better than his neighbour.
Just remember, you are unique.

Just like everyone else.

Just remember, you are unique.
Just like everyone else.

As I said the content of man's consciousness is his entire existence,just observe yourself ,you'll see that this content is common to all humanity. The individuality is the name, the form and superficial culture he acquires from tradition and environment. The uniqueness of man does not lie in the superficial but in complete freedom from the content of this consciousness, which is common to all mankind. So he is not an individual until he frees himself from that very consciousness .
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