Sketchy details, but heads up for Dylan fans.

Ten Packs
I have had this reminder note for about a month now.... gotta do this before I forget.

Martin Scorcese has produced what I THINK is a mini-series movie about Bob Dylan called "No Direction Home", that will be on PBS sometime in September. I saw one ad (just one) back in early July, so I can't give you any more detail. Keep your eyes out.
Reverend Blair
Cool. Scorcese makes dandy rock star movies.
I remember watching "The Last Waltz"...the fire alarm went off part way through, and nobody got out of their seats.....
Reverend Blair
The Last Waltz...great movie. I should really go get the soundtrack on CD...Vinyl tends not to get a lot of play around here.
Scorcese makes good movies period Rev
GL Schmitt
The published air-date of Martin Scorsese’s No Direction Home” is September 26th - 27th 2005 on PBS

Incidentally, No Direction Home was also the title of Norman Spinrad’s short story collection published on June 1975.
Bob Dylan and the Rough Men

Dylan makes a right turn.

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