AACL? work with the mentally challenged etc.

Looking for work in Alberta with the mentally & physically handicapped?
I have 15 years experince and I am wondering if there are any AACL that pay well? All the places Icalled pay from 8-10 dollars that is insane! I might just as well work at Tim Hortons!
Trying to move to Edmonton in August.
I have a class F license and am a PSW with some courses in DSW also all the mandatory (meds,first aid,CPI).

My husband will have no problems finding work I assume as he is into contruction but he is 40
If anyone can share some info it would help us make some good choices. Thanks Soup
We live in Ontarioooooooooo right now

OK maybe I should change job fields!

All the places I called pay from 8-10 dollars that is insane!

What is your expected rate of pay considering your quals and experience? Shouldn't it be about $16? What do the same positions pay in Ontario? Sorry that I only have questions but our fields are related and I am also on the job search.
I would love to move to Edmonton and get 16$$ an hour, I could handle that.
Here in Ontario small town also were the cost of living is low,low.
I get 19 an hour! Also expected to get a 2% increase April 1st we are unionized. That is with 15 years experience.
Like i said the places I called in Ed were like well we start at 8$ YIKES how can you live on that?

we start at 8$ YIKES how can you live on that?

Hey, I pay two mortgages at $7.50. You just have to be frugal and embrace poverty (the wife does help with some of the bills).

I was looking at the AACL website at http://www.aacl.org/ and they seem to be more of a referral and advocacy agency rather than direct providers. I noticed that they currently have a focus on post-secondary education for developmentally disabled adults. Perhaps there is an opportunity for you at the University of Alberta?

I also wonder if there is a demand there for private providers, in-home care etc...

Go to the Annual Family Conference on March 17 - 18, 2006 at the Fantasyland Hotel in Edmonton. You can look that up on the AACL site. Looks like "the" place to network.
Well Thank you very much but would you know of any other jobs/fields that would pay more money?
I am not into typing LOL.
Thanks so I gather you are from Edmonton?

Thanks so I gather you are from Edmonton?

No, I just happen to be a rather effective researcher. I am beginning to get the impression that Alberta has a need for union organizers. Don't expect the province to roll out the red carpet for you on that job.
Oh am not a prez of the union or anything but we are unionized so maybe that is why I have a better rate of pay? Also we had to strike to get medical and pension!
None the less the pay sounds like it is way better in Ontario so I might just have to find a different kind of job!
Hi there,

I used to work in that field, and I can direct you to several agencies that I know for a fact pay much better than $8-$10/hr:

Catholic Social Services - (and no, ya don't have to be Catholic to work there lolll)

Skills Training & Support Services

Good Samirtan Society

*also, there's a directory of services that lists almost every agency that provides services you can imagine... a public library will have a current copy - they're updated annually I believe...

if I think of any more, I'll let ya know ok?

oh yeah - one more:

Chimo Youth Retreat - deals with youth in care, but they do have some programs for special needs....(and no, they don't make peroghies loll)

also, there's a need for teacher's assistants as well - that pays well, and no shift work -

Good Luck in your job search...

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