Kitchen range oven

We got a Beko heavy duty grunter INDUCTION stove manufactured in Turkey.
It has a cremate cleaning function, and we had to rewire the pad to handler the voltage.
10 year warrantee on the oven.
Soon the "Free world"will all have to sanction Turkey because of Trumpsstupidity.
I hope US takers responsibility for my warrantee.
If America keeps up its insanity, it will become time for the "Cremate" function.
Hopefully, it self immolates.
LOL just wait till TEOTWAWKI and all your fun political friends will be moving to new zealand.

Shore nazis we call 'em.
Okay, then, had to
We don't get the latest tv stuff down under being cultural hayseeds.
Anyhoo, we band the guns stuff, so the zombies f*kkd off?
Whats wrong with that?

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