Tories to tighten immigration rules on foreign strippers


CBC News


The Harper government is tabling legislation aimed at restricting "vulnerable foreign workers" such as strippers from entering Canada, Immigration Minister Diane Finley says.

During question period Wednesday, Finley told the House of Commons she would introduce legislation later in the day to amend the Immigration and Refugee Act. The legislation would allow the minister to instruct immigration officers to deny work permits to foreign strippers.

She said the government was making an effort to protect women from exploitation.

"The previous Liberal government gave blanket exceptions to foreign strippers to work in Canada despite warnings that they were vulnerable to forced prostitution and other exploitation," Finlay told MPs.

But the immigration minister offered few details about how the law would work.

The former government issued temporary work permits to 600 foreign exotic dancers before putting a stop to the practice in 2004.

The former immigration minister, Liberal Judy Sgro, resigned amid accusations she fast-tracked the immigration papers of a Romanian stripper who had worked on her campaign.

A report from former ethics commissioner Bernard Shapiro partially cleared her, finding she didn't know the woman was a campaign volunteer at the time she decided to grant the temporary residence permit.

They can bust up the Wheat Board by order-in-counsel but need an act or parliament to put an end to a practice that been history for 3 years. This government has WAY too much time on its hands.
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Just what we need: more stupid laws.

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